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Hello. I think i am probably too old to be a Merlin fangirl, high school and university being behind me, but, I am anyway! Can't help where your heart takes you I suppose.

I am an Aussie and my prime love in life is my pets - two dogs, a cat, a rabbit and guinea pigs. Animal rights and animal welfare seem to be topmost in my life's priorities. I am lucky enough to be able to work at a cattery, so care for animals as my career too.

I am a rather boring person I guess, compared to most of the people on this site, but oh well. As my mum says "If we were all the same it would be a boring old world." I also must be rather naive because I had watched the first two Season's of Merlin and never once did it occur to me that there was anything romantic hinted at between Merlin and Arthur. This thought was placed in my head after reading things on the net. I don't object though, as long as it stays in the world of fan fic, cause the TV show clearly is not ready (or rated) for it.

My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, including some old school incarntions, Merlin (obviously), Misfits, Dance Academy, all of the Degrassi versions, Lochie Leonard, Charles Dickens mini series and telemovies and i love most of the Studio Ghibli movies EG. Totoro, Ponyo.

Things i hate are; racism, narrow mindedness, cruelty to animals, hot weather, unrequited love, locking Asylum seekers up in detention centres, losing the Ashes.

Fandom Issues.

Not sure who I ship. In Season Two it was definately Arthur/Gwen. I especially loved the scene where they kissed in episode two. Ahhhh.Lovely.
Then, after I had been educated in the Merthur scenario, i got confused. If nothing else, for me it has killed Arwen stone. cold. dead. Which is a pity, but now I feel no chemistry between them at all. She is wise and no doubt has helped Arthur become a better person and King, but that's all.
I am a little worried about how Season 5 is going to cope with the marriage scenario and where Merlin will fit in. How are they going to deal with Merlin in Arthur's chambers? Will there be less Merlin/Arthur moments now Gwen will (presumably) be living in Arthur's chambers and be around alot more?
Mergana: Even before the show started I assumed Morgana was going to end up evil. Cosequently I have no sympathy for her and never wanted Merlin to like her really. I have never been able to see these two together, which is apparently unusual.

I think for me there are more important issues than who is into who. The whole concept of not being able to reveal who he truly is and feeling like an outcast are much closer to my heart. The recurring themes of betrayal, trust, making difficult choices, knowing right from wrong, the great weight of expectation and fear of failure etc are far more interesting I think.
However, everyone is different so I would never object to other fans views. I might not understand where they're coming from though.

Series Five and the overall ending of the show disappointed and depressed me greatly. I cannot believe TPTB thought that it was fine for there NEVER to be any "golden years"in Camelot, magic never to be legalized and used when The Once and Future King was leader of the realm or that we would be 'satisfied' to watch Arthur die. i think we were promised a reward for Merlin, even from Series 1, episode 1, but where was it?

Doctor Who
I do not believe the Doctor should be involved with any of his companions. It just seems wrong. This is probaby because i established my ethics in the world of Doctor Who many years ago, when there never was nothing like that going on. He is 900 years old for gods sake! His role is that of a protector/guide/teacher and it just doesn't seem right that he takes advantage of the young folks in his care. I coud never accept Rose and him being together.

Poor old last of the Time Lords; what a burden to carry around. surely he's got enough reponsibilities without a girlfriend!

My Stories.

Unlike many of the peolpe who write on FanFic, I am not an aspiring author and have not studied English, grammar or writing beyond secondary school so I apologise if my grammar isn't perfect at all times. I know I am not a naturally gifted writer (some of the peolpe in this fic are so talented it is amazing!) and have to work at things a bit. Anyway, my stories will be written from the heart and I think that makes up for the odd error here and there.

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