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Until just now I hadn't watched any of the second season. Now, I have concluded that Sam and Finn talking to each other is like two four year olds having a conversation. Funny at first, and then just sad.

Second, I am against bullying, I swear it's true. That being said, Karofsky is less intimidating and more hilarious. Seriously? Asking to have a wedding cake topper is not bullying. It's F*g funny. Granted, he could use some pointers on personal space, but dammit Kurt, don't wear pants that tight if you don't want a closeted football player to want to touch you and maybe smell your hair a bit. And why are you so hard on Karofsky anyway? Didn't you play football and kiss Britney and stuff like that just so your daddy would like you more than Finn? I mean, you do kind of go overboard sometimes. We get it you're gay, and that's great, but you're also kind of an A*e. And if you're dad's a mechanic and you don't appear to have a job of any kind, how can you afford designer clothing? Are you selling drugs, dude? Seriously, that's a big effin plot hole no one's cleared up for me. In short, just laugh at the big jerk and let him screw you. Everyone wins.

Wow, I didn't realize how strongly I felt. I thought I like Kurt, but now I'm not so sure...thank God for fanfiction, so I can make him likeable again

12/AUG/2012 - It's been a long hiatus, but I think I'm ready to slowly plug away at some fiction again. Prob...Probably not going to finish that detective story though. It wasn't supposed to be more than a one shot anyway. Also, I have some new fandoms to explore. Did you guys know they turned Vampire Diaries into a show? A whole show! Also, Teen Wolf is a show, and Michael J Fox isn't even there to screw it up.
I don't know guys. This is a big scary world.

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