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For a while now I have been meaning to do something about the blank waste of space that was sitting in the spot where the message is now squatting. As most people who navigate here will (hopefully) know is that I am currently working on New Thunderbolts in an attempt to plug the Songbird/MACH V and virtually everyone else in this story shaped hole in the Marvel continuity. And even if you didn’t come here from New T-Bolts you will know that I am a big fan of the team mentioned above. What nobody but me will know (until reading this) is that New Thunderbolts - Phase 1 (or Thunderbolts on the Run as I have been calling it) is almost finished and Phase 2 is ready to begin.

Because of this I will be taking a quick break from writing but will still be available for Beta Reading and anything else I’m required to do on this site. As such I would like to thank everyone who read Phase 1, is about to read Phase 1 or even those who stumbled here by accident. As such I have left a few tantalizing bits of information to tempt people into reading Phase 2 (note that a similar message is being attached to Welcome to the Windy City - Part IV). As always comment, critic and other wise talk about New Thunderbolts or one of my older pieces of work.

Thanks for Listening/Reading

Impurest Cheese

Enemies at the Gates (27/04/89)

As we move into New Thunderbolts Phase 2 I feel like we should mention some of the foes that will be arriving, either under the Silent Partner's control or as independent agents. And while the Super Adaptoid may be the first big threat but there will be plenty of figures that the Thunderbolts have wronged. Take Sidewinder his last is going to bite him the past as the Serpent Society crash one of his parties with the venomous intent on killing their former boss. And that's not all Quicksand is going to encounter a villain she helped create called Sand Storm who plans to use her to keep his body running forever. There also a lot of new villains and reimagined bad guys coming out of the woodwork to create a rouges gallery for the redeemed felons to fight. For example new guys such as Goldbug, the Cobalt Man, Tripwire, Corpse Lilly and King Crab all of whom are deadly enemies.

And let's not forget the villain mentioned in the first post, the one who is going to change the way every one sees the Thunderbolts. And while I'm not saying any names I can say that this characters powers will let our heroes embrace their darker sides, something that is as deadly to the city as the F5s attack that borough the team together. As usual PM me if you want more information or want to leave a comment. I hope you all enjoy Phase 2.

Impurest Cheese

Jury of My Peers: - Secret Six In, Thunderbolts Out? 13/03/13

As (hopefully) everyone will have realized from the title of this blog it not only concerns the New Thunderbolts but also the DC team the Secret Six. Maybe you have even navigated here from the first chapter (of eight) connected to the crossover of the two teams of badass antiheros. But will the likes of Scandal Savage, Deadshot, King Shark and Catman be appearing more often, perhaps in a story of their own? Well the answer is perhaps, obviously I can’t use the whole line up; Deadshot and King Shark are with the Suicide Squad and Bane is back to fighting Batman but the others…well again the answer is maybe.

I have (for a while) considered doing a crossover with the Thunderbolts and Secret Six but had for a long time been missing a mechanism that allowed them to meet and then beat each other up. But before that I had considered doing a fanon based on the team; I love the majority of the characters due to their kookiness and general ‘we’re bad guys who do good things’ attitude. Even the few members I don’t like are still ranked above the majority of the DC super thugs who would be eligible for membership on the team. But since I don’t know enough to do a fanon justice I am setting the task to you my peers (hence the title) to give me some advice such as; who should fill the remaining slots, who shouldn’t appear (Mad Hatter I’m talking to you) and who the new Mockingbird should be ect ect. So if you are able and would like to voice you’re opinion PM me or leave a comment on the actual crossover. Once again thanks for reading.

Impurest Cheese

A & X vs. T (08/03/13)

As Phase 2 of New Thunderbolts gets closer so does the upcoming battle between the Uncanny Avengers and the titular team that this blog mostly concerns itself with. Before the clash of titans let’s have a look at how both teams line up and who the stats support. So will Earth’s Mightiest Heros prevail or will lightning strike twice and give the Thunderbolts a second win against their supposed betters. Find out below…

The Team Leader (Havok vs. Interceptor)

Havok and Interceptor are an interesting match up, while the former defiantly has the power to win this fight the later is a deft tactician and has formally led a team giving him a possible advantage. If Abe can keep Havoc at range then his armour’s energy siphon has a chance of reducing the Avenger’s most devastating attacks. That said the Interceptor suit is still new and the weapons systems are a little lacklustre that allows Havok to retain the edge in power, something that may prove to much for the suit’s electronics to take.

Winner - Havok (but only just)

The Heart (Captain America vs. Songbird)

While others may lead the team it is these two individuals who hold it together. When it comes to experience Captain America outranks virtually everyone and he’s not usually defeated and forced to withdraw. Unfortunately for him Songbird is one of the few to have bested him and while Cap’s powers seem to be waning a little Melissa recently got a massive power boost. That coupled with the pair’s prior history when they spar gives Songbird the advantage in this bout.

