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I'm a fan of most smut out there

Yuri some Yoai

favorite pairing

Naruto with -









Red head Cloud female Ninja

Rock female Ninja




Crossover with Bleach






Soi Fon


Crossover with FF VII and XIII



Aerith(The flower girl)




FF 7 and 13

Lighting/Fang/Vanille - Futa Lighting or fang or none

Aerith/Tifa - Futa any of the two or none


Tia/Nel/Orihime - Futa Tia

Yoruichi/Soi Fon - Futa Yoruichi



Yoruichi/Orihime - Futa Yoruichi











Red head Cloud female Ninja

Rock female Ninja









Naruto with anyone other than the people stated above the 'Most hated' post.


Naruko Futa Hentai High

Pairings that must happen


optional and perfered

Tia (From Bleach)

Nel (From Bleach)

Lighting/Clear (From FFXIII)

Fang (From FFXIII)

Yourichi (From Bleach)

Soi Fon (From Bleach)

any others from list above

Can add any other that you wish other than Sakura

Ino is on you but perfered if not.

Sakura bashing is optional

Sasuke is optional for the story but if so bash him a little at least. (MUST BE A 'HIM' IF IN THE STORY)

Story sum AU modern

Naruko(femNaruto)(You can change the name if you wish) Is a futa going to Futa Hentai Highschool. A private highschool for only the 'gifted' or principal approved. All students are female and either like Futa's or other girls. Her mother Kushina being the principal. Her mother pimps her out to the school staff some students and even other family.

School Staff/Students -

Tia Teacher - Acting as the Dom with Sub Nel

Nel Teacher - Acting as the Sub with Dom Tia

Lighting(Futa)/Clear(Split personallity Lighting is sexy and aggrisive also the futa side - Clear is kind and gentle)Teacher - Hunting for Sex partenrs and getting them to like it

Fang(Futa) Teacher - How to not get caught by husbands/wifes boyfriends/girlfriends or cops

Yourichi(Futa) Teacher - Suduceing females and futas

Soi Fon Teacher - Sex enducance

Orihime(OOC/Must be sexy and aggrisive) School Nurse

Kushina(Futa) - Principal

Mei - Vice Principal

Mikoto - Secratary to both

Yugito(Futa) - Student Naruko's older Sister age 17

Fu - Student Yugito's friend age 17

Tayuya - Stundent Naruko's yonger twin sister age 15


Naruko(Futa) age 15 center of attenstion

Yugito(Futa) - Sister age 17

Konan - Aunt-in-Law age 30

Tayuya - Younger twin sister age 15

Mito(Futa) - Still hot Grandmother age 55 mother to Kyuubi and Kushina

Kushina(Futa) - Mother age 35

Kyuubi(Futa) - Aunt age 33 Kushina's younger sister

Add females from your fav shows if you want. Please keep it to games and anima. Hope someone takes this up. Looking forword to seeing someone take this smut challage. Either as students or teachers. If a family member they must be a female with red or blond hair.

Requierments - No big balls no longer than DD cup brest no dicks bigger than 14in.

I'm ok with cerntaint feitish. I don't like a lot of them. PM me if you want the chaalge but uncerntaint about your fetish that you want to put in. Name and explantion if you please.

go for it other than that.

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