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Author has written 18 stories for Digimon, Pokémon, Naruto, Code Geass, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, To Love-Ru, Fairy Tail, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Notice (16/09/12): Some of my stories have been put up for adoption, so please take note of this. I've also recently added a new Naruto/Fairy tail Challenge, so be sure to check that and my other challenges out. Current Stories I'm working on: Plant Sage, Starstruck, Celestial Shinobi: Warrior of the Zodiac, (Currently Untitled KH collaboration work)

Anyone interested in writing a fic with me? I've got an idea for a Kingdom Hearts Story I would like to work on, as part of it I want each chapter to alternate between the views of Sora and Riku (And possibly Kairi, if two people would like to write with me), and hopefully I'd like to have someone to work with to do the chapters in the view of the other characters, I would be writing from Sora's angle of the story and whoever wants to work with me writing Riku/Kairi's. It would cycle through in the order of Sora, Riku, Kairi and then back to Sora again. There's a complete summary below but it would be an AU starting from the end of KH1/The Beginning of Chain of Memories, the rating would be T or M (For violence), and there would be a pairing of Sora/Namine, though I'm mostly open to ideas about pairings (No Yaoi/Yuri), though the pairing’s wouldn’t be the total focus of the story. If anyone is interested PM me and I'll give a more through summary of what I want to do and we can discuss it in more depth, though I'd prefer it if interested writers meet at least a certain standard with grammar, average chapter length and update rate (At least once a fortnight if we do the story from two POV's or three weeks if we do the story from three POV's).


After seeing a few other Authors on this site posting Challenges, I thought I might offer a few I'd like to see done. If there is a story/Challenge already up for any of these please tell me and I'll take them down or offer Credit to the original owner, per there wishes, admittedly I am not aware of every story/Challenge on the net and to the best of my knowledge these haven't been done before. If anyone is willing to take these challenges or has any questions feel free to PM me. If your going to take one please tell me, I don't want to risk accidently missing any storys based off of these. If any writters are willing to write for these but aren't posting here due to the rating restrictions, please tell me on which site you'll be posting it. If you know anyone who would be interested in writting for these Challenges please tell them about these as well

Alternate Resonance

Series : Soul Eater

This Challenge is for an AU version of the series in which one or more of the meister and weapon combinations in the series are different. For example, Black Star and Soul, Maka and Liz, Black Star and Patty etc. The rules of the Challenge are that the story must begin at latest from the beggining of Soul Eater, a.k.a where in canon Maka and Soul fight Blair, though may begin before this point if you wish. Characters must also be canon, you may include OC's as supporting characters if you wish, but they can not be a weapon meister pair with a canon character. The combinations must also be recurring throughout the story, you can't have everyone switch to canon teams half-way through. Finally, pairings are up to the author to decide.

Zero Code

Series: Code Geass

This Challenge is an Au of Code Geass, in which by the time the canon series has begun, Lelouch has already taken C.C.'s code. Lelouch should, as in Canon create the Black Knights and Zero. If the author wishes it Nunally may have died by this point or be out of Lelouch's reach, for example with the imperial family in Pendragon, though this is not required. Lelouch should also provide Geass for a few members of the Black Knights, who and how many recieve it is up to the Author though at least Kallen should recieve one. Lelouch should also have only recently recieved his code, so he should appear to be the same age as he is in Canon. The starting point should be around when the Shinjuku incedent occurs. If the writter so chooses, Naoto is allowed to live, though if he does he should also recieve a Geass. Pairings are completely up to each indivdual Author.

Witch's Son

Series: Naruto /Code Geass crossover

This Challenge is an AU version of Naruto is which, after seeing how a young Naruto lives, C.C. takes pity on him and takes him with her on her travels, Naruto returning before the Graduation exam. This is a Super-Naruto concept, and as such, Naruto will have to be a lot stronger/Smarter than in canon, though can not be unbeatable. Naruto may also not have unrealistic knowledge, while he should have learnt some things from C.C., it should only be things that C.C. could realistically learn and teach. Naruto should also gain a Geass power from C.C., though what that power is, is up to the Authors discretion. If the Author so choses, then Naruto could alternativly have taken the code from C.C. or another person instead. Parings are up to the author to decide, though a paring of Naruto/C.C. is discouraged, but not forbidden. Harems are aloud. Finally, although not overly important to the plot, and this can be ignored by the author if they so choose, Naruto should have a Pizza addiction instead of a Ramen addiction.

