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Author has written 4 stories for Mario, and Pretty Little Liars series.

(formerly known as toadetta)

Tragedy of the Daisy Cruiser= This is my oldest fic on this site, not my first fanfic ever though. I honestly don't have a passion for it anymore. I was never that big of a fan of titanic, I just couldn't think of better plot line for a fic of LXD. Now that it seems to have people who read it, I still write it. But I feel as if it'll probably regress in quality without the same passion for it. Luckily, I started to form new ideas for the future chapters in my head, and now I can honestly say that I can sitll muster at least some excitement while thinking about the story as I write it.

Battle of the Twins= My only non-Mario fic as of now. (I probably should get to publishing or starting a new warriors fanfic since I've had some of those on other sites, but eh, oh well.) I really like the twin plot line of the book series. I don't really pay any attention to the show. I decided, why not make Nick and Tripp twins, instead of Tripp being one of Nick's fake identites? I thought it'd go real well with pairing them up with the DiLaurentis twins. Also, why not have Courtney kidnapped by the A team? Most importantly, what if Courtney actually got to show the liars her actual personality, and how would the school react? I also really wanted to change some of the book's pairings, and show Ali overtaking the life that Courtney and Ali share, but in a different environment.

The Egyptian Enchantress and the Desert Prince= One day it hit me that Morton and Daisy both must like the desert. There are some koopaling fans(mostly the ones on Lemmy's Land) that think they like the elements of the kingdoms they overtook in SMB3. The personalities of the koopalings in this fic are either my own fanon or they sort of follow the typical traits. Anyways, I thought to myself, what if Nubia in the Mario universe was SarasaLand and some other kingdoms, because it was confirmed to be Egyptian and Arabian or something in Super Mario Land. I also really wanted to have a Mario fanfic where there's a social hierachy, and I could delve into the Mario universe with my own theories as to how the creatures inside it live.

Prince of DarkLand= I always did wonder what sort of influences Bowser had in his life. So I stared creating all these characters, and I just had them for no productive reason. Thus this fic was born. I can't wait, I plan to at least get up to the point of high school by the end of the story. This is the type of fic where even after its done, I'll probably have other ideas from within the same universe, which shall lead to other fanfics as a prequel, sequel, side story, etc.

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Battle of the Twins reviews
An AU universe where Nick and Tripp are twins. Together, with Ali, they kidnap Courtney, who is a junior at Rosewood Day. Her perfect life is interrupted by their abduction of her, which is all part of an even bigger scheming plan. With evil brewing, Courtney must stop them from doing anything else evil, protecting her friends by trying to best her twin. NickXAlison TrippXCourtney
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Prince of DarkLand reviews
A story about Bowser's early days as a prince, during his incredibly messed up childhood. He will encounter many struggles, and deal with most other koopas having no faith in him. After all, this was back when nobody thought he would ever trump his big brother for the throne. T for language and probably violence later on.
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