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Author has written 10 stories for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Phantom of the Opera.

Hi everybody! I'm Brigid, but everybody calls me Skittles.

I've been asked over PM if I'm going to continue my stories many times over- and yes, I am. Here's their statuses.

Which Witch or wizard in my case Is Which- Yes, this is Red Rose. I just changed the name. I was planning on continuing it, but I haven't gotten to it. Review it you want it to come faster!

Maze of Doom- Yes, I'm continuing this. Don't worry about the chapters not coming as fast as they used to. It's because we're in the Games now and I want to make sure every chapter is perfect before posting it. But some reviews would make perfection go faster...

Broken Fairytale- Continuation! Don't fear if the chapters take a little while. I'm working with a very delicate character in this story, so I want to make sure everything is perfect in order to keep these people in their places. (Big thanks to everyone who reviewed and supported me!)

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The Hunger Awards- Awards Given: "Resistance" SYOT Challenge of July-August 2012

"Ring Me in Sky Circles" One-Shot Challenge of November-December 2012

To all of you who have been oppressed and have had your Submit your Own Tribute stories reported. WE ARE REBELLING! It's time to start governing our OWN stories and if these people can't leave us be, then we WILL strike back! There are far too many SYOTs out there for them to start reporting us now and if we don't do something about it, these stories will cease to exist. I am getting a petition going to show the mediators of that we want that rule changed for the peace of mind of us Hunger Game fans! If you're with me, please copy and paste the petition below onto your profile and type your pen name so that others will know you're on board. (And after you're done, please PM me so I know that you signed so I can keep an eye on this thing.) Once we hit 500 pen names, we'll aim for 1,000. Thanks to everyone for reading this and in the words of the great Katniss Everdeen... "Fire is Catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!" Yours sincerely, Bittersweet Applesauce, the epic bookworm, skittlesgirl99, curly guy, MyrtleFalls

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Harry Potter:




Seamus/Hannah (Abbot)



Dumbledore/McGonnagal (I'm quite aware Dumbledore is gay, I just think they'd make a good pair)


Hagrid/Madame Maxime


Hunger Games:





Phantom of the Opera:



(Even in Love Never Dies)

Les Mis:



Cosette/Javert (DON'T ASK)

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You guys need to check out this story if you're a fan of Bugsy Malone. "The Truth Behind the Showgirl" by EmyPerdie

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