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Author has written 10 stories for Digimon, and Legend of Zelda.

UPDATE: I WILL finish these stories. The plot's mostly written for almost all of them, and there's also several other story prompts that I would like to at least play with. I've put so much time and effort put into these stories, it would seem like a complete waste to never finish them. You guys may all move on by the time I'm done, but if you'd like to stick around, I can assure you there will be more, gradually.

On another note, I've gotten myself deep enough into Smash Bros that there will most certainly be a new story coming for the Nintendo multi-verse, so I have still been writing.


Legend of Zelda: Black Hour - Set after Majora's Mask...hiatus

Digimon Adventure 02: Two Pair -- Set after Dark Waters...hiatus

Digimon Adventure 02: Recall -- Rewrite of Dark progress

Digimon Tamers: New Evolution -- Set after D-Reaper incident...hiatus

Digimon Frontier: story on the drawing board...

Super Smash Bros: Hivemind (working title :P) -- No tournament this time around, but instead the competition revolves around special orders. They fight in master orders to earn their crazy order passes. Master and Crazy Hand directly control the pace of the competition. But behind the scenes, what controls them? What will be the final special order?

"You've got a boy, you've got a girl, sittin' underneath a tree.
They sit there everyday.
And even though, you may think, this is the way that things should be,
It may not always be that way.
You can't take nothin' for granted; You've gotta live life today.
I turn around, I can see what's behind me,
I turn back around, I can see what ahead.
And if you don't believe I've been here all along,
Just turn around... Just turn around...
You wanna get, you've gotta give; there is no other way to be...
So give it a try.
If what I say is really so, you've gotta let somebody see.
You can't just keep it inside..."

"Every morning, every night,
You watch over me like the sun in the sky.
Every morning and every night,
Will you promise you’ll be my guardian light?

Promise that we’ll stay for the sunset,
And when the moon shines through the darkness,
We can find the path that leads us home,
And on the way you’ll, maybe, sing me a song.
Promise that you always will be there.
Hold my hand if ever I’m real scared.
Help me stand up tall if I fall down.
Make me laugh away all my bluest days.
How could you promise you always would be there?
Why’d you have to go away somewhere?
Every morning into every night
Do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?
Am I all alone or standing in your light?
I wish that I could, maybe, sing you a song, tonight

You promised me we’d stay for the sunset…"

"If I were a bird, then I'd be free,
Free to leave this misery.
Darkness closing all around,
I'll slip away without a sound.
Silence sits within my soul.
Nothing left, nothing left to make me whole.
To try again and start anew.
To make the change to help me through.
And as the rain begins to fall,
Casting shadows on the wall,
I close my eyes and dare the thunder,
To break the spell that I've been under.
Escape a world that cannot see
That all that's empty lies in me.
To try again and start anew,
And make the change to help me through.
Makes me want to fly away.
No reasons left to make me stay.
To quit before I even start,
To leave this darkness in my heart."

Cheers to the loners of Digimon! You're the best, especially when it comes to singing.

lol k bye

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