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Hello all

First off I'd like to thank people for even reading my stories, and like to kindly ask for feedback/reviews on my storys (P.S. I made my own Avatar drawing I did, it's even on my DA account)

I'd also like it if people would possibly give me ideas for some one shots or stories

I've got a Deviantart account where I post pictures and a story that I unfortunantly can not post here since the original story chapters where lost to a virus but I may re-write it and post it here, it's called Forbbiden Temptation

Like my user name says I support the pairing Ulquihime, not only that I also support PeinXKonan, and quite a few other pairings like GreedXMartel but anyways here I'll be posting my Recreation chapters, A Diffrent time chapters, some PeinXKonan one shots, a story I'd like to call Darkness and Light (A Ulquihime fan fic) and a few other storys,

I have three polls up for my characters from Akatsuki Cats to deside who their Akatsuki BF should be, if it was up to me and my friends, Catheran would be undesided since I like ALL the Akatsuki, Kira and Serenity would fight over Hidan since the real friends they are based on both LOVE Hidan so theres the problem

here are my characters bios about their looks, names, ages, likes, dislikes and relation ships/family:

From Akatsuki Cats:

Name: Catheran "Nya" Ferren

Age: 15 and a half

Looks: Has short dirty blond hair that is to her chin and has bangs that slightly cover her blue eyes, her eyes have a hazle ring in them and everyonce in a while her eyes look green, she loves to wear sweat shirts and jeans and also wears a hat almost all the time.

Relationships/Family: Jack Ferren (brother), Serenity Peck (Best Friend), Kira Johnson (Best Friend), Samantha Darrelds (Friend), May Ferren (sister, not mentiond much), James Ferren (dad), Kim Ferren (mother) (Voting closed on Akatsuki BF) Tobi(Future chapters BF) Sasori(close friend)

Likes: Sweets, drawing, singing, video games, reading, Akatsuki, anime, ice blue and cats

Dislikes: Socks, vegtables, stereotypes, waiting and John

Name: Serenity Peck

Age: 16

Looks: Mediem length blond hair, blue green eyes, is shorter then Nya by a few inches and likes to wear T-Shirts or cloths that she considers cute

Relationships/Family: Nya Ferren(Best Friend), Kira Johnson(Best Friend), Samantha Darrelds(Friend), John Technic(current bf will change in later chapters) Sasori(future Akatsuki BF) Hidan (annoyance but weird form of friend)

Likes: Anime, reading, sweets, chocolate, cats, purple and boys

Dislikes: comercials, betrayle and Nya's short term memory

Name: Jack Ferren

Age: 7

Looks: short brown hair, blue eyes that don't change color like his sisters, and almost always wears long pants

Relationships/Family: Nya Ferren(Sister) May Ferren (sister) Kim Ferren (mom) James Ferren(dad) Kira Johnson(slight crush)

Likes: CANDY, running, robots, cartoons, red and being around people

Dislikes: sitting still, listening and hot foods

Name: Kira Johnson

Age: 15 and a half

Looks: red hair with hazle eyes that look more green then hazel, never goes anywhere without a hat, is almost always wearing black

Relationships/Family: Nya Ferren(Best Friend) Serrenity Peck (Best Friend) Samantha Darrelds(Close Friend) Jack Ferren (Aquatance) Deidara(future BF) Carol Johnson (sister)

Likes: hanging around friends, cats, neon green, Dr.Pepper and music

Dislikes: being annoyed, stereotypes, being made fun of and betrayal

Name: May Ferren

Age: 19 and a few quarters

Looks: Brownish Aubern hair, hazel eyes, wears standered T-shirts or long sleved shirts, usually in very casual clothing

Relationships: Nya Ferren(Little sister), Jack Ferren: (Little brother), Kim Ferren (Mother),James Ferren(Father)

Likes: Studdying, helping her younger siblings, hanging around friends, reading and going online

Dislikes: her roommate, Jack's stubborness, Nya not taking something seriously and getting bad grades

My main characters in A Diffrent Time:

Name: Tenshi

who's reincarnation: Deidara's

looks: Long blond hair that raches the middle of her back, is the second shortest there and cerulian blue eyes

