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Author has written 36 stories for Harry Potter, Pokémon, Mortal Kombat, Naruto, Anime X-overs, Guyver, Ultimate Spider-Man, Transformers/Beast Wars, Green Lantern, Ben 10, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Bleach, Kamen Rider, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, GARO/牙狼, Young Justice, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Potterformers Bio:

Current age as of 25/12/15: 30 years old.

Likes: Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Transformers, Green Lantern (well the D.C. Comic uni.), the Marvel Uni., watching toy reviews on Youtube and Most Playstation Games series, along with Yugioh Cards.

Dislikes: Cleaning my bedroom, Working my job during a low period (as there is nothing to do), losing my job because the Boss Hates me and when fanfiction Writers think that Naruto's father is named: Arashi Kazuma, when all media says it is: MINATO NAMIKAZE

fanfic likes (relationships): Harry/Ginny/Harems pairings, Hinata/Naruto/Harems pairings and Gohan/Videl pairings

Fanfic dislikes: When people can't get Naruto's fathers name right, i mean seriously it is on every media site dedicated to Naruto.

Fanfic archetypes i like: OP Main Characters, Crossover based Powers (like bloodlines based on powers from other media), Characters Read/watch their respective series (by the way I am looking for the one that had Umbridge poison Harry with a potion made with the ingredients that included Hedwigs feathers), Soul Bond stories, Heir of Hogswart/Merlin/Morgana Le Fey and the Harry gets a different wand/staff

How Harry discovers Magic in my stories:

Hi guys and girls for those are wondering how Harry finds out about magic in a fanfic will be different in the series that I'll be creating like the straight series 1: he finds out through a letter that was sent from Gringotts which had been enchanted to give once his only holds that actual letter. The second straight series is second chance style story. Green lantern cross he is told by Abin Sur. the straight 3rd series will be from a ring from the future.

Cross overs i like:

Harry Potter/Yugioh GX and 5ds

Harry Potter/Green Lantern

Animorphs/Harry Potter

Percy Jackson/Harry Potter

Power Rangers/Harry Potter

Anime/Harry Potter

Harry Potter/Kamen Rider

Harry Potter/Games Fanfic

Percy Jackson/Kamen Rider

Harry Potter/Bleach

Stories styles I like:

Second chance: where a character returns threw time to change the future

Soul Bond: Consider to be married from the first story usually from a young age

Harry/Ginny Pairings: Harry starts a relationship with Ginny earlier

Animagus Characters: Characters that aren't animagus are

Metamorphmagus Harry: Extends from the Hair thing

Heir of the Founders or Merlin: Heir of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Merlin Characters

stories styles I dislike and why:

Harry/Hermione Pairings: as they are more brother and sister

Harry/O.F.C pairings: that is all kinds of wrong

Harry and any other female pairs: it is Harry and Ginny all the way

My Origins of Manipulative Dumbledore

He was losing the respect he gained from defeating Grindelwald, so he creates a new enemy: the Dark Lord Voldemort and then strives to defeat him, but then the Prophecy happened so he decides that if he can't be the hero outright then he'd be the hero from the shadows.

Up and Coming stories

Harry Potter: Double Rider and the Goblet of Fire; (finished)

While getting some food to make tea, Harry was attacked, meets Kamen Rider Skull and then has his life changed forever. HP/KR crossover Skull/Harry mentor ship and Harry/Ginny pairing. Crossover reference to Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball Z and Pokemon in the form of wand cores.

Harry Potter and the legacy of the Lin Kuei:

When Sub-Zero (From the end of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe) retrieves Harry from Godrics Hollow before Hagrid and Sirius arrived, what happens to Dumbledores plans when they disappear for 10 years later. HP/MK crossover Sub-Zero/ Harry and Harry/Ginny pairing. Crossover references to Pokémon in the form of wand cores.

Harry Potter: the O's inheritance

In the summer before Harry 3rd year, Harry discovers his inheritance and finds he descends from a long line of Kamen Riders designated O's, so now equipped with the O's driver, new medal and a new freedom, he begins to see the light of the holidays and along that road a certain Red Head catches his eye. Harry Potter/O's crossover, Harry/Ron NO just Kidding Harry/Ginny and independent Harry.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The changer of the past (Working Title and Summary)

The God discover that someone has messed with the events of the past, so they with of the Fates send the demigod team of: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Jackson, Jason Grace, Piper Grace and Thalia Grace as well as Reyna Valdez and Leo Valdez, Hazel Zhang, Frank Zhang, Nico and his wife back to the point when Zeus' Master Bolt had been stolen and keep the events happening as they need to or have it turn out better. Percabeth, Jasper, Leyna, Frazel and Nico/O.F.C.

Medafigther: Harry Potter

A year after Harry becomes the strongest Medafighter, he and his Medabots head to Hogwarts and begin Harrys magical education. HP/Medabots crossover.

The Wizard Rider: Harry Potter (Completed)

Mainly consisting in using the Kamen Rider Wizard driver, that had been turned into a real version by a burst of accidental magic. A.U. 5th year, Harry/Ginny, Powerful/independent/smart Harry and fan made Henshin/power rings.

Harry Potter and the Spirit of Darkfire

A new world opens for Harry, when Lowemon and Agunimon give him the power to human spirit evolve into the power form of Darkness and fire: Duskflaremon and beast spirit evolve into: Burninglowemon. New friends, old and new enemies, Light but evil!Dumbledore and Evil! Voldemort, Harry/Ginny, brainwashed Order, Horcrux Free!Harry and powerful/creature!Harry.

Harry Potter and the Powers of Creation; (Completed)

Harry always knew he could build anything from he saw, while watching T.V. shows - save organic forms of life (it began at five years old) and the items would perform in the same fashion as the show demonstrates. now lets what happens ten years later before his fifth year of Hogwarts. Crossover references: Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Back to the Future, Beyblades and Bakugan, Relationship: Harry/Ginny soul bond, Smart!Harry and inheritance!Harry.

