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Author has written 2 stories for Fruits Basket, and Soul Eater.

My mission as your FanFiction author:

To capture your attention and keep you guessing, expecting, wondering, and loving what I will do.

To set you in a world not like ours.

To put you in a position where you do not know how to react.

To let you know and understand my position on who I think should be together, and who should be fucking canon.

To love each and every one of my followers. My readers. My favoriters. The people that keep me writing in the first place.

To make you laugh.

To make you cry.

To scare you.

To thrill you.

To understand you, and write accordingly.

To make you understand me, and realize that I am not perfect.

You see, I am one person. I will make grammatical and spelling errors. I will miss update dates. I will put an entire story on hiatus when life gets in the way and becomes more than I can handle. I ask and expect all of you to see me as a person, not as a machine. I have feelings. A life. A job. Two, actually. School. Sleep is pretty important too. So PLEASE. I understand some may like my stories more than others, but when I update is kind of up to me. Your cooperation definitely speeds the process along.

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My facebook page! (LIKE THIS!)Search for It Is Only Me.

And I have a Fiction Press account! It's the same Author Pen name as my fanfiction, so look it up!

Things that are important to me

1. My friends. They are the closest and truest things in my life, I kinda adore them with all my heart.

2. My dog... Wait... I don't have a dog?

3. My laptop. It has my book rough drafts, written songs, and ITunes on it. Do NOT mess with that laptop.

4. My cellular device. My friends live in there

5. Muuuuusssiiiiccc

6. My lovely sister. But she'd fit with the "friends" catagory.

7. Oh yenno... him. JK! *Him* can kiss by buttocks.

8. Books. My books. Reading. Words. All of it. I love it.

9. Being nice to anyone and everyone. Noone deserves to be hated... Even if my books do have a little hate in it (:

10. Keeping my legs beautifully silken... Cha. It's mega important to me!

11. Paper an pencil. So much you can do with it. Draw. Write. Just be an all around creative mess.

12. Jolly Ranchers. That stuff is delicious.

13. Oh, and Finding Nemo.

14. I feel like bad person. I forgot Pez! ... Yum... Pez.

About little ol' me.

My name. It happens to be... Mysterious stranger O.O ...
Ah, I'm joshin'.
But I like to go by Reginold. Even though I'm a gal, I like the name Reginold. It's classy.
My writing inspiration comes from music generally. Or real life events. Oh, and there's also my crazy imagination. Yenno, whatever.

My writing style is... modern. Very modern. I like to put alot of fun in there.
And I completely ment to make that sound alot deeper and more majestic, but it didn't exactly happen the way I wanted to.
Anyway. Moving on.

I sneezed and that's what happened.
But, I reside in... NONEYOBUSINESS.
It's a town. Look it up. It's what Google's for.
My bed time is... my limit. I felt as if I needed to include that in my about me for some reason.
I'm always... ALWAYS open for constructive critisism. So, critic me like crazy.
I am a gamer. I love black ops. If you see that maniac running around knifing everyone who breaths... That's me.
I rape things. Like, taco bell and daughters. (Insiders)
BUT! I think this is a nice place to leave this off. Have a good day everyone! (:
Peace-a-Late, broha.

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