First Dragon Ball/ To Love Ru Challenge (Yeah, I don't have a better name than this at the moment, if anyone comes up with one please tell me)

Series: Dragon Ball Z/ To Love Ru

Basically this challenge is for another Gohan goes to High School fic with a twist, it's his house, where Lala warps to. (Everyone probably already guessed that anyway). The author may decide whether Lala appears the night before Gohans first day or the night of his first day. The pairing of this story should be Gohan/Lala or Gohan/Lala/Videl. If the author so wishes it, other To Love Ru characters may be used as classmates etc of Gohan. Also can be some degree of former amonosity between the Saiyans and Devilukeans if you wish, though neither Gohan or Lala should be aware of this. Elements from To Love Ru, such as the Engagement and the Suitors should be used.

Second Dragon Ball/ To Love Ru Challenge (Yeah, I don't have a better name than this at the moment, if anyone comes up with one please tell me)

Series : Dragon Ball Z/ To Love Ru

Similar to the last challenge except instead of arriving in Gohan's timelime, Lala arrives in the timeline of Future Trunks before he first leaves in the time machine to go to the past. The pairing should be Trunks/Lala or Gohan/Lala, if you choose to let him live, and Lala should accompany them back into the past. This is optional but the author may choose to have Lala contact Deviluke within the past and have some Devilukeans travel to Earth to assist with the Androids attack. Finally as with the previous challenge, there may be some degree of animosity between Saiyans and Devilukeans if you so wish.

Stowaway Princess

Series: Dragon Ball (Z/GT)/ To Love Ru

My final Dragon Ball/To Love Ru challenge, for this one while collecting a Black Star Dragon Ball on Deviluke, Lala/Momo sneaks on board the ship and it blasts off back to Earth with them still inside, once the ship arrives back on Earth the Devilukan Princess is discovered and then has to stay at either Capsule Corp (For Lala) or Goku's house (For Momo). The pairings should be Trunks/Lala and Goten/Momo, though which ever one is the main pairing is up to the Author depending on which one they wish to have sneak aboard the ship, Age adjustments are allowed and reccomended. The king of Deviluke should know where his Daughter/s have gone, and send Zastin after them, which ever one is the main pairing should borrow elements from canon To Love Ru such as the Engagement and the Suitors, though this is optional for the side pairing. If you choose to have Trunks/Goten attend High School, To Love Ru characters are allowed. Baby should also either not exist in the story, or have been defeated out in space, he should not arrive on Earth.

Machine/Plant/Beast Sage

Series: Naruto/ To Love Ru

For this Challenge, on the Night before the Graduation exam, Either Lala, Momo or Nana warps into Naruto's apartment while he is having a Bath/Shower, while running away from home. It's a full crossover so Zastin and the others should arrive soon after, and Naruto should accidently become engaged to one of the Princesses. The pairing should be Naruto/(Lala/Momo/Nana)(Which ever Princess warps into his apartment and gets engaged to him) or Naruto/(Lala/Momo/Nana)/harem. For the harem option, the main pairing should still be Naruto/(Lala/Momo/Nana) however. The Challenges name comes from the fact that Naruto should have a higher link with one of the three areas depending on the Princess he is engaged to, a.k.a. Machines for Lala, Plants for Momo, and Animals for Nana, though not quite on the same level as them. Naruto should also be better trained and stronger than in Canon overall, but should still start off on the same level of Strength as in Canon, when he faces Mizuki. If the author so wishes, feel free to alter Canon teams, at least the Hokage should also be informed by Naruto about the Devilukeans as well. The story should also borrow the elements of the Engagement and the Suitors from To Love Ru canon. OC suitors are allowed and reccomended if Momo or Nana are selected. Feel Free to adjust ages.

Sage of Steam

Series: Naruto

Based of my abandoned Naruto: Sannin Revolution story concepts, Han defects from Iwa Shortly before the start of the series and seeks refuge in Konoha. Later on after Naruto graduates the academy he is either apprenticed or placed in a team under Han. This is a Powerful!Naruto concept, so Naruto must end up much more powerful than in canon, though it is your pick what level he's at before he is place under Han. Naruto should learn from Han, tailed beast control early on. Finally the pairing for this is totally up to the Author, and Harems are allowed if the Author so wishes it.


