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At last!! I finally finished the chapter I was working on. Thanks to those people who stayed and waited! I really do appreciate it!

However, since I'm done with college and I currently have a job, I guess I won't be making a new story, for now at the very least. Maybe a oneshot will do but not like with 30 Days. I don't want to work on an indefinite time again or worse, make you all wait for so long. He-he. Hope you understand. BUT! Here's the thing:

If you happen to have an idea of a oneshot, feel free to PM me the details of it. As long as it's CONAN X AI. I'll do my best to write about it and I'll also be sure that you'll be credited. You can count on that! :)

Until then, see you all next time!


Comments, suggestions, violent reactions and constructive criticisms are all welcome!


Well, I am Yushinn. Umm.. I don't exactly know where to start talking about myself but I guess I should start at why I write or what inspired me to write, ne?

Why I write?

Basically because I enjoy it. As most others here do. I'm just like many girls out there who have the same passion with romance. Yes, that's what I love to write. But I'm not into just 'ROMANCE' alone, I'm trying my best to make a multi-genre for people to enjoy(hopefully). Actually, I was writing since I am in first year high school. My classmates were the ones reading my work. It was my original concept so yeah.. That was some years ago. So uh-huh. What else... Haha.. (my nose is bleeding WTH! Haha..) Yeah, I also write because of the viewers of my story. LOVE YOU ALL!!

What inspired me to write?

I have sooo many inspirations. One of which is a great story written by a great author. There is one author (I can't remember his/her name for some reason) that inspired me to write. That author is great. I was always wondering if I could make others happy too just by writing a story like that, because that's what exactly what I felt. Happy and inspired. It's always a great feeling to make someone happy just by the simple things that you've done, right? Anyways, the most inspiring thing is when readers loved what you wrote. Haha :D

Then, a great story. I'm taking Detective Conan as an example. Whenever I get to see an episode or just seeing Haibara Ai and Conan interact, I get this feeling of excitement haha. But then, it doesn't satisfy that much because...well, we all know who really are meant for each other in the show. Anyway, when it comes to that, I have this tendency to write. It's like this: "It doesn't satisfy me. Well, I can just fill this up by writing/reading a fanfic" xDD Actually, when I'm inspired, there's soooo much ideas popping in my head and if I don't let that out, be it literally writing it out on a paper or typing on a computer, my head might explode. *laughs* And I don't really care if it suck or whatever, it just needs to go all out haha. So yeah, that's what inspired me to the core.

Umm... If you still wanna know more on my other side(the "me" not as an author but as a person), scroll down. But that is if you're still interested. :)

Personal Info

Real Name: My name's too common haha. But come to think of it, I decided my pen name to be Yushinn because it does sounds like my nickname. The name my close friends are giving me, added after the name of my favorite artist of all time, YUI. So yeah, there you have it, YU plus my nickname = Yushinn. Haha but hey, I didn't really mention my real name haha.

Age: I won't answer this haha. But as of now, I assure you, I'm not a kid nor an adult yet. You guess it. :D

Nationality: Ako po ay isang pinay. LOL. I mean, I'm a Filipino and proud to be one.

Interest: I am into anime and games(RPG games to be precise), and of course I love japanese pop. Japanese music, and some of their culture. Feel free to recommend me some songs or movies!!

My favorite Musician/Singer/Song-writer : YUI
Band : ONE OK ROCK!(OMG) Flower Flower, UVERworld, Aqua Timez, Flow etc.. I like Linkin Park too and Simple Plan.

OTPs: Actually, I only have a few. Most of them are canon...at some point? Haha just to warn you, I have weird tastes in other pairings lol

In Anime

Conan x Ai

Lelouch x C.C

Taichi x Mimi

Tessa x Sousuke

Hikari x Kei

Tadashi x Akira

Natsume x Mikan

Yamada x Shiraishi / Miyamura x Shiraishi

#TeamChitoge lol

Livius x Nike

Akihisa x Minami

(...will add more if I remember the others...)

In Games

Dart x Rose

Stahn x Philia / Rutee

Luke x Tear

Makoto x (Female Protagonist)

Senel x Chloe

Zack x Aerith

Claude x Rena

Lucian x Lenneth

Skye x Claire

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