Name: Mitsuki

Who's reincarnation: Hidan's

looks: Medium length silver hair that is almost white in color and ice blue eyes

Name: Misuto

Who's Reincarnation: Konan's

Looks: origninally had brown hair but once she reached middle school started dying her hair diffrent colors and is currently a dark blue and has brown eyes

Name: Reishi (Rei)

Who's reincarnation: Pein

Looks: has short ginger hair with dark brown eyes also has a lip peircing

Name: Kisai

Who's Reincarnation: Itachi's

Looks: has slightly long ebony colored hair with parted bangs that sometimes hides his eyes and brown eyes

Name: Kane

Who's Reincarnation: Kakuzu's

Looks: tanned skinned, tallest in the group, short brown hair and jade green eyes

Name: Koujou

Who's Reincarnation: Zetsu's

Looks: slightly pale skin, light brown hair and unusual amber eyes

Name: Kenchi

Who's Reincarnation: Kisame's

Looks: shorter then Kane by an inch, has black hair and very unnatural yellow eyes(for some reason I always thought Kisame's eyes where yellow okay)

Name: Teishu

Who's Reincarnation: Sasori's

Looks: slightly shorter then Tenshi, has sleak red hair and greenish brown eyes

Name: Tobius (aka Tobi)

Who's Reincarnation: Tobi (alittle obviouse huh?)

Looks: short spiky black hair, childish like fachal features and brown eyes

Characters from Demon of Envy and Host:

Kina: a almost 17 year old that dyed her hair a turquoise color, she has brown eyes she is about 5' 4" and is adopted with no memories of her real family. Years ago before she was adopted she was a kind hearted and open girl, but something changed that and she never told anyone what happened and became distant Sam was the only one she's ever openly gotten close to very quickly, One day while separated from her friends she inadvertedly made a contract with the Demon embodiment of Envy to keep herself alive but is it worth it to just live for another week or will she survive longer then the rest?

Jonathan: Six days younger then Kina and is the smartest one in the group, he's got black hair and brown eyes, when he was 7 his eye sight started getting bad and he had to start wearing glasses he's also the tallest in the group being 5' 6 1/2" his dad is a game designer and so he get's a lot of new games to test out. He and Kina have been friends since third grade before she was adopted, back then Kina was a sweet, kind hearted girl that would be open about practically everything and always hung out with him and in return he would help her with homework, but something happened and she became more distant to him and others, Jonathan is the only one that can tell how she really feels.

Carol: A 17 year old girl who has curly brown hair and hazel eyes, she's the second tallest being 5' 5 1/2", her father is a Lawyer and is usually away for along time and she used to smoke. Carol had met Kina in 7th grade when she snuck away to have a smoke only to have it smacked out of her hand by Kina who glared at her and even went so far as to yell, "Your to young to waste your life, do you even have a good reason to even use these!?" At first the two didn't even talk or even so much as glanced at each other but just that one meeting was enough to start conversations between them and build up the friendship they have today.

Haley: An 18 year old and the oldest of the group, she's the second shortest of the group being 5' 3", has blond hair, sea-foam colored eyes, and she's pretty popular with the boys. She met Kina and Jonathan when she transfered schools, it was lunch time and she was going to ask Jonathan out seeing as she found him cute at the time only to be cut short when Kina came over, when they first met Kina just glared at her "Don't you dare try to take him, he's mine." Kina had growled lowly in her ear to which Haley had glared back at her and at first started a rivalry between the two, it ended when they found out Jonathan already had a girl friend, the two became fast friends after words.

Sam: a 14 year old with black hair that's streaked with red, sky blue eyes, is exactly 5' 0" and has a vicious temper when unleashed. Sam was a transfer student into the High school when Kina and her friends where Sophmores, she was a freshman and had quickly made a name for herself with all the fights she's been in when she encountered the group of already close friends she was pretty surprised that they weren't scared of her at first and it was Carol who had asked, "What did people do to get you mad?" to which she answered "They made fun of my height and cloths..." Somehow this alone made Kina like her instantly, she's still learning more about her friends as she goes through life.