Gen-tech and the Hybrid Hero;

During the summer before Harry's fourth year, a new company called Gen-tech released gene-splicing therapy to the masses of London and Harry knowing he'd need a leg up on what Voldemort would do to get a knew body, decided to check it out and got more then he bargain for in: a Dr. whose a squib with magical connections, Horcrux free!Harry, Metamorph!Harry and Harry/Ginny relationship. Harrys Spliced form is an amalgamation of: a Dragon, Griffin and Basilisk, with the powers of a: Phoenix, Anka and Thunderbird. (Working summary)

Harry Potter and the Alchemist Army;

3 years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry now a high level Auror and married to Ginny Weasley, is called to investigate the increased activity of supposed magical creatures in Ginsei City, not realizing that they were Humuculi and meets the Kazuki and Tokiko Muto, before he meet the Great Warrior Chief and is issued with a Kakugane. Harry Potter/Buso Renkin crossover Powerful Harry!, Harry/Ginny and Kazuki/Tokiko.

Naruto: return to 12 years old;

Years after Naruto saved Sasuke, Madara used what was left of the Akasuki to attack the Hidden leaf village, looking for the host of the Kyuubi No Kitsune. The attack turned into a war as no one gave up the friend - though one wanted to heed his demands and he was Danzo the commander of ROOT. Naruto however was returning from a completed mission with: Hinata, Sakura and Sasuke, with their Jonin Sensei Kakashi, from the Land of Earth and that is when they decided to sent Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura back threw time to keep the war from starting, starting with the chuunin exams. New concepts: Naruto uses a full body armor (similar to the Jared/Dai Shi lion spirit armor) motift to the Kyuubi, over the golden chakra form, Sasuke trained by the summoning snakes (though he found it the contract was to the whole reptile species), Naruto and Hinata are a couple, along with Sasuke and Sakura, time travel and other crossover references. (Working summary)

Naruto: The legacy of the Namikaze (completed)

Naruto after been told by Kakashi, that he couldn't train him, and the trainer provide wouldn't teach him jack shit, decided to train one his own, so while he was heading for shinobi library to research jutsus, somehow stumbled onto his fathers family estate, discovered his bloodline, his legacy and the one who he truly loved. Pre-final Chuunin exams, Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Naruto and the Energy of Will: (abandoned)

During the Forbidden scroll incident Naruto awakens his Bloodline: the Managan, a visual, chakra molding and elemental affinity jutsu, the jutsu allows the user to create and manipulate raw chakra into various weapons, as well as create a facsimile of other visual jutsu's, such as the: Sharingan, Rinnegan and Byakugan, while the elemental affinity is called: Lantern Light style; which allows the user to use all the elements. Green Lantern/Naruto crossover, Smarter Naruto, Hinata/Naruto Sakura/Haku, Sasuke Bashing, Slight Sakura/Kakashi bashing and Iruka/Anko.

Naruto's Bloodline: Blacklight Style;

unknown to the Fourth Hokage, a Blackish red substance latched itself to the Kyuubi no Kitsune, during the sealing process and what happen 6 years later when it infested itself into to the body of his son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Naru/Hina, Sasu/Saku.

Harry Potter and the Prototype Wizard;

To save Harrys life Alex Mercer, inject the Blacklight virus codenamed: M34D, now see what happens 10 years later during Harry time at Hogwarts. Harry/Ginny, Ron Bashing and Manipulative Dumbledore, Alternate 5th year fiction.

The Pokemon Jinchuriki;

During the day of his fifth birthday, Naruto while hiding from the mobs whom were trying to kill him, stumbled into an abandoned laboratory and discovers a cylinder of colloidal gel, that while he closely inspected the jar, it latched itself on him and absorbed into his system, changing him forever, he was not the only one to change, who is it... Naruto/Pokemon X-over, Naru/Hina, Sasuke bashing, slight Sakura/Kakashi bashing

Awaken of the 10k bloodline; (dead)

During the mission to wave, Naruto's awakens a power that was thought to be lost, power that was created when he ancestor Ben Tennyson in the throws of lust and passion, forgot to turn off his Ultimate Ben form and transferred his power down the line. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien/Naruto X-over, Naruto/Hinata, O.C. and O.P. Aliens and powers, Sasuke/Sakura/Kakashi Bashing, Iruka/Anko pairing.

Naruto, Master of Pai Zhuq;

The year before Naruto graduated, Naruto had decided to take his training seriously, when he had discovers the Pai Zhuq temple and brings to train in then styles that were left. The year after he finished the training, he returned as: the high level master of fox fist taijutsu style, an expert Wolf fang fist, an intermediate Lion claw user and a low level masterly of tiger strike style. Naruto main spirits = Fox, Wolf, Lion and Tiger, Power Ranger/Naruto Crossover, Naru/Hina, Sasuke Bashing, Sakura/Haku and Powerful Naruto!

The sly fox (Awaiting a rewrite and retitle)

The day that the bloodline Izanagan activates in Naruto, he decides to raise a mask over himself to protect those he loves and care for, now see him after the academy graduation and removes the mask showing who he really is, how will people react to it. Kenjutsu/Fuinjutsu/Inventor/Bloodline Naruto, Rajin mark 2 holder Naruto and Naruto/Hinata relationship, a lot of character Bashing. Slight Ironman Armored Adventures Crossover.

The power of soil;

Naruto/Final Fantasy Unlimited crossover. during the second part of the chunin exam, Naruto finds the Magun after Orochimaru seals the Kyuubi chakra, watch what happens when Naruto gains the of soil. Naru/Hina, Anko/Iruka, Sasuke/Council/Kakashi Bashing, Kurama Soil Summoning.

Harry Potter and the Removed Mask:

Pre - post OoTP. At the end of Harry's fourth year, with Voldemort back in the living realm, Harry decides it is time to remove the mask he had been wearing, in-order to tackle him head on when the time was right, but Dumbledore won't be happy with how the event play out and will try to interfere. Early Graduated/Animagus/Intelligent/Powerful Harry!, Dumbles Bashing, Ginny/Harry/hermione and a touch of lave/Ronnie.

Bio-Boosted Kitsune:

During the second exam, when Orochimaru attacks team seven, Naruto gets separated from the others, because of the summoning the snake sennin uses and during that time, Naruto discovers an item that changes his view on the Shinobi world. Guyver/Naruto crossover, Naru/Hina/Harem, Sasuke Bashing and Maybe slight Sakura/Kakashi Bashing.

