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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've updated my stories, hasn't it? Thank god for summer and inspiration!

For those of you wondering what's in store now that I'm back, everything on my progress list is going to be completed. As well, I've been considering going back to the First Movement and reworking the chapters. I've always felt like they were a little too short.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the chapters that I'll be posting soon!

Luv, M-chan

In Progress

Fourth Movement: Will start on working on the third chapter now!
The Masquerade called Life: Working on chapter 5
The art of being female: Rewrite is going

First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement

On Hiatsus
The Lady Naruto:
I'm working on it but it won't be updated until December, maybe. (I'm not exactly supposed to be on the computer though. This is going to take a while...)

Future projects:
Fifth Movement:
Vague beginnings have occurred. (I scraped the start I had on it because it didn't make any sense.)
Sixth Movement:
No clue on plot.
Seventh Movement:
Same as sixth. (okay, not exactly the same, it has some semblence of plot. but it's pretty damned close to Nothing.)
Possible sequels to the movements:
Thinking on this has yet to be completed. There might be sequels to The Movements: The Arii. Number of Arii and the plot will have to wait until the Movements are done.
Seduction: Currently set aside working on plot in favour of finishing the movements

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An accident during a field trip to Jusenkyo left 6 year old Naruto trapped in the body of a girl and prematurely awakens the Kyubi. As Yohiro Konoko, 'she' begins a new life. However, nothing is ever left buried and sides are being chosen. Warnings inside
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TAOBF: The art of being female reviews
SCRAPPED. An accident during a field trip to Jusenkyo left 6 year old Naruto trapped in the body of a girl. 6 years later 'she' is Yohiro Konoko, assigned to Uchiha Sasuke's genin team. And then trouble comes after them. yaoi, yuri, het.R&
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