1) Who is your favorite character(s)? Deidara/Sasori

2) Which is your favorite pairing(s)?... read above

3) Are you a Naruto yaoi or hentai fan?... slightly yaoi

4) Ever cosplayed Naruto character(s)? Actually yes, I do cosplay Hidan AND I'm growing my hair out to do a Deidara one

5) List your collection of Naruto junk and merchandise. An Akatsuki cloak, a Naruto backpack, Naruto headband, a whole book full of Naruto cards, a lot of Naruto Books, a Naruto Box set 1, Naruto Ninja Storm's 1 and 2, Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Naruto Dragons Blade chronicals, a Deidara plushie and Naruto Ninja destiny

6) Have you ever felt you were destined to be with a Naruto character? once or twice

7) NaruHina or KibaHina? KibaHina for sure

8) SasuSaku or SasuNaru?... partial to both

9) Which team is your favorite? AKATSUKI TEAM!!!!!

10) Do you support the Obito theory? (Tobi = Obito) Actually, I have my own theory that's kindo mixed with that, and so far it's proving right, ps look at Kakashi's Mongekyo Sharingan activation when it's used on Dei-Dei-kun's arm and compare it to Tobi's

11) Do you support the 'Yondaime is Naruto's father' theory?... no it's the 4th Hokage

12) Your favorite Akatsuki member? 0_0 either Deidara(Dei-Dei-kun) or Akatsuna-no-Sasori(Sasori)

13) Are you Pro-Sasuke or Anti-Sasuke? Anti -_-

14) Have you seen all of the Naruto episodes so far (including Shippuden and fillers)? eh skip around just to see Akatsuki

15) Have you read all the chapters so far? oh hell yeah, I even re read

16) Do you believe Naruto has ADD? isn't it obviouse?

17) Sub or dub? Sub's way better, Dub doesn't let Hidan swear his head off

18) Pro-Sakura or Anti-Sakura? Anti, the pink haired b*tch will pay for what she did to Sasori

19) Tobi = Annoying or funny? eh depends

20) Do you even know who Tobi is? Yes, he's the

21) Gai = Sexy beast or Ugly nerd? 0_0 I take offence to the nerd part but yes he is ugly

22) Which character would be the best crossdresser? Unfortunantly I'm going to have to say Dei-Dei-kun

23) Rock Lee = Weird or awesome? WEIRD!!!

24) Which character would be the best OOC?... Itachi I guess?

25) Do you like Naruto fan fictions? sometimes

26) Do you write Naruto fan fictions? um if I didn't I wouldn't have my Akatsuki cat's story up

27) Do you like lemons? sometimes

28) Do your parents know about the Naruto characters? ehhh kind of, I tell them a little but they end up forgetting

29) Have you ever watched the Naruto Abridged series? which one

30) Have you ever seen the Naruto Ultimate Fan Flashes? oh yeah, I love them

31) Have you ever got someone else hooked on Naruto? yes

32) Have you ever been drawing Naruto in school and someone recognized it? Actually that happened alot

33) Have you ever been in class drawing Naruto and your teacher came up to you and say 'WTF is this?' no, but it would be funny if it did

34) Has Naruto affected your life and grades? well, not my grades but a bit of my life

35) Are you broke thanks to Naruto? Nope, I get broke thanks to VIDEOGAMES

36) Do you want to read Icha Icha Paradise? Just to see how perverted it truely is, and possibly use it against some closet pervs

37) Do you support the 'Yondaime is the Akatsuki Leader' theory? fffff no Leader-sama is Leader-sama, and leave it at that

38) Do you draw Naruto fan art? yes

39) Is Sasuke still sexy in the second stage of the curse seal? -_- uh hello, Anti-Sasuke here

40) Do you have a Naruto OC? yes her name's Amunet

41) Do you look/act like a Naruto character? If so, who? well if my hair was longer and my bangs where moved to one side I'd look kind of like Deidara but I act a little like Tobi

42) Looking back at some of your answers, do you think Naruto has taken over your life? Well Idk I have dreams about the Akatsuki, I write about them, I collect the books, and cards I'll let you deside

Pein/Pain - Nagato

[ ] -I am the leader/boss of a group, club, friends etc.

] -I have a piercing/s.

[ ] - My natural hair colour is red, ginger or auburn.

[ ] -My eyes are grey/gray.

[X] -My closest friend is a girl.

[X] - I'm a very secretive person. (I tend to keep alot of things to myself)

[X] - I like it when it rains.

[Pein/Pain - Nagato Score: 3 ]


[ ] - Most of my friends are guys.

