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About me:

Greetings! The name is Tegi, and I'm a highschool student from the United States. An avid reader, a lover of musicals and plays, a singer, a former homeschooler, and the proud possessor of six brothers and one sister. About this time you might notice I don't have any stories up. In general, I am more of a reader than a writer, though I do have several original pieces up on FictionPress, and I tend to write more original pieces than fanfiction. At the moment, I am involved in several different fandoms that provoke tears on a daily basis, though many of my favourite shows are on hiatus at the moments. I am unsure whether this means more or less tears than usual.

Things I enjoy:

Reading is hands down my favourite activity. From Pride and Prejudice to Game of Thrones to The Fountainhead, it's rare for me to find a book that I didn't like, and while not as dearly beloved as my books, I also love certain movies and TV shows. I'm currently obsessed with Downton Abbey, and trying to talk to me about Supernatural, Doctor Who, or Sherlock will result in general flailing. Consider this fair warning. Other interests include spending time with my family, school (I know, a bit odd, but I love learning), and general outdoor activity. While I am not really a sports person, I do love hiking and running and being outside.

Other things to know about me:

One. I am a Catholic. I do not necessarily share all the beliefs of the Catholic Church, but I am Catholic. Basically, if you don't try to convert me, I won't try to convert you. Simple as that.

Two. If I read a story, I'll review it, because I believe reviews are an excellent way of acknowledging the amount of work authors have put into their stories. Plus, I know that if someone read a story of mine, I'd want them to review it.

Other than that, have a good day!