Winner - Songbird

The Survivalists (Wolverine vs. Smokescreen)

If Wolverine had no healing power this battle would have two evenly matched combatants. Smokescreen’s agility and tactical outlook is neutralized by Wolverine’s greater experience and aggressiveness and vice versa. Alas with all the skill and tenacity she possess Juno starts this fight as the underdog and short of pulling a Carbonadium bullet from out of her sleeve it is almost a sure fire bet who will win this fight.

Winner - Wolverine

The Guys from the Street (Rouge vs. Boomerang)

Okay this one was a toughie; for starters they have very different fighting styles. Rouge prefers close quarters combat whereas Boomer will do anything to keep his targets beyond arms length. If Rouge can close the gap then she can end the fight quickly with a simple touch but it is a large gap thanks to Boomerang’s rocket boots and trade mark weapons.

Winner - Rouge/Boomerang depending on range

The Random Element (Scarlet Witch vs. Black Tarantula)

At first glance this seems like a one sided battle; with the power to signally handily cause an entire race to almost become extinct surely Wanda can win this battle with a few words? What people forget is that Black Tarantula is one of the most agile characters around not to mention one of the best martial artists. Sure Wanda can throw some bad luck at him, maybe whip up a spell but first she has to catch him and that sure as hell will be hard in an urban jungle like Chicago.

Winner - Who the hell knows?

The Former Enemies (Thor vs. Quicksand)

Another battle that should be simple to determine the winner based on the pair’s history. Every time Thor fights Quicksand the battle ends with the later slithering away appearing weak and cowardly. Personally I think that Quicksand could put up a good fight due to her flexible powers and new found drive. This battle is quite literally a struggle between Earth and the Heavens giving the fight even more meaning (such as whether humanity should be shepherded by higher powers or left to fend for itself).

Winner - Thor (Quicksand wins moral victory)

Still not satisfied? Wanting to know where the hell Vassal and Oxide are? Find out in Issue 29 - Coalition Part 1 on the 19th April when Phase 2 kicks off and the Thunderbolts are literally falling from grace as the Uncanny Avengers arrive in Chicago. Until then keep checking in for more information and remember to comment about anything New Thunderbolts related.

Sins of the Past (Part 1) - Return of the Masters of Evil (02/03/13)

The Thunderbolts started their careers as the Masters of Evil and since their turn to the side of the angels they have had to face a number of their former allies and associates. As such it seems fitting that the latest line up should feature villains wanting revenge. As the days count down to the launch of Phase 2 gets closer we take a sneak peek at the line up of some of the Thunderbolts deadliest foes.

Baron Zemo - The legacy of the leader of the first Masters of Evil as well as the mastermind behind the Thunderbolts original deception. So far it appears as if Zemo is of two minds of what to do with his former teammates. While he openly admitted to the other members of the Masters that he is seeking revenge he also appears to be apposed to FACT and their agenda. The real question is what he plans to do with the pair of orbs he retrieved from the Scorpion Goddess in the Californian Desert.

Tremor (Formally Poundcakes) - A member of a female wrestling troop called the Grapplers along with Screaming Mimi who later became the heroic Songbird. Tremor appears to have her own agenda but for the moment appears to be following Zemo's orders. She originally joined for the chance for revenge despite stating that she had no interest for further mercenary work.

Beetle - A high tech criminal using MACH Vs former alias who also appears to have a history with the Thunderbolt. She mentioned the deaths of her sister and brother in law as the motivation for joining the Masters of Evil. While little is known of the woman behind the armour we can expect her retribution to be swift and brutal.

Ten things to know about New Thunderbolts Phase 2 (20/02/13)

1 A Thunderbolt will die just before Phase 3, which will inevitably shape the team for that period.

2 The Silent Partner will be the Phase’s Big Bad (taking over from FACT). He/She will be revealed to the readers before the end of the Phase.

3 The Masters of Evil will appear in this Phase but will still be behind the scenes until the beginning of Phase 3. The line up includes the members acquired in Phase 1 along with an unseen recruit who has been seen in the series before but never associated with the Masters of Evil.

4 All but one of the team will end up betraying the other members.

5 By the beginning of Phase 3 the Thunderbolts team will look completely different from the Phase 2 line up with only two members staying with the group.

6 A crossover with the Avengers is planned for the first arc but other then that there will be no planned crossovers…

7 Unless I can fit the New Thunderbolts into the large events that periodically pop up in the Marvel Universe. If this occurs it will be written up as a separate title.

8 Abe and Melissa will not be getting married and there are no plans for them to get back together. That said plenty of the members will get some kind of romance, not all of it good.

9 The whole Phase lasts from Mid October to Late January/Early February. As such there will be unseasonal mentions of Halloween, New Years and Christmas will be included in some of the arcs.

10 A re-imagined villain will be appearing in one of the arcs and will be akin to the Scorpion Goddess in the fact that it will adversely affect the entire team until the end of the arc. Clue his/her name rhymes with Burner B Sentry.

One last thing, if you decided to read everything up to here I would like to know what you’re favourite Thunderbolt and Villain from Phase 1 was as well what could be improved and what you hope to see in Phase 2. If possible PM me with you're answers.

Many Thanks

Impurest Cheese

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