[X] - Origami RULES! (even though I suck at it)

[ ] - I know how to make atleast over 5 different origami objects.

[X] - I love flowers!

[ ] - Your closest friend is a guy.

] - I don't like having my photo taken.

[ ] - I don't like water. Swimming etc.

[Konan Score: 2 ]

Itachi Uchiha

[X] - My younger sibling/s bothers me a lot.

[ ] -Many people find me attractive.

] - I'm quiet and very mature for my age.

[X] - I don't actually like fighting though I can fight.

[X] - I don't care what you think, Kisame is cool.

] - I'm the top of my class. Intelligence.

[ ] - My natural hair colour is black.

[Itachi Uchiha Score: 3 ]

Kisame Hoshigaki

[X] - Sharks are AWESOME! (Even though when I was like 6 I was scared of them because I watched jaws)

[X] - I like gore :3

[X] - I dislike my own appearance.

[X] - Underwater in the ocean is a beautiful scenery.

[X] - Once someone gets to know me, I'm a pretty nice person.

] - I'm the tallest of my friends who are the same gender.

] - I like water sports.

[Kisame Hoshigaki Score: 5 ]


[ ] - I look young for my age.

[X] - Puppets are fascinating...

] - I'm very impatient.

[X] - I hate/dislike Sakura Haruno.

[ ] - My Grandma annoys me.

] - I'm the smallest of my friends.

[X] - Loud noises/people annoy me.(once my patients wears thin)

[Sasori Score: 3 ]


[X] - I'm an artist.

[X] - I like and appreciate art.

[X] - My natural hair colour is blonde/dirty blonde.

[X] - I have blue eyes. (blue/grey)

] - I'm the youngest in my group of friends.

[ ] - I hate Tobi. (Well not nessicarly hate, I liked him until he came up with his "Madara" persona)

[ ] - I have a 'friend' who follows and annoys me.

[Deidara Score: 4 ]


] - I'm a saver, not a spender.

] - My eyes are either green or hazel.

[X] - I have had stitches. (Had to get a surgery and it's hidden by my eye brow

[ ] - I hate Hidan.

[X] - Younger people tend to tick me off (mostly if there little brats like my brother is -_-)

[ ] - I am the oldest in my group of friends.

[ ] - My skin is dark or tanned.

[Kakuzu Score: 2 ]


[X] - I have a cussing/swearing problem. (though I try to clean it when around family)

[ ] - I hate Kakuzu.

] - I hate so many people and hate them so much, that I probably have my own hit-list.

[X] - I am religious. (Grandma got me into it)

] - I am very strong-willed (eh so-so, However if it's with someone of greater authority then me I'm weaker in will)

] - I have cut myself on purpose before.

[X] - I'm very prone to accidents. (I can't go one day without an injury)

[Hidan Score: 3 ]


[ ] - I have a split personality. Two sides.

[X] - Nature is AWESOME! (The plants are beautiful but the insects oh hell no)

[X] - I'm usually alone.

[X] - I don't mind the company of others.

[X] - I don't have many friends.

[X] - Tobi is not that bad.

[X] - I WON'T eat the veggies! Meat all the way, man! (the only time I will eat veggies is when they are covered in dressing or I have to)

[Zetsu Score: 6 ]


] - I'm always hyperactive. (only around friends, I'm calm and mellow when away... except with my brother he just ticks me off)

[X] - I have a particular person who I like to pester. (three actually =3)

] - People often mistake me for someone else or say I look like someone.

] - I LOVE the colour orange.

[X] - I'm rarely sad and always optimistic.

[X] - TOBI IS A GOOD BOY! :D (Yes he is, but his Madara persona, oh hell no)

[Tobi Score: 3]


] - I'm attracted to younger people.

[X] - I have a very pale skin colour.

[X] - Snakes are AWESOME!

] - I love/like Sasuke Uchiha. (no this witch can burn in hell for all I care)

] - Micheal Jackson is AWESOME!

[ ] - I'm very motivated, nothing will stop me from reaching my goals.

[ ] - People think I'm twisted or insane. (nah, only my laugh is insane)

[Orochimaru Score: 2 ]

Deidara will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts. If you think this PLEASE copy and paste this in your profile.

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Random producer guy from DisneyXD is working on Naruto Shippuden until... BOOM! Jiraiya, Deidara, and Hidan crash into the room.