Shinobi Mage Rider: (Working title)

After Naruto is hit with Orochimaru's Five Pronged Seal, a power not seen on earth reawakens and with the help of the Kyuubi, changes the face of Konoha's hero. Kamen Rider Wizard/Naruto Chunin Exam Arc. Naru/Hina, bloodline! Naruto and Council BASHING.

Bloodline Master Naruto:

At a very young age, Naruto discovers he has a Kekkei Genkei called: Bloodline Assimilation, the Power to gain the Bloodlines of whom, that shed their blood and said blood comes into skin contact with him, where it is absorbed integrated into his own blood, also the Naruto's power; allowed him to use the the new power at its maximum potential (Bar the Rinnegan if Uchiha or Senju blood were absorbed separately, because it would require both forms of blood to awaken it.) Naru/Hina, Near-god like Naruto, Bashing a good portion of Konohagakure no Sato Civilians and different teams.

From the Devil within Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze:

Inspired by the Fanfiction; Naruto the Blackstar Unleashed. Kurama/Kyuubi, board in his prison looks over his hosts D.N.A. discovering his ancestors were: Dante Sparda and Jin Kazuma, thinking it would help Naruto get strong, reformats his body and gives him Sparda's soul and the Devil Gene. Game X-overs/Naruto, Naru/Hina, Team 7 Bashing, with Civilian council bashing and Kiba bashing.

The Network of the Shinobi World:

In the year 2000X, the world had reached a technological milestone, until one day an ecological disaster restarted the world and merged the 3 realms: Human, Digital and Electro-magnetic Wave, together and now let see how world goes with a new Megaman named: Naruto Namikaze. N.T. Warrior/Starforce/Naruto crossover, Naru/Hina relation and ? bashing.

The Faiths Champion:

A week after Harry, returns from his first year of Hogwarts, he vanishes from Privet Drive and appearing in his place, was someone new, someone powerful and someone whom is about to resurrect his parents, while giving Dumbledore a whole new can of warms to open. But where is Harry? and Who is this person. Harry Potter/Final Fantasy X/X-2 crossover, future Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, large power house characters.

Samurai Shinobi: Naruto Namikaze

Finding the old Shiba clan, Naruto dives himself into the treasure trove of loot there and becomes the first Samurai trained Ninja. Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai/Naruto cross, Naru/Hina pairing, Powerful Naruto and Hinata, Bashing of the Civilian Council/Sasuke/Kakashi.

Harry James Potter: the OOO Mutant;

This story is what happens when Petunia does the one thing nice to Harry as he grows up. After being found on her door step, Petunia not ready for to care for a second child, sends him to Westchester New York, to live with the Evans family cousins the Grey Family or give Harry to Jean Grey-Summers. While living with the X-men, Harry's magic activates his X-Gene and helps him gain the power of Kamen Rider OOO, well sort of Harry only manifested the power of each armored form and not the armor itself. Harry/Harem, Dumbledore/Ron Bashing, Smart Harry, powerful Harry but not God like.

Renkinjutsu no Kitsune (dead)

After a brutal beating, Naruto is then thrown down a hole in Konohagakure's sewer system. The after meeting and getting healed by the Kyuubi, Naruto awaken to find himself in an abandoned laboratory, where as he looked around, he finds purpose of the was to study alchemy and from there Naruto begins to work on over the notes and become the first Renkinjutsu Shinobi. Naruto/All alchemy base anime and t.v. shows (Full metal Alchemist, Busou Renkin and Kamen Rider OOO), Naru/Hina/Ino, maybe Harem, council/Sasuke/Sakura/Kiba/Kakashi Bashing.

Fruits of the Shinobi Rider: Namikaze Naruto

After being betrayed by: Kakashi, Naruto is sent flying from the first battle with Zabusa and lands himself in a tomb area, which help the Sengoku and Genesis Drivers. Bijuu lockseeds, Naru/Harem, a lot of bashing and Multiple Bloodline Naruto.

Harry James Potter: the Jaded Marvel:

the day after the end of his first year, Harry is brought towards the great wizard Shazam, whom explains that he is the one to be his next successor and grant him the power of the gods. Godlike Harry, Harry/Ginny to eventual Harry/Harem, Dumbles, Ron bashing and Animagi.

Multi-Makai Knight: Kaze and Kitsune;

Denied the training he needed by: Hatake Kakashi, Naruto wonders off into a believe empty training field, which he then discovers had not been as empty as he thoughts, as an individual calling himself: Ryomi (I think) was standing like he was waiting for something or someone and the rest was history. Naruto/Harem, Double Armor Naruto, bloodline! and a good deal of Bashing.

Makai Knight: Spellcaster;

A month after his 1st year of Hogwarts, Harry is attacked by: Horrors, whom of which had possessed his guardians; the Dursleys and after he was saved by: Makai Knight Garo, Harry decides to join him in his mission to defeat all Horrors in the world (while he wasn't at school). Lets see how a Makai Knight handles those of whom are childish and angst ridden. Harry/Ginny/harem, Dumbles Bashing, Ron bashing.

Neo Venom of Konoha;

Orochimaru kidnaps a 6 year old Naruto and uses him for his experiments with a mysterious black substance that has an advance power from before the age of Shinobi, that he found. Former Venom Hosts - Ironman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Falcon, Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, Magma (X-men), Iceman and Psylock. Powers - Intellegiance, healing, claws, tracking skills, spider powers, accuracy, lava control, cryokinesis and psykinesis. Pairing - Naruto/harem. Bashing - Sasuke/Sakura/Kakashi/Civilian Council.

Krytonian Mage of Young Justice; (completed and thinking of a sequel)

at the age of 7, the Dursleys sold Harry Potter to Cadmus Labs in the hopes and desire of never seeing the freak alive, as a test subject Harry was subjected to experiments with DNA from Superman, until 3 years later he and a Human/Krytonian clone of Superman knows an: Superboy were rescued by: Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash. Pairing: Harry/Harem, Bashing: Lex Luther, Ron, Dumbledore and Fudge.