Series: Kingdom Hearts

My first Kingdom Hearts challenge, I based this on a question I had when playing the games, Why was Namine never officially made a part of Organisation XIII? So for this challenge, you've got to make Namine the 14th member of the organisation. It should, initailly, at least loosly follow along the plot of Days and center on Namine. Any pairing is allowed but Namine/Roxas is prefered.


Series: Kingdom Hearts

Another what if challenge for the Kingdom Hearts series, what if when Sora gave up his heart to save Kairi he was never revived? Thus when Roxas was created he retained most, if not all of his memories as Sora. It should, at least to begin with, loosely follow along the plot of days, exept with Sora in Roxas's place. The pairings are totally up to the author though Sora/Namine is prefered.

Guardian of Memories

Series: Naruto/Kingdom Hearts

probably my personal favourite out of my new challenges (Although I still would like to see the other one's taken). For this one during the battle at the valley of the end, Naruto is accidently sent through a portal of Darkness, where he is rescued by Namine, before she was found by the Organisation. He develops a strong loyalty towards her because of this and act's like something of a body guard for her. The other rules are as follows:

1/ The paring's are completely up to the author but MUST include Naruto/Namine

2/ Naruto is on Namine's side, no matter what that may mean or the concequences of it, he can't switch loyalty's no matter what.

3/ To tie in with rule number 2, Naruto can have obtained Amnesia or secretly hate the village and have that influence his decision.

4/ Naruto can get the Keyblade or another power but it is not required.

New Challenges:

Celestial Mage Naruto

Series: Naruto/ Fairy Tail

Basically the premise of this challenge is that sometime before facing Mizuki and graduating from the academy, Naruto obtains at least one of the Celestial Spirit Keys. The other rules are as follows

1/ Any Pairing is allowed provided it's not Yaoi. Harems are allowed if the writter so wishes. Although not banned, Naruto/ Sakura, Hinata or Erza is discouraged.

2/ Naruto does not have to recieve all 13 keys if the writter does not wish him to, but he must recieve at least three over the course of the story.

3/ Naruto's main fighting style should revolve around combination attacks with his spirits, though other aspects for his fighting style are allowed.

4/ Whoever the first spirit Naruto recieves should be the one he calls upon most often for help in battle. Though he doesn't have to call them all the time.

5/ Magic and Chakra should be the same thing, what this means in respect to changes in how they work is up to the writter.

6/ Fairy Tail characters are allowed, but there backstory must be edited so that they fit into the Naruto world, they can't have just come from Earthland and ended up in the Naruto world somehow.

6/ Only the Gold Key's should exist, Not the Silver Keys, the few spirits in the world should be incredibly rare.

7/ Story should start at latest from the Mizuki fight.

8/ Everything else is allowed, if you have any questions PM me.

Child of Sin

Series: Naruto/FMA

I wrote this challenge up, because a few people wanted to adopt my story, so I decided to write it into a challenge. For those of you who haven’t read it: The premise of this challenge is that a surviving Homunculus, most likely Pride, rescues Naruto (From what is up to you) and then, since the Kyuubi’s Chakra can be used as a substitute for Philosophers stones, making a deal with him, in exchange for lending them the Kyuubi’s chakra and letting them live inside him, the Homunculus will share with him their powers. Here is a few other rules of this challenge:

1/ I’m not going to restrict people to a certain set of Homunculus, either the original anime or Brotherhood, however I recommend brotherhood.

2/ Naruto should not be able to use Chakra at all, with the other homunculus’s power it just makes him to overpowered

3/ He can however learn Alchemy, but some reason should be given for why not everyone can.

4/ Naruto can start off with any amount of Homunculus the author wishes, though I’d recommend three

5/ Pairing can be whatever the author wishes, though please don’t do NaruSaku, NaruHina or Yaoi.

6/ Naruto can become a new homunculus if you wish.

Thunder and Lightning

Series: Naruto/Fairy Tail

After having read a number of Fairy Tail/Naruto crossovers I had to write this challenge. We've all read at least one story were Naruto joins Fairy Tail, befriends most of the members, and argues a lot with Laxus (If you haven’t read one than you can probably find one fairly easily, I’d recommend Fairy Tails Lightning Shadow by SoulReaperCrewe if you’re looking for one though). My challenge is what if the opposite were to occur, for some reason or another, when Naruto joins fairy tail, it's Laxus who he befriends instead. Here are some of the other rules:

1/ Exactly how it is he befriends Laxus is totally up to the author, here’s a few suggestions if you need some ideas: Naruto is sent through to Earthland at a young age and is raised with Laxus, a darker Naruto is sent through to Earthland that agrees with Laxus's ideals, heck if you want your allowed to have a young Naruto sent through and get Laxus to raise him!

