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Hello to those of you taking the time to read this section of mine. I've always been kind of intimidated by writing stuff here. Not the personal info, that I can just leave out if I want, but when people come here to read about me, it's as if everyone is reading about me for the first time and it's almost like a first impression. I hope I don't reveal any weird quirk of mine and turn you readers away from my fics...ha-ha.


Name- K.W

Age- 17 years

Height- 5.5

Gender- Female

Languages - English and more

Hobbies-Violin, writing, drawing, singing, sports, reading

Regrets - Quitting gymnastics (I envy those who can do flips in the air...), quitting skating lessons (triple axels, how pretty you look!)

Fav. Thing In World- Gotta find something heh...0.o

Anime- (just some): ccs, tsubasa chronicles, lovely complex, romeo × juliet, naruto, bleach, gravitation,escaflowne, hana yori dango, others...

Anyways, about me, I'm your regular happy girl. I tend to have remarks fly out of my big mouth before I can do anything about it, and well I've noticed my capacity for loudness gets me in trouble sometimes. . .I'm not at all serious but if the time calls for it I know I can be. I started writing fics because I had some ideas and I wanted to get them down. Also because my writing sucks and it could be a lot better. REVIEWS do much for my ego. =)

And now about the stories I write. I tend to go for the relationship sort of stories that build up to well...the endings. I do need to work on writing fight scenes and I like adding some drama and humour in my writing. I usually try to proof read my work before I submit it. Erm...however, my earlier works are slightly, grammatically...yucky. Please forgive me and myself in the past. I also tend to have some odd intervals where I lose inspiration in my writing, but every story I write, I do plan to finish. (There are exceptions.) I like so many animes, but I usually write fanfictions on must be my comfort zone. I like reading a variety of stories, but hardly ever have time to read all those good ones out there. Some people out there are BRILLIANT!

So yes, that's me in a nutshell. I'm interesting, I know, but I really don't know what else I can add in.

If I think of something, I'll add it in

- silent wanderer

Aug. 4/07

I've been living in boredom at home, but fortunately that means I also have endless amounts of new story ideas floating inside somewhere. Look out for my new piece coming sometime this week, A Heart to Treasure featuring Syaoran's adorable daughter, Mei Tao. Don't forget to review!

Summary: Sakura is finally able to open her art shop but faces financial ruin. It's obvious that someone out there is targetting her and her business. Syaoran, attracted to his daughter's art teacher hopes to win Sakura's reluctant heart over, but soon realizes she's more than he had initially hoped to gain and betrayal isn't something she can take lightly.

~A good novel tells us the truth of it's hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author~ - G.K Chesterton

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A Heart to Treasure reviews
Sakura is facing financial ruin and it's becoming obvious that someone's out to get her. Li, attracted to his daughter's art teacher, attempts to win Sakura's heart. Soon enough, he realizes she's all he's ever wanted, but can love come before business?
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