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Hi! My name's Meikyuu! I'm Yumi's younger sister! She's more highly corrupted then me! xD

New Changes: I re-named myself Brianna which is my former name and I recently do not have any relations with my cousins for me and Yumi are randomly in Japan, Kyoto thanks to the evilness of our mother and Yumi forgetting her password cannot mantain it so she'll be appearing in some of my stories

All New Characters: Me, Yumi, Niane, Leo and our little MISCHIVEOUS brother as called by Yumi, Mitou

Favorite Colors: Gold Silver Violet Purple Blue Midnight Blue Blood Red Red

Nicknames: Violet (Since Violet is my favorite color my friend Jennifer calls me that), Puppy (I use a puppy dog face so whenever I use the face my friends call me 'Puppy'), Miku (Take out a e y and u so it leaves Miku), Jasmine (My favorite flower so now whenever me and my friends see it they call me Jasmine)

Charas=4: Lily Emu Alex Kagome

Eggs left=3: A Pink egg with Blue Angel Wings, A Purple egg with Orange Devil Wings, A Blue egg with a Purple Music Note and a Green one with a Pink Soccerball

Favorite Singers: Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus OR Hannah Montana DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Nightcore and DJ Satomi

Chara Transformations along with Chara Changes and each chara's meaning: Transformation with Lily is a cute silver outfit but the icon is in gold color a silver dress silver flats silver bracelets (3 on the right and 3 on the left) and silver necklace with your hair in straight down Chara Change gives you the Gold flower and makes you know everything about flowers and Lily means my dream to become a Florist and the Chara Nari name is Golden Silver, Transformation with Emu gives you a colorful transformation green dress orange high heels blue bracelets (Only 1 on the right and none on the left) and the Rainbow icon and your hair in a braid Chara-Change with her gives you the Rainbow icon and allows you to be ALOT more colorful with drawings and everything and Emu means my dream to become an Artist the Chara Nari name is Itame Paint, Transformation with Alex gives you her hair in pigtails a gold dress gold flats gold bracelets (5 on the left and none on the right) and a bunny icon Chara-Change with her gives you the bunny icon and you can be alot more creative active and playful and Alex means my dream to be alot more an Outdoor type the Chara Nari name is Energy Radiant, Transformation with Kagome gives you a purple tanktop with a purple short skirt purple flats purple bracelets (5 on both Left and Right) a purple necklace your hair in a ponytail with a cherry blossom icon and a Hunter's Bow, Chara Change with her and the cherry blossom will appear and you can be good at archery also Kagome means my dream to be a professional archer the Chara Nari name is Umeko Butterfly.

Favorite Animes: Inuyasha, Shugo Chara!

Favorite Shows: Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, Pokemon and My Babysitter's A Vampire

Things I Like To Do In My Free Time: Draw, Be on FanFics, Play with a Kondana (Used for concentration) and play catch

BFFs: Lexi, Yumi (Even tho she's my sis! xD), Jennifer, Denise, Annie, Kayla, Kiana, Lisha and Nia

Favorite Authors: DarkDia Yaya Girl and Black Diamond21

What I Look Like: Long Violet Hair Blue eyes (Watch PowerPuff GirlZ and look at Bubbles eyes then you'll know what I mean)

Which Personality Of The Shugo Chara Cast Do I Have In Common With: ( (X)s mean no and (^)s will mean yes and if you see a (*) they mean Sometimes)

-Your an only child? (X)

-You like basketball? (^)

-You like being a bit childish sometimes or all the time? (^)

-All girls and boys FANGIRL and FANBOY attack you? (X)

-Have you crossdressed before? (X)

-Do you like Martial Arts/Karate/Judo etc.? (X)

-Do you like sweets/candy etc.? (^)

-Do you like Christmas more than Halloween? (^)

-Do you like being cold and distant to people? (*)

-Do you like being adventurous? (^)

So then anything to make me a bit better and I will make sure to list you here in my list of files of people I need to thank! :D

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