2/ Pairings are up to the author, if you even want to include them. The only thing prohibited is Yaoi. I'm personally a fan of Naruto/Mira, but again it's up to you. Harems are allowed.

3/ How the Thunder God tribe is formed is up to you, if you even want them to form like in canon at all. Remember Naruto's been added so a lot of things can change because of it. Be creative!

4/ The main premise of this is Naruto having a close friendship/brother like relationship with Laxus, if you want Laxus to not turn out like he does in Canon that's allowed. But if he does, and still implements his plan to take over the guild, Naruto MUST be on his side.

5/ Naruto's magic can be almost anything you want, provided you can get it to fit in with the overall plot. I wouldn't recommend Dragonslayer because of this, but if you can find a way to fit it in then I won't stop you.

6/ This isn't a rule, but I had a few ideas for this, if anyone wants I'd be willing to share them.

This is the challenge by BloodyKangaroo that I'm considering taking:

Naruto fairy tail

Idea i had but Naruto wound up to op

pretime skip Naruto (preferably some where between wave and Tsunade arcs but i'm not being to picky about this.) somehow winds up in fiore and some how joins cait shelter where he teams up with the only person there his age.

Naruto and Wendy act as foils of each other and a little dependent on the other.

Wendy being shy and a bit of a self pessimist tends to defer to the boisterous Naruto.

Naruto being lost in a new world and used to getting nothing but insults latches on to the shy girl and acts tough for her sake while his inferiority complex causes him to bask in even the most meager of praises she gives him.

Charle actually being smart picks up on both of these and tries to get them not to rely so much on each other

story wise thats all the rest is up to you.

power wise you can give naruto magic to compensate for his lack of techniques if you do i recommend

something entropy and/or heavy damage based to emphasis the opposite nature of the characters.

Illusion to match his habit of pretending to be something he's not.

You can also use some form of slayer magic, but no used elements, wind, fire, metal, lighting, or something one of the main characters uses like ice or water (yes i know Laxus isn't a real dragon slayer but repeat styles to me just says your making him a mini version of your favorite character to compensate for a lack of screen time.)

something i came up with that i have dubbed for lack of a better name at the moment chaos the power to change the fundamental nature of anything as long as he stays in physical contact with it i.e. making earth behave like air, or water behave like rubber.

other than that go wild.

Please lt me know if you want to try this one i kind of want to see it.

Naruto's powers in Child of Sin.

Alchemy: Undecided of which kind yet but likely flame alchemy like Mustang

Standard: All abilities common to Homunculus

Can allow the Homunculus to leave his body for a short period of time. When out of Naruto's body, they take there powers as well as Naruto's affinity towards their sin. (For example if Lust is out of Naruto's body, he won't feel lust at all during that time.)

When he has a certain Homunculus within his body he feels each sin more. (To continue on with my example from before from before, if Lust is in Naruto's body he will be more lustful)

Pride: Control of Shadows

Wrath: Ultimate Eye

Greed: Ultimate Shield

Lust: Ultimate Spear

Sloth: Enhanced physical ability

Envy: Perfect Shapeshifting

Gluttony: Can allow Naruto to eat people, store things inside his body and use a false Gate of Truth.

My Ten Top Favourite Male characters and Female characters. (No particluar order)

Male Characters:

1/ Death The Kid (Soul Eater)

2/ Lelouch Vi Britania/ Zero (Code Geass)

3/ Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts)

4/ Terra (Kingdom Hearts)

5/ Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

6/ Red (Pokemon)

7/ Naruto (Naruto)

8/ Goten (DBZ)

9/ Itachi (Naruto)

10/ Greed (FMA)

Female Characters:

1/ Namine (Kingdom Hearts)

2/ Patty (Soul Eater)

3/ Momo (To Love Ru)

4/ Yami (To Love Ru)

5/ Lala (To Love Ru)

6/ Nana (To Love Ru)

7/ CC (Code Geass)

8/ Jasmine (Pokemon)

9/ Sabrina (Pokemon)

10/ Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Stories on hold

Digimon Data Squad Chrono Chronicles

Pokemon: The Journey of Leaf

Completed Stories

Unexpected Recruit


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