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto: the first White Lantern;

A year before Naruto Graduates from the Shinobi Academy, he finds a strange glowing white crystal which gives him the idea to build a large battery shaped like a lantern and after him was finished, it showed he how to make a focus point to channel its energy into a form of Hardlight. Pairing: Naruto/Harem, Bashing Civilian council/Kakashi/Sasuke. Good Purified Kurama

Power to Unfold: Origami Release;

Naruto finds a book of great power, gains a new ability and strives to use the power to make a name for himself. Naruto/Origami Warriors Crossover, Naru/Hina/Ino/Harem, Civilian Council/Sasuke/Kakashi bashing and Paper summoner Kurama.

Naruto Namikaze: The Ninja of the Saints;

Naruto after being dumped by Kakashi, for his teammate during the chunin exams and left on his own, stumbles across the realm of sanctuary, where with help of the Saints of Athena, he trains to become the first bearer of a newly discovered Cloth, that could use the powers of all the other Cloths' and become the master of the elements. Naru/Harem, Civilian/Kakashi/Sasuke bashing and Smart Godlike Naruto, Original Cloth: Kitsune.

Mage of the Saints: Harry Potter;

A month before Harry's letter from Hogwarts came, he was approached by: Athena, whom had asked, "Young one, do you wish for the power to free yourself from the Dursleys?" and the rest was fate. Harry/Harem, Albus/Ron bashing, Voldemort/Hades team up and powerful Harry, Original Cloth: Thunderbird.

Harry Potter: the Master of the Beat Riders;

Set after Kouta eats the golden fruit , we follow as a British Beat Rider team led by: Harry Potter (a Gold Fruit eater himself) AKA Kamen Rider: Dark Magician, as he finds himself in the world of magic after getting an invite to learn magic at a school that his late parents had learned at, only to find himself on the wrong end of a scheme to control his every movement. Will he be able to have a normal school day or will those looking to kill him try something? Harry/Hermione/Ginny pairing may add the Patil twins, Evil Dumbledore, Ron bashing, God Harry, Original Lockseeds: Blackberry, Phoenix Fruit (a magical fruit used to sweeten and strengthen healing potions) and Fire lily (turns into a hoverboard).

The Bakugan no Sennin:

Naruto find a summoning contract, after the true gennin exams and on an impulse signs it, which causes a chain reaction which changes his outlook on life and opens his eyes to the truths. Battle Gear/Bakupod/Mobile Assault Vehicle User Naruto, Naruto/Harem, Original Bloodline Naruto, Asura Transmigrant and Senpo User Naruto. Bashing the civilian council/Sasuke/Kakashi, slight bashing of Jiraiya.

The Devil Fruit Ninja:

During a scavenger hunt of the training grounds, Naruto finds a fruit tree with 3 different types of weird looking fruit growing from the branches. On hunger and impulse, Naruto eats the fruit and then meets the Kyuubi no Kitsune, who he learned of after becoming a Genin. Original Devil fruits, Naruto/Hinata/Ino, Sakura/Haku, Council/Sasuke/Kiba/Kakashi bashing, powerful Multi Devil Fruit user Naruto.

Misutikku Misutikku no Mi:

Instead of going to the zoo, the Dursleys sent Harry to the nearby park, without food and he then finds a tree with a weird fruit hanging from, with hunger clouding his logic; Harry picks the fruit, eats it and then a hole new world free of the Dursleys open to him.

The Sixchanging Beast Warrior; Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto:

after becoming a gennin and passing his team sensei's test, Naruto is heading home after the test and feels a pull, a pull which brings him to a ship of unknown origins, investigating it, he finds a source of power and it bonds to him, changing him. Beast Wars/Naruto crossover, Beast forms: Fox, Eagle, Shark and Bear, Headmaster Naruto, Transformers based summons (which require Naruto to be the head in humanoid form), Naruto/Hinata/Ino/Fem. Haku, Kakashi/Sasuke/Council (both Elders and Civilian) Bashing.

The Turbo Charged Sorcerer: Harry Potter;

At 6 years old, Harry's magic went out of control and only with the help of an Ultra-link, did it stop Harry from blowing up. 5 years later when Harry masters his new turbo powers and became a hero of London, as well as an agent of N-Tech, when Harry received his letter to Hogwarts did his life become hectic with: Manipulative Headmasters, annoying lazy people and the discovery of whom killed his parents. Ron/Dumbledore bashing, Harry/Hermione/Ginny Pairing, Powerful Turbo modes, Ravenclaw Harry/Hermione/Ginny.

Awaken Vermilion Energem: Vermilion Dino Charge Ranger;

After failing his first ninja exam, Naruto then found himself being chased threw Konohagakure no Sato and once he lost his pursers, he stumbled on to an abandon lab and with his curiosity, Naruto looks around and finds its purpose, from there his life changed. New Dino Charge Zords based on the Kitsune, Wolf and dragon (not the Ninetails), Self made Energem and Dino Chargers, Good Kurama, Naruto/Ino/Hinata/Kurenai Pairing, Kakashi/Kiba/Sasuke Bashing, Slight Sakura Bashing and Sakura/Haku pairing.

Naruto of the Dragons Rune Eye:

The Uzumaki has a secret bloodline, a bloodline that only surfaces once in 100 million years and it activates within Naruto during the Chunin Exams 2nd stage, so how will they play out when Naruto can even surpass the power of a god of all Bloodlines: the Rinnegan. Pairing: Naruto/Ino/Hinata/Kurenai/Anko/Kin/Tayuya, extreme bashing of: Sasuke/Civilian Council/Elder Council, normal bashing of: Kakashi/Sakura/Orochimaru, slight bashing of: Sakura (basically she is ignored), Alive: Rin/Kushina/Minato, Super God Naruto, Rune Mage Naruto, Rune Dragon Summoner Naruto.

Kamen Rider Magic: the Gamer Rider;

At the same time as Emu, Harry Potter was working for a local Hospital, (when he was 10 due to losing the Dursley's (Vernon, Petunia, Dudley and Marge) in a car crash and had nowhere to go) when a new virus swept over the world and created the Bugsters. Eventual pairing: Harry/Hermione/Ginny, Ron/Draco Bashing, extreme Dumbledore Bashing. RPG class title Gashats, original weapons, Bugster O.C. that is Harry's brother, full Bugster Voldemort.

Kamen Rider Ninja: the Gamer Rider;

Tired of being ignored and treated as talentless by the academy teachers, Naruto build a device he calls the: Game Drive, this allowed him to prove his worth and become the ninja he dreamed of. Naruto/Hinata/Ino/Sakura, Sasuke/Kakashi/Elders/Civilian Council bashing, Ninja Based Gashats and original weapons.

