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dusts off profile*

It's been a good ten years since I've last been on this site. I'm rather reluctant to remove the wall of text below (it is, after all, a part of my fandom history!), so don't mind the enthusiasm below. It makes me smile to look back at myself when I first started out.


Oh, hey there!

Well, whether you just happened to stumble across my page or came here through a link, curious to look at my work, welcome to this small portion of FF.Net which I can claim as my own. To put it simply, I'm a free-spirited, absent-minded girl whose mind is never on the right track, especially when it comes to balancing out my priorities. I'm the current co-owner of three very hyperactive plot-bunnies, which I share with my best friend and other co-owner, Yuncyn. These plunnies are the source of all the crack and ideas that churn out of my head, so feed them, make them happy, and I'm pretty sure you'll see me producing another piece of fiction or two.

I suppose I've been more active of late, especially with my current writing projects: Thirty Kisses: Hitsugaya/ Hinamori (for the Thirty Kisses LJ comm.) and Conan cookies.Of Bows and Elven Lore (LOTR)is still suspended, mostly because I find myself being distracted by other things and also because I sense my writing style's changed since I last wrote it. There's still a possibility that I'll complete it, since I wrote the final chapter three years ago. However, the few chapters between the current one and the put it this way, I've moved on to other fandoms. But I'll do my best to round it all up, if only for the sake of finishing it, hopefully as soon as I can get back to it.

I'm still pretty active in various one shots (though to be honest, they're on a bit of a hiatus until I finish the 30 Kisses writing challenge). And above all, I still place "Random Scenes of Saiyuki' as one of the best works I've produced, alongside Yuncyn (who's an unbelievably brilliant author in her own right) under the very original name of YuncynImaginator. You can find the piece under that name (which is in my Favorites list) if you want. Any time we're struck by 'inspiration', we shall update because, really, it's just too much of a good thing to let go.

Yeah, I know I'm dreadfully lazy and procrastinate much...heh. But I try my best. Most of all, thank you for supporting me here on this site; I enjoy getting feedback on my work to improve my writing, but most of all, there's nothing quite as gratifying as knowing you've made someone else's day after they've read your work, or cheered someone up from a bad mood, or even cause readers to angst together with the characters in the story you've written.

And that's something I aspire to be able to do, someday.


Name: Imaginator (we'll leave it at that, folks!). Also commonly goes by the name of Axtar.

Age: 18

Enjoys: Reading (whether fanfiction or various books), surfing the Internet, having a laugh with friends, writing (mostly fanfiction these days), drawing anime characters

Despises: Plagarism (first and foremost), rude people, overworking.


ll-Currently working on-ll:

Conan Cookies in progress)

One of my ongoing writing projects, these are my random Conan one-shots that explores...many, many strange situations. Updated periodically when struck with crack and inspiration. In the meantime, one of my better works, if just for my (cough cough) brand of DC humor.

One Shots (in Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and various animes)

These are posted whenever crack/angst/plunnies strike.

Once Upon A Night (The Dawn Rises: Heiji)

Having updated Shinichi's part of the story, I'm pretty pleased with this series as well. Basically caps the perspective of the three main DC male characters as they think about their respective female partners at different times on a summer night. Am currently working on the final part of the series, Heiji's perspective.

Thirty Kisses: Hitsugaya/Hinamori (priority: in progress)

My most active writing project, this is both challenging and an absolute blast to write! I take much pride in this collection and try to update as quickly as possible with the various themes. It'd be a shame when I finish with this, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find some other challenge to tackle. XD Note to all: HitsuHina is LOVE.



Team (Prince of Tennis: Rikkai)

It's been a while since I've entered yet another fandom (since Bleach, to be exact), so this is my first try in the POT subcategory. Very mild angst in the beginning, this explores the Rikkai team and first and foremostly, their stoic and stern fukubuchou, Sanada Genichirou. I find stoic characters fun to write and this one proved no exception. A warm fic, from my point of view.

Mushy(Bleach: All-star(Soul Society))

A fun one-shot I wrote for Valentines Day. It was fun mapping out Zaraki's character and looking at the whole celebration through his eyes. This also provided a bit of a challenge since I attempted to insert as many prominent Bleach characters inside as I could. As a plunnie-nalpalm-strike fic, I deem this mush. (Hence the title really.)

