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Hey you guys! Thanks for checking out my profile!! I am a huge winx club and recently Legend of Korra fan. Yes that's right, I'm a teenager and I'm in LOVE with Winx Club! Can I help it? It's like the best show in the world! If only people would look past the fairy wings and see the true awesomeness of the show. As for Legend of Korra/Avatar:the last airbender who doesnt love those shows?!? I also love to read. What can i say, I'm a nerd and proud of it!

Here's just a few things you should know about me. If you dont care...what are you doing here? Ha! Good one Mina! I just crack myself up sometimes.

1. I'm extremely sarcastic

Yup...that's about it.

Favorite shows:

Winx Club, Legend of Korra, boy meets world(best 90's sitcom) Sailormoon, W.I.T.C.H, house of anubis, etc.

My favorite couples of Winx-

1. Flora/Helia

2. Musa/Riven

3. Layla/Nabu (Screw you Roy! Nabu forever!)

4. Tecna/Timmy

5. Stella/Brandon

6. Bloom/ Sky

Favorite fairies-

1. Musa

2. Flora

3. Layla/Aisha

4. Stella(she always cracks me up!)

5. Tecna

6. Bloom

Favorite Speacialist-

1. Nabu

2. Helia

3. Riven

4. Brandon

5. Timmy

6. Sky

Favorite Couples in Legend of Korra(some may not ACTUALLY be couples)

1. Korra and Mako

2. Bolin and Asami

3. Pema and Tenzin

Favorite character of legend of Korra:

1. Bolin

2. Mako

3. Korra

4. General Iroh

5. Pema

6. Tenzin

7. Ikki

8. Jinora

9. Asami

Favorite books:

MAXIMUM RIDE!!! Harry Potter, Fallen series, The Summer I Turned Pretty series, Beautiful Creatures, etc.

Favorite movies:

A Cinderella Story

Taking 5

Gnomio and Julliet


The Lion King


(What can I say, I'm a sucker for an animated movie!)

So I just decided to get a twitter, but it's kind of mostly for this because I want to be able to tell you guys when I'm updating, or if something comes up, or even just funny stuff I want to say...hehe. It's strictly for you guys and celebrities I want to follow, not for people in my school. Also, I dont really want to give out my last name, not because I dont trust you guys to have it, but because I dont want anyone in my family finding it. So I just kind of made a fake one, but I actually really like how it sounds with my name! I'm under Mina Alvari. There's a girl in my school with the last name Alvari and I always thought it was pretty so when I made the account I was like...hey! Here's my chance! Lol. So follow me : Mina_Alvari.

I also have a club going called the no boyfriends loser club, club members may still join. I may be the only one on the list curretly but we're still a heck of a good time! Wooooo! Lol.

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The Infinitive 9 reviews
The war is over and Magix is being rebuilt.The girls and their families have to stay on earth.Now they have to juggle highschool,marriage,and their family!They're on a desperate search for the Infinitive 9, they're the only ones that can save them. Sequal
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2 words reviews
2 words, just 2 words. So small, yet they have so much meaning. 1 day, 1 glorious day, so short yet it has so much happiness. 1 promise, so dear that it lasts forever. "I do"
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Walls of Insincerity reviews
Korra comes home infiriated with Mako, so Pema offers a story that may make things better. Korra and Jinora hear about how Pema and Tenzin came to be. 1 thing the two innocent girls learn- love stories arent about lustful kisses and heartfelt words, for a true romance starts with a barrior, seperating truth..and lies.
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,837 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 7/5/2012 - Published: 7/4/2012 - Pema, Tenzin
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