Kamen Rider Neo Onyx: Namikaze Naruto;

After the defeat of General Xaviax, Adam quitting the Kamen Rider and Kit Taylor, the 12 Riders are sent to a new world, where they discover that Xaviax had a backup of himself, in the form of a sort of Son, who had stolen the Onyx Advent Deck and has lost it. it is here when we meet this worlds Kit/Adam: Namikaze Naruto, a budding member of his villages Ninja community and Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Kitsune. how will the Kyubi reach to Dregblacker and how will the Ninja world react to their visitors. Naruto/Hinata/Haku/Ino/Sakura, Len/Chase, Kit/Kurenai, Bashing Kakashi/Sasuke/Council/Elders.

Young Justice: Ninja of Steel;

While hiding in the forests around Konoha, a 7 year old Naruto stumbles upon the somewhat intact ruins of Mount Justice and after exploring them, he finds a way to become a powerful and respected ninja. Pairing: Naruto/Harem, Powers: Speed Force, Kryptonian, Martian, Backwards Spellcasting, Atlantian and Sorcery, Weapons: Birdarangs, Lantern Power Ring (last resort), Nightwing baton/staff and Batman's Grapplegun. Features Godlike Naruto.

Namikaze Naruto: Neos Bloodlines;

Not much is truly known about the Namikaze clan, asides from Young Namikaze Minato becoming the Yondaime Hokage and sealing the Kyuubi within his son: Naruto, but what not known about the clan was that one of the ancestors of the clan was of a race of humanoid summons called: Elemental Heroes, the Hero in question was known as: Elemental Hero Neos, and since then, the clan was able to summon a partner race of summons called: Neo-spacians and fuse with them, creating very power skills and powers, some that rival the Rinnegan and the Tensaigan. This power was very power in Namikaze Naruto, due to being a host of Kurama. Pairing: Naruto/Harem, Sasuke/Kakashi/Civilian/Elders bashing, slight Jiraiya bashing, God Naruto and Yugioh GX/Naruto crossover

Naruto and the Bi-omnitrix; Hero Style:

After failing for the 3rd time, Naruto goes to his favorite training ground, no. 27 (his fathers personal training ground) and vents his anger, after leveling the training ground (which had taken the rest of the day) Naruto then looked at the sky and saw something that would give him the chance to be the ninja he wishes. Replacement for the story: Awaken the 10k Bloodline, Godlike Naruto, Naruto/Harem, Ben 10/Naruto crossover, with Heavy Sasuke/Kakashi bashing, normal Council/Elders bashing, Sakura in the Harem.

Namikaze Naruto, the Apprentice of the Jokers Blade:

Found tied up after his first training lesson with his team by: Kazuma Kenzaki (who is an undead) Naruto is offered a chance to better himself as a person and a ninja, taking the offer of training with Kamen Rider Blade and become: Kamen Rider Fox-fang. Kamen Rider Blade/Naruto x-over, Naruto/Harem pairing with Kurenai and Sakura, Sasuke/Kakashi/Civilian council/Elder council bashing, Undead and Naruto Henshin card Kurama, and Formerly Kurenai/Asuma but no Asuma bashing.

Harry Potter: the Asgardian Mage;

Harry Potter is the Godson of Lady Sif, who raised him on Asgard after the death of: Lily and James, before Dumbledore could get him to the Dursleys. 11 years later Harry return to Midgard, to start his schooling in the magical arts in Hogwarts like his family before him, after learning all he could in the ways of Asgard sorcery. Will he have a peaceful school year or will a controlling man try to take his happiness from him? Pairing: Harry/Harem, Ron/Percy/Dumbledore bashing, non-horcrux Harry, Demigod Harry, Harry Potter/Marvel crossover.

Legacy of the Kitsune Knight: Getsuga;

Saving Naruto from a mob of villagers trying to kill him, Alfonso and Leon take Naruto under their wind and train him to be a powerful ninja and Makai Knight, with the help of: the Kyubi, who is a Makai Kaiju, as he uses a portion of his power to empower a pair of chakra metal tantos and transformed them into a pair of Makai-kens. read as Naruto makes his life out with the women he loves and his duties as a ninja and Makai Knight. Alternate Reality of: Multi-Makai Knight: Kaze and Kitsune, Pairing: Naruto/Harem, Garo/Naruto crossover, Kakashi/Sasuke/Civilian Council bashing, Eventually Evil Sasuke and Good Danzo.

Percy Jackson and the Secrets Revealed: Kaiyō kishi no isan;

When Alecto attacked Percy as Mrs. Dodds, Percy thinking she was a Horror, transformed and slain her, before Chiron show up to give him Riptide. Revealing his secret to Chiron and Grover, Percy is now forced into the world of his fathers as his uncle Zeus charges him with theft. Set during the Lightning Thief, Makai Priest Sally, Makai Knight Percy, Percy/Harem with Annabeth, Godlike Percy.

Black Phoenix: the Inhuman Mage;

When the Terrigen mist spread across the globe, 6 year old Harry Potter found himself with the powers for a phoenix and was adopted into the Inhuman Royal Family. 5 years later, Harry receives a letter of acceptance into a school of mage, the same school his old human parents went, when they were alive. Follow the now name Black Phoenix as he is thrusted into a world where a controlling Headmaster wants him to be his weapon and see him make friends and lovers. Marvel/Harry Potter Crossover, Harry/Ginny/Hermione Harem, Mutant Ginny, inhuman Harry, Dumbledore/Fudge/Ron Bashing.

Neo Kamen Rider Hibiki: Harry James Potter;

In a battle with Shocker to save Harry, Kamen Rider Hibiki dies and passing his title to Harry, whom proceeds to assist in his own rescue with the other riders. Years later, while Harry was in Japan with Beat Rider Gaim and his friends, on owl shows up and opens his world to new things. Harry/Harem, Gaim/Mai, Ron and Dumbledore bashing, Good Draco and Narcissa, 1st year Fiction.

