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... I really dont know what to write. SO, i'll do something boring, and unorignal!

100 Truths About Myself

1. I'm a huge romantic

2. I love peanut butter and bananas sandwhichs

3. I want to dye all of my hair green

4. I want to work with exotic animals when i grow up

5. My one goal is to out grow one of my closest friends. (Your reign of tallness will soon come to an end!)

6. I HATE cottage cheese

7. My favorite anime is Princess Princess

8. If i could live anywhere i would want to live...under your bed, kidding, probably Costa Rica.

9. If i could visit any time i'd visit England when they were all proper, so they can be horrified with me.

10. I'm a huge science nerd, but for some odd reason i'm really good at history

11. People call me a bookworm

12. You can consider me a tomboy even though some of my friends are insane girlies

13. I wish i had a dog tail, like, every single day.

14. My addiction is to sour dough bread

15. I love having my bangs in my face even though both my mother and hair dresser hate it

16. I'm not ticklish

17. If i could change my name it would be to Jyk or Danny

18. I was attacked by a blue bird when i was an infant (People think that's why I'm slightly insane)

19. I cannot say 'specifically,' or 'tempertantrum' I have a hard time spelling them too.

20. I've never faked being sick to get out of a test, (There must be something wrong with me)

21. I'm trying to learn how to speak Chinese (I'm failing miserably.)

22. If i could be any type of dog i'd be a German Shepherd

23. If i could be any type of animal it would be a Snow Leapord

24. My favorite animals are sharks, wolves, bears, and, for some odd reasons, moles.

25. My parents are divorced

26. I really, really, really want a Cornsnake

27. Animals like me (Except for fish that like to bite me!)

28. I've almost drowned three times in my life

29. I've saved someone's life three separate times

30. I play volleyball and cheerleading

31. I'm afraid of fire (When i was young i burned my feet so bad that i couldnt walk for three months. Bye summer)

32. My favorite flower is the black rose (I think they're beautiful, and i think that they dont deserve their rap)

33. I really want to learn how to sky dive

34. I have three siblings

35. I'm currently not playing V-ball because i hurt my arm, (Those who cannot play, manage the team.)

36. I'm creeped out by large amounts of ants

37. I'm more scared of the spider the smaller it is.

38. My favorite fruit/vegatable is the tomatoe (I still don't know what it is)

39. I'm really sad about what's happening to the polar bears

40. I scar SUPER easily

41. When people touch my feet i, i totally dont mean to, kick out, and it usually ends badly. (I still need to send an apology letter to my doctor.)

42. I recently grew out of a heart mummer

43. I love being alone!

44. There is only one person that i like right now

45. I love writing on my hands, but get in trouble for it quite often

46. I type at about an eighty word per minute adverage

47. I'm a straight A student except for stink'n math

48. My rat hates me and tries to remove my fingers whenever he gets the chance

49. My favorite color is black (I am slightly gothic, but have a cheerful dispostion)

50. I want to learn how to ride english

51. My favorite band is Skillet

52. I like Glee

53. My favorite character in Harry Potter is Luna

54. I do not believe in ghosts

55. I think stories are scarier when they have disturbing twists in it more than gory ones

56. My favorite author is Michelle Palmer

57. My favorite couple is Jack and Thorgil from 'The Sea of Trolls' series... they are still NOT together!

58. The closest to breaking a bone i've come is cracking a rib (Football players will tackle anyone on the field or on the sidelines!"

59. My favorite and lucky number is 13 (Weird, huh?)

60. I think wearing boys clothes is fun

61. I can't stand in book relationships where the man is shorter than the woman (No offense to any real life couples)

62. I dont want kids or, well, a husband when i get older.

63. If i could date any mystical creature it would have to be a nemocracer, People who call on dead people. ( dont know why but the tortured and undead looking people, in my view, are attractive)

64. I dont really like bad boys, because, in my opinion, they are all jerks (yes, i realize this contradicts 63, but they have to have a good personality)

65. One of my friends wants to work with dead people when she gets older

66. My eyes are actually mismatching, but if i dont point it out no one notices

67. I used to pretend that my tongue was an animal living in my mouth (Okay i was really, really little!)

68. I never listen to the doctor (Unless its convient)

69. I love imitatding animal noises (my best is a growling dog/bear noise)

70. My favorite bird is a Raven

71. I dont really know anything about football

72. People really bother me when they hug me and refuse to let go (It's NOT cute, and i would prefer if you let go before you germs attack me)

73. My favorite trees to climb on are the dead ones (You never know when they'll break)

74. I love Hamburger Pie, (It is not actual pie. That would be disguting)

75. I look terrible in all sun glasses

76. I can only do the one eye brow raise thing with my right one, well my right, your left.

77. I dont really have a best friend, but i have lots of close friends

78. I don't like awkward moments when everyone just stares at each other

79. This one is kind of weird, but i really like scars.

80. I don't like swimming, i can do it, but i think that if humans were meant to be in the water then we'd have webbed feet.

81. I currently own my least favorite dog breed, a pug (They are so UGLY!)

82. I am not flexiable at all

83. Both my pinkies are, like, permantely jammed and do this weird popping thing

84. I don't tan nearly at all

85. I hate running more than anything else, well, maybe i hate cottage cheese but...

86. I think people who wear insane amount of leather are actually losers not cool

87. I love writing books (I can never seem to finish one, though)

88. I'm one of those people who pop their bones when i'm bored (Grosses my mom out.)

89. My Ipod is on so much that people think its connected to my brain!

90. I can move my ears by themselves

91. I can pop my shoulder in and out of place with will (I have to put my arm in a strange postion though)

92. My fav couple in Naruto is Naruhina (Please no haters for the couple! I like NaruSaku too, but not as much)

93. I love writing poems, but can't write songs

94. When my friend crosses her eyes and sticks her tongue out, it really freaks me out, (Okay she has bright green eyes, and a really pointy tongue!)

95. I still watch Spongebob, but find that it has a lot of adult humor that i didnt catch when i was younger

96. When i get bored i try to make myself a mummy with duct tape and/or toilet paper, (Tip: The thinner the tiolet paper the better it looks.)

97. I dont like werewolves unless they look like real wolves, (No one wants to see a hairy man parade around the screen for an hour and forty-five minutes!)

98. The stupidest thing i've ever done was jump on a huge bull because my grandpa dared me too, (He doesnt understand that i dont understand sarcasm.)

99. I don't understand sarcasm

100. I love writing, but apparently my grammar is uper bad, (I'm sure you English people are shaking their heads at this entire list.)

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