"What is the meaning of this, un?!" Deidara yelled out. "You took out a precious moment of my art!!"

"As much as I appreciate you getting rid of my nickname, you're going to take out the women!" Jiraiya shouted.

"You took out the swearing... and the blood," Hidan growled as he walked up to him. "What kind of f_ing ninja show doesn't have blood in it?!" Hidan brought his scythe up to the guy's neck.

"It was for the fans! I made it appropriate so even six year olds could watch!" the guy screamed as he... uh... gave himself a reason to look for new pants.

"Who gives a crap about the freakin' six-year-olds?! The freakin' fourteen-year-olds are gonna kill you for taking out the good parts!"

There was another BOOM! Three ninja fans busted down the wall. Two jounin-level boys, and a chuunin-level girl. A fourth girl jumped in behind them, flashing her kunai.


Put this on your profile if you noticed what Disney took out of Naruto Shippuden, and you're mad about it. And add yourself to the fans invasion!

If you have ever cried when your favorite character in a movie, T.V. Show, video game, or book died, copy and paste this into your profile.

List your 10 favorite Naruto characters in no order and answer the following questions:

(I just had to do this - so much fun!)

1) Tobi/Obito

2) Deidara

3) Sasori

4) Zetsu

5) Kisame

6) Itachi

7) Kakuzu

8) Pein/Nagato

9) Hidan

10) Konan

What would you do if:

1) Number 1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

Tobi: "Nya-chan, Nya-chan!"

me: "What Tobi it's -checks time- two in the morning what?"

Tobi: "Tobi had sugar"

me: "Oh god!"

2) Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you’re showering?

me: "I bleed it out dig in deeper just to throw it a-"

Saso: "What the hell are you singing?"

me: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH -starts throwing random crap till he leaves-... wait why the hell was a puppet coming to the bathroom for anyways?"

3) Number 4 announced they’re going to marry 9 tomorrow?

me: "... Zetsu if by Marry do you mean eat?"

Zetsu: "Maybe... he does taste goood"

Hidan: "Where the f*ck was I when this happened!?!"

4) Number 5 cooked you dinner?

me: "Sweet hey thanks for the seafood dinner Kisame!"

Kisa: "Welcome, Itachi didn't want any anyways."

5) Number 6 was lying next to you on the beach sleeping?

me: "Itachi move over your taking to much of the shade."

Itachi: "Hn..."

me: "... Dude I don't speak Uchiha-nese."

6) Number 7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

me: "So your my great-great grandpa?"

Kakuzu: "Apperantly."

me: "Sweet!"

7) Number 8 got into the hospital somehow?

me: "I told you not to eat thoughs Scorpion peppers."

Nagato: -flips me the bird-

8) Number 9 made fun of your friends?

Hidan: "What you going to do now b*tch?"


Kakuzu: "HIDAN!!!!"

Hidan: "Sh*t! -get's the hell out of there-"

9) Number 10 ignored you all the time?

me: "Konan if I said or did something to offend you I'm sorry!"

Konan: -takes and Ipod earbud out- "What?"

me: "... never mind go back to your music."

10) Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?


Tobi: "What will Tobi get out of it?"

me: "I'll do anything you want for a month!"

Tobi: "Alright Tobi will take care of the bad people after you!"

11) You’re on a vacation with 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Dei: "Wow sucks to be you."

me: "You a$$!"

12) It’s your birthday. What will 3 give you?

me: "It's not going to pop out and stab me with a poison blade is it?"

Saso: "no"

me: "It's not going to jab me with a poison needle is it?"

Saso: "no"

me: "I'm not going to inhale poison gas am I?"

Saso: "no"

me: "Alright then -opens the box to find nothing-"

Saso: "I give you dissapointment."

me: D:

13) You’re stuck in a house that’s on fire. What does 4 do?

me: "Zetsu mayfly me out please! I'll even let you eat someone from school!"

Zetsu: "Okay, you got yourself a deal."

14) You’re about to do something that’ll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?

Kisame: -holding a video camera- "Now which is the record button?"

15) You’re about to marry number 10. What’s 1’s reaction?

Tobi: "Nya-chan and Konan-chan are lesbian?"

me: "DUDE what was I on when I agreed to this?!"

Konan: "What ever it was I was on it as well."