Kamen Rider Onpa: Namikaze Naruto;

Naruto is found and taking out of Konoha, to train by Kamen Rider Hibiki, returning years later during the Otogakure-Sunagakure invasion with the knowledge and power, becomes a true ninja of music and find love. Naruto/Harem, Sasuke/Kakashi bashing, extreme Council/Elders Bashing and Alive Rin/Kushina, Maybe Bloodline Naruto.

The Build up Ninja Rider: Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto;

Naruto takes refuse in an abandon building to escape from a mob, that was trying to kill him and stumbles onto a discovery that will change his life forever. "Wake up" "Cross Dragon" "Wake up burning Get Cross Dragon Yeah" and "Fox, Senin," "Best Match," "Son of the Sage: Kurama,". Naruto/Kamen Rider Build, Original Base, Super and ultimate Form, Naruto/Harem, Bashing: Kakashi/Sasuke/Elders/Civilian Council and alive Rin/Kushina.

the Bleeding Edge Bloodline:

When Anthony Stark designed and built the Model 38: Bleeding Edge Armor, he had no idea the nanotech would transmit to his offspring, who had no idea of how to use it. centuries later, Starks descend awakens the power within him and becomes the new Ironman of the ninja age. read as Uzumaki Namikaze Stark Naruto use his new armor to change the shinobi world. Naruto/Harem, Bashing: Kakashi/Sasuke/Elders/Civilian Council, Alive Kushina/Rin(whom is in Naruto's Harem), Bloodline Naruto.

Harry Potter and the Hidden Energem:

35 million years ago, an alien named: Keeper, entrusted the greatest power to dinosaurs, but what he had not known was the existence of another one: the Crystal Energem, which had slip out of the container one was left until it bonded with another creature, but this one was not a dinosaur, but a mystical creature: a Phoenix, which after the millions of years passed found its way to five year old wizard: Harry James Potter, who then bonds with both the phoenix and the energem becoming the Crystal Ranger. X-Over: Harry Potter/Power Rangers Dino Charge, Pairing: Harry/harem, Tyler/Shelby. Powerful Harry, O.C. Zord

The Build up Wizard: Harry Potter;

A chance encounter, gave Harry a new look on life and a way to defeat Voldemort, achieve his destiny and get his girls. "Gryffin, Sword," "Best Match," "Legacy of Mysticism: Gryffindor, "Pairing: Harry/Harem, O.P. Harry and Bashing: Ron/Severus/Dumbledore.

Legend of the Spirit of Black Fire:

After Black Wargreymon sacrificed his body to place a new barrier between the Real World and the Digital World, his soul, his power and his life, transmigrates to another dimension, a dimension of ninjas and bijuu. where he is sealed along with the Kyubi and together they set out to make their host the strong in his world. Black versions of: Agunimon, BurningGreymon, Aldamon and KaiserGreymon, Naruto/Harem, Kakashi/Sasuke/Kiba/Elders/Council bashing.

Cybertronian Kekkei Genkai: Power of the 13 Primes;

one day, Prima was watching the various worlds of the Multiverse, when she came across the shinobi world and the path of Namikaze Naruto: angered by what she watches, she calls forth a meeting of the 13 Prime and, together decide to help Naruto achieve his dream and become a Prime worthy of their legacy. Pairing: Naruto/Hinata/Ino/Fem. Haku/Kurenai/Kurotsuchi, bashing: Civilian Council/Elders/Sasuke/Kiba/Kakashi, believed dead Minato/Mikoto/Kushina/Rin and Godly Naruto.

Into the Vrains with Harry James Potter:

at the same time as Yusaku's war on the Knights of Hanoi, Harry (Who is a Professional Duelist) himself was in a war with the Paladins of Hanoi a British sect. of the Knights (They are dark wizards and Witches, that came from Muggleborn Witches and Wizards) under the title of: Midoryu (Green dragon) Sage. read as Harry Potter goes threw Hogwarts fighting for his life against those who wish to control or kill him, while find those he can truly trust and love. Pairing: Harry/Harem, Bashing: Ron/Dumbles, Harry's Deck: A hybrid of Elemental Heroes with Heroic Champions and Heroic Challengers, with Original Character E.Hero Link Monsters.

Harry's Escape: Into Sword Art Online;

After Dudley got bored of the nerve gears games his parents bought him, mainly because he was shit at them, 10 year old Harry Potter after finishing his Beta test of a New V.R. game was given the game and the first time he get into the game, he is trapped by the games creator, forced to fight for his life and clear the game so that everyone could escape alive. During the game he finds friends and a new family, to call his own and eventually find love. Beta testers: Harry/Kirito Pairing: Harry/Sachi eventually Harry/Sachi/Ginny/Patil Twins/Hermione/Susan/Daphne/Tracey, Kirito/Asuna. Eventually New Mechanic in A.L.O.

Origami Warriors: Harry James Potter;

Entrusted by a stranger to keep a book of great power safe, Harry runs away from the Dursleys fearing that they would use the book for personal gain and trains in the art of Origami summoning the book entails. years later the Harry is now forced to come out of hiding by people whom know his parents and those who wish to use him for their own purposes. Pairing: Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Patil twins, Bashing: Ron/Draco/Dumbledore/Snape and Good Narcissa.

Harry Potter: the Pretender mage

Many things are not known about the Potter family, they are honourable, loyal and from an ancient race of transformers known as Pretenders. Pairings: Harry/harem, James/Lily. Bashing: Dumbledore/Ron/Snape

Transformers Prime: Project Mechamorph:

Before M.E.C.H. met the Cybertronians, the found an artifact of the Primes, but at the time they had no idea of what it was or does and after seeing the transformers, scientists in M.E.C.H. realized the similar appear in the artifact and the autobots, so began the experiement and then it was time for a human test. Pairing: Jack/Sierra/Arcee, June/Sparkplug, Triple Changer Jack, G1 Elements and unique powers, Harry Potter crossover pairing: Harry/Harem.

Transformers Cybertron - Prime: When Worlds collide;

When Optimus and Vector Prime opened a warp gate, at the same time in another dimension the Ground bridge just opened to returned the mission assigned autobots, the feedback had cause the a breach in the barrier between dimensions and brings the armadaverse autobots to the Primeverse.