Detective Conan Love Trilogy (Shinichi: Chess, Heiji: Interrupted, Kaito: Smile)

Originally, this started out as a one shot with 'Chess', but as ideas and encouragement came in, this expanded into a complete three-part series that I gave much love to. Writing about DC characters and their various loves is always fun, and these fanfiction were no exception.With lots of romance, sap and fluff, this series is one of the jewels of my fanfic collection, and to say that I'm less than proud of them would be a downright lie. (nods vigorously and cheers)

More Than Words FF VIII: Squall/ Rinoa)

A Final Fantasy 8 one shot I wrote featuring my friend, FI's favorite pairing. Again, expect lots of fluff and sap and old, ol' fashion LURRRRVE. XD Lots of it.

Decipher (FVIII, Squall, Zell, Quistis, Irvine)

After producing a healthy amount of fluff and romance, this was something light-hearted and crack-y I did to keep my funny bone (or finger) in tune. Also helped answer that one nagging question on all our minds concerning Squall's conversational skills.Recently editted it when I noticed certain parts of the fiction didn't appear as it should, read at the risk of laughing at the (would be) witty remarks and silliness.

The Words I Never Said (Bleach, Hitsugaya/Hinamori)

My first foray into Bleach fan fiction. One of the easiest works to write, since my brain was exploding with 'WRITE ME DOWN' vibes and my typing fingers were in optimal condition. Features my favorite Bleach pairing as well; Hitsugaya/Hinamori (Again, I reiterate: OTP foreverrrr!)

Rainy Day (Saiyuki)

One of my favorite bishounen contemplates when it rains. Very mild angsting and one of the Saiyuki fics I did in between working on 'Random Scenes'.

Rainbow Promises (Kingdom Hearts)

My take on Kairi's thoughts a while after she and Sora were separated as the worlds began to tear apart at the ending of the KH game. Again, mild angst and a sweet fiction I don't cringe at when reading again and again. I'm hoping to write more KH/ KH2 fanfiction soon.

For The Sake of Genius (Angelic Layer)

OMG Where do I start on this one? One of my all-time favorites because of the crack, the humor, the pairing, the musings, the crack that comes again later...just thinking of the Baatsu games gives me stitches and Ogata in a skirt...Oops, can't give out too much there, can I? Typed this as if my fingers were on fire as humor/ crack poured into my brain. The contemplative moment in the fic was a veritable calm within that storm when I wrote it...(nods) Yep, I take much pride in this one.

Sakura Blossoms (Cardcaptor Sakura)

My one (and only) one shot into the CCS fandom. Sakura/Syaoran, this is written from Sakura's POV as she thinks about Syaoran. Mild romance, much fluff. Was one of the hardest pieces to write, since I was trying to keep the characters in character and produce a slightly nostalgic and yet highly charged atmosphere near the end.

Insights(fanfiction poetry)

Not viewable anymore; it used to be a short verse on my LOTR story. I twitch a little everytime I think about it...


ll-Suspended-ll (temporarily, ehehehehe...) :

Of Bows, Arrows and Elven Lore ( until this authoress gets her inpiration back)

The Day Series (until this authoress finds where exactly she lost the other part of the fic)

Owns: Fluff and Misfit, plunnies extraodinaire, Muse #1 (Traitor currently resides with Yuncyn, or Alex, whichever the little bakasaru bunny found most convenient)

Favors (pairings):

RPG Games:Sora / Kairi, Cloud/ Aerith, Tidus/Yuna, Squall / Rinoa (thanks Alex!),

Anime:Toshirou (Hitsugaya)/Hinamori (Momo) (Loves them! OTP forever! ), Sakura / Syaoran, Misaki / Oujirou (made in heaven!), Shinichi / Ran, Kaito / Aoko,

Heiji/Kauzha, Naruto/Hinata, Neji/Tenten

(will be updated when more couples strike author's fancy)

Personal Thought:

Some people's idea of a disaster is Armageddon. For others, it's when jellybeans are officially declared extinct.

Unfortunately, I'm one of the latter.

~Will update this whenever I think of something else to put here =p~

Jaa ne!



~Author's Note (for LOTR fic)~

Author's note No. 2! Finally, we see the emergence of the bad guys: the Rakah-Ruk. Don't ask me how I got the name; I'm not sure myself. Basically, thy're like Uruk-Hai but more will be expended in Chapter 16. I find a lot of people liking the dance part. Good. I have to admit, that was inspiration. REAL inspiration. Hope more comes soon (I never trust plot bunnies. They give me allergies.)

Again, I stress the importance of keeping work original. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about plagarism and frankly, I don't want my story to be plagarized. All characters (except those by Tolkien) are mine. The plot is mine. The developements are mine. The settings...are NOT mine (Tolkien's too.)Basically, you get the idea) Actually, that's all I want to say, besides the fact that Ellisya and Legolas are gonna go through EVEN MORE torture (My twisted mind reaaly is one of a kind). But I promise a really spectacular ending. So, bear with me, and all will go well.


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