16) You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?

me: "Grandpa why are you covered in blood?"

Kakuzu: "I just got a replacement for a heart I lost."

me: "... Was it someone I knew?"

Kakuzu: "Not anymore."

me: "Um okay?"

17) You compete in a tournament. How does 9 support you?

me: -competing in an online Mortal Kombat game tournament- "Hidan dude hand me my Fatalities notes I'm going to win!"

Hidan: "Do it yourself b*tch!"

me: "Hidan don't make me call Kakuzu again!"

Hidan: "Fine! -tosses the notebook at me-"

18) You can’t stop laughing. What will 10 do?

Konan: "What's so funny?"

me: -points to a ended video on my laptop and clutching my sides from laughing-

Konan: -watches and tries to hold back her laughter and not smile and fails-

19) Number 1 is all you’ve ever dreamed of. Why?

me: -after I learned he actually was Obito- "I knew it I knew it I knew it! -hugs Obito- You sir have made my day and made my theory from Freshman year come true! You are the greatest guy I've ever known!!!"

Tobi/Obito: -super confused-

20) Number 2 tells you about their deeply hidden love for number 9.

me: "Deidara go lay down your drunk."

Dei: "I'm not go, you drunk down!"

21) You’re dating 3 and they introduce you to their parents. Would you get along?

me: "Um, these are just puppets."

Saso: "Of course my real parents are dead I made these"

me: "Oh... okay."

22) Number 4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?

me: -sigh- "Zetsu I know you 'love' to nom on Hidan but you can't actually eat him he still needs to actually die."

Hidan: -up in a tree- "Yeah so leave me alone f*cker!"

Zetsu: D:

23) Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?

me:... -KisaIta fan-mode activated- "Kisame Itachi come here for a sec."

Kisame: "Yeah?"

Itachi: "Hn?"

me: -pushes Kisame and makes him kiss Itachi then runs off at top speed for my life-

24) Number 6 appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?

me: "Itachi dude what the f*ck? I know you have many fan-girls but seriously!"

Itachi: "Believe me, I just learned about this myself."

me: "That's the first time I've actually heard you say something other then hn!"

Itachi: "Hn"

me: "And it's back."

25) You had a haircut and 7 can’t stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

me: -thinking- Don't ask how much it cost!

Kakuzu: "How much did that haircut cost?"

me: -thinking- DAMN!

26) Number 8 thinks he’ll never get a girl/boyfriend. What will you tell him?

me: "Nagato, your with Konan remember?"

27) Number 9 is too shy to face you and confesses their love by sending an e-mail. Now what?

me: "... Dude, that explains why he hasn't tried to sacrifice me yet!"

28) You spot 10 kissing 1. How do you react?


Tobi: "B-But Konan-chan kissed Tobi!"

Konan: -drunkinly giggles-

29) You notice that 3 and 4 have been inside that hotel room for MORE then a few hours. What are you thinking?

me: -thinking- Well obviously Zetsu hasn't eaten him cuz Sasori's made of wood... maybe Sasori finally snapped and is trying to turn Zetsu into a puppet?

30) Could 1 and 6 be soulmates?


31) Would 2 trust 5?

me: "Yeah Kisame is a pretty trust worthy guy! I mean he commited suicide to prevent info on the Akatsuki from being leaked!"

32) Number 4 is bored and pokes 10. What happens after that?

Konan: "You better not try to eat me."

33) 5 and 1 are forced to go back to school together. What study will they pick?

Tobi: "Tobi will be a good boy and pick all the classes! -switches to Obito- Actually more like I'll pick mostly math and gym."

Kisame: "I guess Biology and gym."

34) If 6 and 3 cooked dinner, what would they make?

me: "Sasori doesn't eat therefore doesn't cook and Itachi... most likely only dango's for himself."

35) 7 and 9 apply for a job. What job?

Kakuzu: "Come on idiot the bounty is getting away while you pray!"

Hidan: "Sheesh fine I'm coming, -sigh- why the f*ck did I ever agree to join you on this f*cking bounty hunting job anyways?"

36) 8 gives 5 a haircut. Is that okay?

Pein: "There, I gave you a trim, happy?"

Kisame: "I'm just glad I still have my head!"