Rise of the Cyber-beast-mage:

When the Decepticons Shockwave and Oil-Slick released their Cyber-forming virus, England was hit hard, effecting Muggles and magicals alike, many wizards and witches died as a result of rejecting the transformation. Pairing Harry/Harem, bashing Dumbledore/Lucius Malfoy, Good Narcissa/Draco/Snape, Six-changer Harry, Cybertronian Wizard harry, Revived James/Lily and G1 elements.

Httyd: The Iron Viking;

While exploring the island of Berk and to get out of the village, away from the scorn and disappointed looks his father gives him, Hiccup stumbles along a large armory filled to the brim with different forms of armor, curious explored and discovered the true use of the place and with the help of an odd voice: learnt to operate, control and maintain the armors and secretly used them to defend Berk from the dragon scourge, until one day he discovered the truth of the raids and promised to end the war and let peace rain. Just the only problem is Stoick. Pairing: Hiccup/Astrid/Heather, bashing: Snotlout, Iron man/Httyd crossover and Powerful Hiccup.

Lightning gave me Multiple Quirks;

What happening to the dark matter cloud, from the night of the Barry became connected to the speed force? or the Dark matter from Barry's return from the speed force? years later we found it searching anew. who is it? Izuku/Harem, Bashing Katsuki, OP Izuku. Not AfoHisashi

Link to the Morphing Grid;

At 4 years old, Izuku was diagnosed as: Quirkless. But when Izuku unlocked his quirk: Legacy of the Power Rangers, at 10 years old, so with the help of: Zordon a mental manifestation of his quirk, he returns to his hero in-training-journey with a vigour. Pairing: Izuku/Harem, Inko/Hisashi Kirishima/O.C., Ojiro/O.c., Shoto/O.C., Iida/O.C. Not AfoHisashi (There is no official proof, only memes and rumours), Ofa Izuku, OP Izuku.

The Transforming Hero: Primus;

Believed to be Quirkless all his life, Izuku awoken his quirk: Tactile Mechamorph, on the morning of his 15th birthday. Now follow the adventure of Izuku as he takes up his dream to be a hero. Pairing: Izuku/Harem, Inko/Hisashi Kirishima/O.C., Ojiro/O.c., Shoto/O.C., Iida/O.C. Not AfoHisashi (There is no official proof, only memes and rumours), OP Izuku.

The Beast Spirit Hero: Juken;

No one said, 'Quirkless means powerless,' as there are other forms of power out there and Izuku was presented with a means of obtaining his dream when his Father takes him to an old family friend. there Izuku trains in the art of Pai Zhuq Marital Arts, grows stronger and gains new friends. Pairing: Izuku/Harem, Inko/Hisashi Kirishima/O.C., Ojiro/O.c., Shoto/O.C., Iida/O.C. Not AfoHisashi (There is no official proof, only memes and rumours), Multi Beast Spirit Izuku.

Pokemon: Journey of the Aura Guardian;

Ash's Ketchum's adventure to become a Pokemon Master begins with a twist, with help of his three starters: Pikachu, Corvisquire (a Rookidee egg gift from his father 'Red') and Cyclizar (an egg gift from his Brother an O.C. base on Harry Potter) and a mission to revive the Aura Guardians, Ash takes the world by storm. Pairings: Ash/Harem. Features: Z Moves, Mega Evolution, Dyna/GigaMax (Not available from Kanto to Kalos regions and no raid dens until Galar), Terastalization (Just no rare Teratypes [from Kanto to Galar Pokemon Teratypes are their primary types] and no raid dens until Paldea), OP Aura/Ash, Older/Ash, Smarter/Ash, Researcher/Red and Red is sponsoring Ash Potential Features: Psychic/Ash and Researcher/Delia.

Yugioh GX: Rise of the Master of Heroes;

Jaden Yuki, the rising talent in the semi-pros: heads to Kaiba Corporations Illustorious Central Duel Academy with a mission: Graduate in rank to full Pros and investigate the string of mysteriously vanishing students, but his mission is frought with: a bruised ego attempting to expel him and with the discovery of love on the way. Pairing: Jaden/Harem, Multiple hero decks with Original Hero cards (base on pop culture heroes), early Neospacian decks also with original Neos cards and smarter Jaden

The Reincarnated Cyber Hero: Hot Rod;

After his death, Rodimus looked around in a white room, where he was approached by his predecessors and offered a chance at a new life. Accepting, Rodimus wakes up in the body of a human baby named Izuku Midoriya with powers of a Cybertronian Rodimus now Hot Rod will take the world of heroes by storm. Pairing: Izuku/Harem, Bashing: Bakugo and Mineta, Daughter Eri and later OFA.

Izuku Midoriya, The Hero of Alchemy;

When Izuku was diagnosed: Quirkless, he didn't let it stop him as he began to other methods to become a hero, he choose the art of Alchemy and began to create a way to fight using his inner will to fight. Busou Renkin, Busou Renkin of Power Stockpiling; One for All for One. Pairings: Izuku/Harem, Bakugo Bashing and Allmight bashing.

Future Untitled Story Categories:

Harry Potter/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Harry somehow ends up in the mirror world of Ventura, becomes a new Kamen Rider designated; Kamen Rider Griffin Blader. Mirror world James and Lily Potter return with Harry to his world and give both Voldemort and Dumbledore hell. JP/LE-P, HP/GW, RL/NT-L and SB/O.F.C., Dumbledore bashing, Ron bashing and slight Hermione bashing.

Harry Potter/Power Rangers.

Inspired by Cornholio4, though Harry is also descent of the wild west descendent of the Tommy Oliver - the White Stranger. Super Powerful/independent/animagus/deceptively smart Harry, Harry/Ginny and Dumbledore bashing, X-over references to the Mugic of Chaotic.

Harry Potter/Transformers.

A month after returning from his forth year of Hogwarts, Harry finally says, "That's it, Fuck it all, I'm leaving," as he realized that Dumbledore had ordered a communicational back out and moves to America, only to be pulled into another war - though this one would decide the fate of the whole world and not just the wizarding. They after three year he returns as to battle Voldemort as the new All-spark. Hp/Gw, Dumbles Bashing.

Harry Potter.

What if Harry never used the wand - he bought from Olivanders, but one he'd crafted himself and still produced the Priory Incantartem.

Harry Potter/Books&Anime X-over.

