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Hello, internet. If anyone is bothering to look at this I must thank you at once. At the time I'm writing this I'm a college student who like to read, write, play games, and watch anime. People who read my stuff in the past probably know me as the guy who can't complete any of his stories. That will change right now. At this moment I had promise myself that I will finish any stories that I had began. Here are the stories I'm working on right now.

Gleam of Silver V.2 Naruto

Silver Dollar the Third and her her daughter, Fu, goes to the Leaf Village under the gesture of trade. Yet the merchant stole the Forbidden scroll and other secrets from the village. Naruto, believing this to be part of a test, followed the duo and got capture. Though the merchant seemed dangerous, he claims to be otherwise. He doesn't want to destroy the villages. He wish only to bring equality to the world by teaching people how to us chakra for even a novice in the arts can do amazing tricks. On a more personal level, Silver was bored and needed something fun to do. What better way to cause trouble than undermine the needs of the shinobi villages?

Book One: Disaster Avatar: The last airbender

Aang just married his forever girl, Katara. The world was becoming more peaceful, he had good friends, and the future appeared bright. Then he met a woman named Sorte during his walk. They made a bet and Aang lost. A little too late did the avatar learned he played with Lady Luck, better known as Fate. Screwing up the avatar's timeline, the spirit left the world in complete chaos. The Fire Nation managed to burn the Earth Kingdom, but rebels refuse to bow. Spirits are getting ready for massacres and the Water Tribes had disappeared or isolated themselves from the world. Unable to undo the damage, Sorte helped Aang to set the world right. Yet what balance there may had been was gone. It would take more than learning the elements to set the world right again.

The Fourth Path Undertale

Chara had finally done. After so much pain and suffering she managed to gain control of Frisk, break free of the underground, and get out into the world at large. Yet to her- in this fic Frisk and Chara are girls- angered surprise she still didn't have enough control of the game to remake it as she wanted. The player could still restart the world and plopped her right at the beginning. If the player so choice she can stay there forever. Desperate for her happy ending she made a deal with the player. She would gave back Frisk's soul, but on the condition that she still maintain some control of her vessel. The deal accepted, Chara returned to the underground one more time and this time she will make everything right.

Our story begin with Frisk walking up in the flower bed. Dazed and confused she go out to the world at large. Yet the more she explore the more certain she becomes that something was wrong. People are accusing her of doing terrible things while other praised her of being a good person. The world itself seemed to morphing into different forms. The people she meet felt familiar, but different at the same time. When she load, dead, or go to asleep strange vision like memories visit her. All the while a voice in her head is trying to make her do violence things and at time took over her body. Frisk wanted little more to go home, but she realized that to go home that she was going to have to break something to do it.

These are the current stories I'm working on. If anyone read my past ones and like them I apologize for leaving them. It's unlikely that I will return to them, though I might do so one day.

I would also like to mention that I do have other accounts if anyone would like to read something more original. On fictionpress I just put up one of my original story's God's Forsaken. It can be found under the account Wya- yes I know it a stupid name, but I was younger back then.

That is all I got to say. Have a good day and enjoy the read.

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Life was going well for the avatar. He just married his forever girl, Katara, the world was at peace, and he had a good friends. That all change when he meet a woman name Sorte. She challenged him to a bet and he lost. To late he learn he lost to Lady Luck, better know as Fate. She screwed up his time line and doomed the world to Fire Nation's rule. Now Aang must set things right.
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