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Author has written 3 stories for Professor Layton, Spyro the Dragon, and Epic Mickey.

Hey! Kat here, ready for action!

This place is for all my little stories and fantasies, my own dreams of wonder and magic infused with the fandoms I love. I am currently working on a few different fanfictions, with two original novels in the making as well as two animated projects - Cyans Legacy and Sanctuary!

I am a huge fan of Professor Layton, the two Spyro trilogies (The Classics and the Legends), The Legend of Zelda, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica! These are the main fandoms I will be writing for! I plan to keep up with my stories a lot more than in my past... and I have new stories on the way very soon! Yay!

"So... what are your favourite games," you ask. "and what is your ranking order?"

Lets start:


1. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

2. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

3. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy/Lost Future (I love them both so much!)

4. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

(Anyone else noticed a pattern here?)

My favourite of these games HAS to be (clearly) Professor Layton. It's stories are so engaging, and the characters so sweet and relatable! I really love everything about this game!

So, my favourite characters?

1. Jean Descole/Professor Sycamore


2. Emmy Altava

Pure awesomness. Thats all.

3. Luke Triton

What a cutie, I really wish I had a brother like him.

4. Jean Greyerl

I just love how modest she is, and how she was perfectly willing to die if outwitted. She's kind of an idol, in a way. I do feel bad for this character though, losing her family twise...

5. Clive Dove (and Randall Ascot)

Yes. Just yes.

Well, that's all my fangirlishness gone, now to introduce some of my characters, from my own original AND fan stories:

(Still WIP)

Alarica - Original Character - Sanctuary - She is a grey wolf; looking pretty average for her kind. She is very posh and stuck up; though her heritage hides a huge secret...

Alucio Lux - Original Character - Aylas Rebellion - A white dragon, with grey markings. One of the species: White dragons, who have been endangered for years. Slightly optimistic, can be pessimistic dependant on the situation. Hardly ever gets angry, and is generally caring, but is also very quiet. Ayla can usually lift this attitude and get him talking.

Angie Serise - Original Character - Story of the Sky - a white dragon with grey markings on her sides and underbelly. Quite cold and collected, calm and intelligent. Angers easily but also has a nice, caring and kind side towards her sisters.

Ayla Inda - Original Character - Aylas Rebellion - a light greenish yellow coloured dragon. One of the species: Yin & Yang dragons, of which she is the only one in existance. Very optimistic, but easily angered, over-confident but kind and generous. Many think of her as cocky.

Blaize Blazeen - Original Character - Cyans Legacy - An orangey-red dragon, with a calm and warm personality. When necessary, he can be very flirty. Is Cyans Soulmate.

Carrie Serise - Original Character - Story of the Sky - a yellow dragon with parts of green and black on her. She has a small yellow sun shape on her right cheek. She is very energetic, hyper and confident. She is almost the polar opposite to her sister, Angie, minus intelligence levels, though they get on very well.

Cyan Airus - Original Character - Cyans Legacy - a blue dragon with grey markings on her forehead and cheek. She is the youngest of my OC's. Cocky, bitchy but appreciative, especially towards friends and family.

Dusty - Warrior Cats Based Character - Dog Knights - a brown german shepard with a dark head. Generous, confident but has mentality problems - he cannot keep calm and collected during hard times.

Emara - Original Character - Spirit Wolves - a grey wolf with light ear tips and blue eyes. Kind, caring, friendly, generous and level-minded, she is always rational unless it comes to deaths or losing friends.

Jodie Serise - Original Character - Story of the Sky - a dark orange firey colour, with a red underbelly. She is very calm, shy and not overly intelligent like her sisters. She is also very energetic and hyper to. She is the centre dragon - sharing traits with both her sisters. She is also the factor that helps them get along well.

Kane Morese - Original Character - Story of the Sky - a black dragon with firey red markings on his tail, wings and underbelly. He has a white, crescent-moon shape on his left cheek. He is calm and intelligent, but generally impatient, especially when it comes to Carrie. He has outbursts once in a while due to being corrupted when he was a baby.

Mei - Original Character - A Power Beyone Limits - a dark blue dragon with pink hair.

Misty - Warrior Cats Based Character - Dog Knights - a white german shepard with blue eyes. Friendly, intelligent, confident, but she finds it hard to be overly generous - she has had her fair share of problems.

Ryder (spoilers) - Original Character - Cyans Legacy - A dark grey dragon, green eyed with highlighted (red) black hair.

Skyla Inda - Original Character - Aylas Rebellion - She is a green dragon with white patches all over her body, she does not know why. Her horns are also white. She is generally confident and opinionated, but also has many fears, and when she comes across one, freezes up, all confidence drained out of her.

Verity Angelrue - Professor Layton/Zelda/Spyro crossover - A short haired brunette, with light brown, but not quite hazel eyes. Has light olivey skin, and loves her white and blue alice band. She's very kind and caring, but a huge fangirl and hyper, very, very hyper. She's strongly opinionated - especially when it comes to her personal life. However, there is more than meets the eye for this mysterious character...

Vimy - A purple dragon with glasses. His eyes are bright orange and his underbelly is denim-coloured blue.

Zera - Scalesona/Spyro Based FC - she is a black dragon with green eyes and purple hair. Her underbelly is grey. She has trouble expressing herself and trusting othe dragons. Her emotions are very strong, meaning she is overly opinionated.

And those are my main characters!

Stories I am working on:

Professor Layton/Spyro/Zelda & more Crossover: Passing the Fourth Wall

Spyro: A Power Beyond Limits

Professor Layton: Mysterious Murders

Stories I have finished/cancelled:

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Remixed

(I will leave these up because I may decide I want them later!)

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I promise to remember Professor Layton and to profusely thank Level 5,

For giving us all of his puzzles and bringing the people alive...

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