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--New Bio! About time, the last one was very much out of date!

Yay it's my 16th year of living on this sucky planet. Woo hoo. I'm 15 and a half. And a bit.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself. This is the part where you totter off and don't be interested anymore. Go play with your llamas. I understand; I was a llama once. Yay I, even I, was a llama.

Name : Julie (Jules, Toastie, Jay) Nolastname.

Age: 15. And a half. And a bit.

Birthday: 15/10/88

Country: Scotland. Where it pours and never rains. Don't come here. We have two weeks of sunshine per year, when it's actually warm that is. Plenty of sun, but it's reflected off the rain which was there two minutes before! The weather's a bit unpredictable to say the least but it's my home...what can I say?

Favourite things: I am a musicaholic. A music addict. An obsessive of the music. Other favourite things include hanging out with my friends, writing, singing, pianoing, guitaring, gazing lovingly at pictures of my beloved Kurt Cobain...(seriously my door and walls are covered with him),Invader Zim, Malcolm In The Middle (all bow to Hal!), Simpsons, Teen Titans etc.

Favourite Music: Very much a Rock person. Favourites are...*deep breath, as I say I listen to an unhealthy amount of music* Nirvana, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro, The Clash, The Smiths, The Pixies, Patti Smith, Muse, Mudhoney, The Melvins, The Cranberries, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits...God it goes on.

Favourite Films: Trainspotting (best film - and book - ever), The Big Lebowski, Amelie, The Matrix...

Stories so Far (in order of when I wrote them):

Yorda's Battles: My very first fic! *sentimental moment*...Mmyep. This is based on Ico, the PS2 game I got last X-Mas. This is based after the game finishes and the events and eventual love story that develops amongst a plot to kill the beautiful Princess of Light and Shadow...

Impending Doom : The Musical : My first Zim fic and musical, a first draft of what will one day hopefully be quite good! Will improve when I have time folks, it's a little too serious at the moment! Serious...bad! For Zim, anyway!

Doom Witch: Ahh, my main story at the moment. My creme de la creme. 22 chapters and going strong. Zim encounters many things he doesn't really wish to as the Tallest throw some more plots to get him killed getting stronger and stronger testing not only his physical abilities but his emotions. Don't worry, it's still insane. Includes suicide contemplation, father daughter heart to hearts, Irken assassins, romance, confusion over girls and GIR! Need I say more? READ!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Waters of Hell : My work in progress, a sequel to the highly acclaimed Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl. Set a few years later, Elisabeth and Will have had a beautiful and intelligent daughter, Lily, but still the two young parents seek adventure, which is exactly what they get when Captain Jack Sparrow swoops in and saves the family from their burning house (which he burnt down in the first place during a raid). However, Will had no intention of bringing his young daughter along, but it's too late to turn back now...

Demons From Heaven: The sequel to Yorda's Battles. Eight years later, Ico and Yorda now have two young children, whose lives are endangered by Ico's one-time foster sister and best friend Siania, driven insane by anger towards Yorda for allowing her friend Biocha to die eight years earlier. She kidnaps his children and forces Yorda and Ico to follow her to the sister castle that Ico and his wife know so well... And then Yorda is taken from him by the Shadow and Ico is forced to face Siania on his own...

Jesus Christ of Rock N' Roll: A fiction about two journalists, lonely Sasha Mahogany and married with child Will McGregor, who team up to write a book on Kurt Cobain. Incidentally they fall in love which could cost them their jobs and reputations, so they try to avoid it which only makes it worse and has devastating consequences...NEEDING SOME REVIEWS!!!

KNIFE EDGE: (In two parts) - Teen Titans fanfiction...I know I'm sad but at least it has a plot! This is in the form of a screenplay, and I tried to lay it out as much as like an actual episode, but obviously it's in two separate parts like "Apprentice" and "Aftershock". When Starfire foils a new criminal's escape, a villain who can dissolve through walls called Knife, forms an alliance with Slade to bring down both Starfire and Robin, who Slade desperately wants to destroy. Slade believes that the downfall of the Titans lies in Robin's hands, but soon it is also the life and soul of Starfire that lies in Robin's hands, as he must make a difficult choice concerning both his and the alien's.

Wish You Were Here: Taken from the title of the Pink Floyd song by the same name. After Date With Destiny, we were left with the scene of Robin about to dance with Starfire. But what exactly happened during that night, and what happened afterwards? Now is the time to find out.

COMING SOON* Do Not Ignore My Veins: Another Zim fic! The Irken Armada revolt against the Tallest and they have nowhere else to go that will have someone to hide them other than Zim on Earth! With them they bring 6 very treacherous Invaders that all have grudges on Zim and compete against him to destroy the planet, so poor Dib has more than he can cope with, but that's not going to stop him!

Romeo and Juliet: Teen Titan Style:
Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Basically the play in different context, as how it would be if the characters in Teen Titans would play it. For example, BB will call everyone “Dude”. They run away together, forsaking everyone in Jump City. Robin first meets Starfire at her engagement party to Aqualad, and he falls instantly in love with her, but she is the daughter of his arch nemesis, Slade. He decides not to act on his feelings but can’t help but follow her back to her home planet Tamaran, where he hears her talk of her own feelings towards him and can’t stay away from her any longer. They speak of marriage and Robin goes to his friend Beastboy, who is a priest, to help. He reluctantly agrees and they are married the next day. Meanwhile a fight is going on between Cyborg and Gizmo, which results in Cyborg being killed and Robin avenging his best friend’s death. He is banished from Jump City, but must spend one last night with Starfire. You know the story. But will the story have the same tragic ending?

Okay, so now you know a bit of what I do. Now...READ IT! I wrote this for a reason, people. Thank you awfully. Please read!

Also, check out my account under the name "Exegesis". The stuff I write there is quite different to here, although "Jesus Christ of Rock N' Roll" is also on Thanks!

Peace, love, empathy,

Invader Jed (a.k.a. Julie)

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