37) What 6’s perfect girl/boyfriend should look like; will 6 be happy?

me: -switches it KisaIta fangirl-mode- "phft obviously Kisame, and hell yeah he would be happy."

Itachi: "No, I used to have a fiance but I killed her, now there's no one to replace her."

me: "... Way to ruin my fandom."

38) 10 and 9 are blushing while they talk. What is their conversation about?

Hidan: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND then the b*tch w's all lik 'So how big is it' then I whipped it out and-"

Konan: "For the love of God Hidan I don't want to hear this go to your bed your drunk!"

39) 1 accidentally kicked 10.

Tobi: "WHAAAAAAA SORRY KONAN-CHAN!!! -runs away at top speed-"

Konan: "... He get's a ten second head start."

40) 2 sent a message to their bf/gf but 9 got it. What would happen?

Hidan: "F*cking blackmail b*tch"

41) 5 and 6 did a workout together.

Kisame: "Whew nice warm up today eh Itatchi-san?"

Itachi: "Hn"

42) 6 noticed they weren’t invited to your birthday?

Itachi: "hn... not intrested anyways"

43) 7 won the lottery.

Kakuzu: "My money -death glares at anyone who looks at it-"

44) 8 had quite a big secret.

me: "Yeah it was the Six Paths of Pein secret, duh."

45) 9 became a singer.

me: "Oi Hidan what's your band's name?"

Hidan: "F*ck off!"

46) 10 got a daughter.

Konan: "Rein dear let's go visit daddy when he's done with paperwork."

47) What would 1 think of 2?

Tobi: "Sempi is the best Sempi in the world! -Obito side takes over- A valuable asset to the Akatsuki but to reckless in his decisions."

48) How would 3 greet 4?

Sasori: "Go away Zetsu I'm working."

49) What would 4 envy about 5?

Zetsu: "What would we Envy Kisame about? Nothing, to us he's just sushi when he dies."

50)What dream would 5 have about 6?

me: -KisaIta fan-girl mode activates- "Pervy"

Kisame: "More like what he did with a Tsykyomi"

51) What do 6 and 7 have in common?

me: "They don't talk a lot and have long hair."

52) What would make 7 angry at 8?


Pein: "You question my Authority on our organization money?"

53) Where would 8 meet 9?

me: "Meetings..."

54) What would 9 never dare to tell 10?

Hidan: "B*tch I say anything on my mind so there's nothing I dare never tell!"

Konan: -anger-"Hidan who ate the last of the chocolate-ice cream I was saving that."

Hidan: -thinking- SH*T don't confess!! "It was f*cking Tobi!"

55) What would make 10 scared of 1?

me: "Probably finding out that he kills her later on..."

Konan: "H-he what?"

Tobi: "WHAT b-but Tobi is a good boy why would Tobi kill Konan-chan or cause her to fear Tobi?!"

me: "... I f*cked up didn't I?"

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Killer Duo by Lovely girl 10 reviews
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Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 47 - Words: 105,308 - Reviews: 171 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 7/26 - Published: 3/19/2014 - Ulquiorra, Nnoitra G., C. Stark, Szayelaporro G.
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"Say he went mad and lured them back, smashed them all up to bits... they said not to climb inside it 'cause it was prone to fits..." -Madame Macabre (Springtrap) When Vincent overhears a conversation he isn't supposed to, management threatens him to keep quiet and forces him to do things he doesn't want to do. these things have such an impact on him, he goes mad. Wouldn't you?
Five Nights at Freddy´s - Rated: T - English - Horror/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 12,119 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 7/25 - Published: 4/12 - The Murderer
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 31,980 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 6/20 - Published: 5/3/2013 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Sakura H., Obito U./Tobi
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 21 - Words: 54,615 - Reviews: 1754 - Favs: 4,300 - Follows: 3,694 - Updated: 12/24/2014 - Published: 3/10/2014 - Harry P., Loki - Complete
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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Horror/Tragedy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,419 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 9/27/2014 - Published: 6/17/2013 - Demyx
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The first thing I remember is the sound of laughter. It was like the sound of bells, chiming in sync and beauty. It echoed off the walls of my mind, beating in my chest. The sound of children's laughter made me want to open my eyes for the first time. "Foxy, can you say hi?" Was that me? "This is Pirate Cove, where you will be staying." Pirate Cove. My home.
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