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Not writing anymore

but still livin' artsy

Though, there's no SP on the gallery, I made a folder for that.

Hi I'm here because my close friend told me about this. I have ideas for different stories. I'm also here to read fans stories of Skulduggery and Valkyrie. I love everything from reading, music, art and media especially acting! oh and 2 things->1) if you ever want to search me or my stories type in my username its hard to find my stories. 2) if you see names that are weird or wrong its the auto spell check. SORRY! oh, by the way I changed the title, I thought of a new story line. which you found in chapter 3. but don't worry, romance will still play it's roll; you'll be able to find it in lil' nooks and crannies. And i have a new story! its a tribute to my other favs, ghost rider and shiginamis (Japanese deathgods). i got it fixed!!!! one more thing, send me requests. if you want to or not, do it! for my short stories fanfic. PM me or request my review box, but most people PM me.

I started to revolve around my original fanfic. but all my chapters will be updated every few days. AND i decided once my Oracle Divulgence case is finished I'll start to make each case a new story so i won't have to live with a title that only works for one story when there's two. don't worry each new one will start off EXACTLY how the last one left off. got it? get it? good.

People you're expecting to read about that's not an Skulduggery character...

Vendetta Dare: She is my main OC in my FanFic's. I'm so unoriginal, Adeptry discipline (shape shifting), Necromancy is her thing, and she also does water manipulation. Like good SP characters, she has a dark secret, just don't ask her what she is. based on me. born 1928 and looks like 18-19... to me she looks like Shilo (the singer of Operator).

Rife Tenterhooks:(My other main OC) Beginner elemental, best friends and partner of Vendetta Dare. He is over excitable. And transferred from the Chinese sanctuary. his magic is low. he's based on a friend of mine. born in 1956 but due to his low leveled in Elemental he lost a year or to in youth so he looks like 21-22 when he's actually younger than Vendetta. for looks, think of the main Ryan Higa from the youtube channel "nigahiga" only, he wears a tan overcoat and the occasional fedora.

Gale Maladroit: born in Wales, keeps a dagger at hand. Adeptry, manipulation of lightning strikes. Has a past with Tanith and Rife, in a closer way. brought on by request/

Oracle Divulgence: slim, her skin sticks to her bones. she knows everything on everyone on earth. even knows about all 3 names for everyone too, mortal or not. she's being held in a sound proof bound room, yet she still manages to know everything. she has planned to take over everyone with names. keeping her alive and hearing everything drives her insane, a better punishment than death. born in 1634

Donny Dulcifer: Socially awkward German teen. Looks like Finbar but not as mellow. I can't tell you what he does, it's a secret. read my first case than everything will make sense... Created by my Facebook admin partner. birth date is unknown

Mimi Eloquent: weak adept. Dated Skulduggery in the 1800's, but the break up didn't end well. a polite talkative person in all. She's based on another friend of mine. born in 1721. she's one of those one-time characters, fillers basically.

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