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The name's J.


I'm slowly coming back.

The Most Important People I Know and Care For on FFn

sasoxsaki - Okay, she was ACTUALLY the first person I'd ever met on Ffn and I love her and (as a friend) she's totally awesome. The way I'd met her was reviewing one of her stories and it's a Naruto fanfic (AWESOME story, you should probably read it). We got a long really well and have a lot of things in common; surprisingly. Oh, we even made a story together too, but it's only a head start of it. Damn writer's block, blegh. We're really great friends too, we even Skype and stuff. So yeah, I care for her and she makes my day all the time when I get to talk to her.

Spectacular Super Nova - OMG, she is just like a younger sister to me and she is just hands down awesome. I love her like if she's my own sister, too much. Honestly, I met her on a Sonic forum and she was the first one I talked to and we got along quickly. She is just so wonderful and she's always there for me or I get to tell her my deepest thoughts and she understands so quickly. Oddly, when I first met her... She sounds older than her age (Obviously I'm not going to tell how old she is) she really does. Anyway, she's really nice and really chill... BUT watch out, she can be really defensive when it comes to her friends; in the good way of course. Oh and we video chat too, oddly she says that my voice is "awesome"... LOL.

Matigers - Mateo, he is just my awesome LIL' BRO, HE JUST IS. Yeah, I met him at a different Sonic forum and I brought him to a popular forum. He's really chill and great to talk with. I met him at the Sonic forum that he was on first and apparently we started chatting constantly about my old avatar pic. It was just a pic of an OC of mine and he thought I drew it. I didn't, a friend of mine on Tumblr did it; anyway, let's continue. So yeah, we had a lot of things in common too and he met Saki too as we video chat. Pretty awesome that we did. I see him as a younger brother figure and we just have a strong bond like that. MY LIL' BRO IS EPIC.

Vous Etes Belle - Alright, she is my TWIN. She just is, we met on a popular General forum and I chatted with her a lot on there and we had SO MANY things in common. Really weird, so we decided t call each other "TWINS" because of the similarities we have. It's just weird but it's true though and it's kinda funny, well that's how I see it. Anyway, we just talk to each other a lot and we role play on my forum. I have a "some-what" bond with her. Yet, she is just a TWIN with me.

Darling Dai - Yeah, she's been there for me a lot especially that incident on August 4th, 2012. I met her at the same forum like Len was, though she is a moderator there too. She some-what understands me but we got along so well, it's funny. The way I look at Dai is probably a really good friend to be around and she's really funny. Probably glomping or clinging buddies, we're just chill like that. Yet, she's really intelligent and a great role player. She really is and the ways she posts is amazing. But yeah, she's just awesome to talk to and we have things in common.

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I'm Only Obsessed for You reviews
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