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Author has written 5 stories for Resonance of Fate, Warriors, and Gone.

Hehehe, well what can I say?

I like to sometimes write yaoi, I just think Yuri is a little too creepy, and most of my stories are never posted. Somehow, I never just approve of them I'm 17 and a girl! I do request sometimes, only if I knew about the fandom and such and it's nice to meet you!

Psst... Don't tell anyone that my stories suck Hehe.

Favorite Game(s): (Laaa!) Not in any order

1. Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)
2. Gears of Wars Series (Xbox 360)
3. Lair (PS3)
4. Black Ops (PS3)
5. Resonance of Fate (PS3)
6. Fallouts (Xbox 360, PS3)
7. BioShocks (PS3)
8. Portals (PS3)
9. Shadows of the Damned (PS3)
10. Gradius (PS2)
11. Bulletstorm (PS3)
12. Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)
13. Final Fantasy 13 (Xbox 360)

Favorite Movies: (Not in Order)

1. Water boy
2. Just Go With It
3. Little Miss Sunshine
4. Blow
5. Fight Club
6. Step Brothers
7. Role Models
8. Bench Warmers
9. Final Cut
10. The Collector
11. The Eye
12. Grown Ups
13. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
14. Silence of the Lamb

Favorite Bands: (Not in Order)

1. 30 Seconds to Mars
2. Breaking Benjamin
3. Disturbed
4. Three Days Grace
5. Love Like Pi
6. Dir en Grey
7. Alice Nine
8. Skillet
9. Linkin Park
10. Evanessence
11. Secondhand Serenade
12. Fall Out Boy
13. Mindless Self Indulgence
14. Trapt
15. Papa Roach
16. Perfect Circle
17. Tool
18. Thousand Foot Krutch
19. Korn
20. Marilyn Manson

LALALALALALALA! Now about a little moar about meh.

I (do I sound annoying?) like to write, sometimes... Not always.. Uh, eh. No?
I do not know why, but I can't write romance, because it's too hard. (I don't even know how to word it.)
I luv, and I mean luv to write humors. (Because my humor is something I can get away with)
I kinda am a PREEEVERT, and a fangirl if needed. (LIKE OOOH, I'TS JUSTINIA BIBLE!) No, Tierra, No.
Mentioned above, I do NOT Like Justin Bieber, nor Rebecca Black. Gosh.
I am foul and sometimes swear a lot when I over react (MOM! WE RAN OUT OF THE * PUDDING!)
I read alot...of mangas. It amazes me how much can be told out of a black and white page. I don't know why movies can't do that.
I draw.

What stories I am working on:

Zero o'clock: Gone
But In the End, We Cherish Ourselves: Resonance of Fate
The Right Paws In the Wrong Places: Warriors


My story traffic today read that I had 80 readers on my stories. Thanks so much for your reviews and patience.

I am seriously starting to think about my obsessive writing life.

What do you think I should do?


Zephyr x Vashyron (Resonance of Fate
Graystripe X Silverstream (Warriors)
Firestar x Sandstorm (Warriors)
Garcia x forgot her name XDDDDD (Shadows of the Damned)
Lana x Sanjit (Gone
Caine x Diana (Gone)
Drake x Penny (Gone)
Sam x Taylor (Astrid's a bitch) (Gone)
Brianna x Dekka (Brianna deserves better) (Gone)


Jack: "Actually a breeze is sort of a slow, meandering wind."
Brianna: "Did you know I can slap you eight times before you can blink?" Jack blinked.

'Do you still dream of hurting animals?'
Drake: No doc, I dream of hurting you."

Caine: Hand me my pants.

Quinn: You know, the one good thing about this was that I got away from history class. Now history class is following me.

Quinn: Why not a car?
Sam: You know how to drive?
Quinn: I seen it done on TV."
Astrid: I've seen heart surgery performed on TV too. That doesn't mean I'm going to try it.
Quinn: You watch hear surgery on TV? Wow Astrid, that explains a lot.

Diana: Listen, you stupid thug, we're cutting off the pain. As long as that burned stump is there, you'll be like this. You'll be screaming and crying and wetting your pants. Yeah, you peed yourself, Drake.
Somehow that fact shocked Drake into silence.

Zephyr: That wasn't a battle, that was assisted suicide.

Leanne: What's too small?
Vashyron: Your rack.


I am now taking request for BetaReader

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