In the summer before Harry's fifth year, he is visited by people whom were his past lives or versions of him in other dimensions and together his otherselves grant him: their powers, their intelligence and independence. But what happens when Dumbledore discovers this and tries to stop it. Manipulative Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, near God-like!Harry and references to Chaotic and Pokemon.

Harry Potter.

What if somehow unknown to Dumbledore, the Dursleys had died during the first war and when he placed Harry there, what happens to his plans, how do where does the Savior end up or how does this effect Dumbles control over Harry. A.U. Pre-first year, unknown number of crossover references, self taught Harry, future Harry/Ginny relationship.

Naruto/Final Fantasy X-over:

While being chased by the mobs of the Konoha villagers and ninja, a 6 year old Naruto stumbles onto an ancient temple, after a bit of exploring Naruto discovered the temple belonged to an old race of Aeon Summoners, all of whom had left their teachings and summonings contracts. Then after a 5 year time skip Naruto Uzumaki had mastered the skills used by old and crafted some new ones, to the point he was ready for the Ninja Academy. Naru/Hina, Kenjutsu/Powerful Naruto, Sasuke bashing and revamped team seven.

Harry Potter/Guyver X-over:

After saving Harry from the European Chronos corporation, Sean Barker and his Wife (insert name) take him away and raise him until his Hogwarts Letter come and then have to start dealing with a controlling headmaster whom believe that the Dursleys had survive their interactions with Chronos. Harry/Ginny/Hermione, Ron/Dumbles bashing.

Please Review this Page.

I’m looking for ideas on how to start my other fanfictions and any new concepts (Harry Abilities and level of magic) you’d like to add or my a new crossover with Harry Potter, however all ideas must include a Harry/Ginny relationship or work up to it, even if it is a foursome or threesome relationship, though without Hermione/Harry ones as I've rarely never really seen their friendship any more than siblinghood. (Harry in a Harem relationship)

(A/N the above is for unstarted fanfiction)

Also I’m looking for fan-made names for the Dopant Gaia Memories, Core Medals, Spell Rings and when started the Mugic from Chaotic

Concepts introduced:

Core medals for the Percy Jackson/Kamen Rider;

  1. The Big Three Combo - Thunderer: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.
  2. The Big Three Combo - Oceanic: Poseidon, Zeus and Hades.
  3. The Big Three Combo - Deathbringer: Hades, Poseidon and Zeus.
  4. The Sky Lord Combo: Zeus, Anemoi and Aura.
  5. The Sea King Combo: Poseidon, Triton and Hydros.
  6. The Death Emperor Combo: Hades, Thanatos and Erinyes.

Harry Potter/Kamen Rider OOO Core medal combos;

  1. Tatoba Mk 2 - Phoenix, Griffin and Acromantular.
  2. Tajadol Mk 2 - Phoenix, Thunderbird and Anka.
  3. Latorartar Mk 2 - Chimera, Griffin and Manticore.
  4. Gatakiriba Mk 2 - Metavicer (Magical Stag beetle), Mantex (Magical Praying Mantis) and Acromantular.
  5. Putotyra Mk 2 - Ritchback, Horntail and Hydra. (the use of magical reptiles over dinosaurs.)

Magical Skills and Abilities;

  1. The ability to turn muggle toys into the real counterpart seen on the T.V. Shows/Movies/Games.
  2. The ability to make any object from T.V. Shows/Movies/Games.
  3. Kneaselsense - the power to sense trustworthiness.

Ninjitsu and Bloodline abilities;

  1. Wind release/style; Lion Gale Force Wall - a defensive form of the said move used in Beyblades Metal Fusion.
  2. Wind release/style; Wild Wind Fang Dance - summons gauntlets of pure atmospheric pressure on the users hands.
  3. Kitsune Art; Kyuubi armor Manifestation - Equips Naruto with his armor.
  4. Kami release/style; True revival - no need for the description. (Can only be performed by: a God or tailed beast vessels)
  5. Shinigami Art; (insert whatever Kido Spell from Bleach) - User casts high level Kido.
  6. Dragon Release/Style/Ryuki - Sasuke's Dragon sage modes fire release. (Uses all fire releases at a extremely powerful level, also by adding an extra element like: Earth, then say fireball jutsu, the fire ball take on the properties of earth and buries the target under tonnes of sand.)
  7. Dragonfist Taijutsu - Dragon sage modes hand to hand combat styles.
  8. Dragon Sage Mode - The senjutsu art of Orochimaru's true summoning contract.
  9. Metal Release/style - A fusion element of Earth and Gravity releases. (Most summons spikes, chains and armor)
  10. Heavenly Release/style; Summoning Jutsu - Summons angel like wings to the back of the user, for fight purposes.
  11. Fire Release; Rasenbazooka - a projectile Rasengan that's coated with fire.
  12. Sword Dance; Getsuga tensho - Zangetsu's attack, only chakra over spirit energies.
  13. Ryukigan; the Dragons Eyes Dojutsu - A senjutsu enhanced Sharingan, that also elemental Kekkei Genkai's to be copied.
  14. Vulpingan; the Foxes Eyes Dojutsu - the fox like eyes Naruto uses while using the nine-tailed fox armored form, makes the user immune to genjutsu.
  15. Blood Release/style; Ichor of Life - Negates the effect of Summoning Jutsu; Reanimation and returns the re-animated back to life.
  16. Flower/Rose Of Elements - The ability to use the elements of: Earth, Fire, wind, water, Light, Dark, wood, storm, scorch, poison, ice, blood, crystal, gravity and metal elemental styles.
  17. Hunters Byakugan - It is upgrade to the standard Byakugan, used to detect movement in the surroundings and people. The Hunters Byakugan is identified by the cross-hair designs in the center of the eyes.
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My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 25 - Words: 257,218 - Reviews: 398 - Favs: 2,642 - Follows: 2,683 - Updated: 2/16/2022 - Published: 9/18/2019 - Izuku M., 1-A Students, 1-B Students, Mei H.
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Poll on profile .Mostly Incest Have been warned . Disclaimer now and I won't do it again Don't own Naruto . He is property of Masashi Kishimoto . Hinata owns him too .
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 31,911 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 258 - Follows: 242 - Updated: 11/12/2012 - Published: 8/19/2012 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.] Hagoromo Ō, Hamura Ō.
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this as far as i got reviews
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