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With straight hair, the oil slides away from the scalp a lot more quickly and seeps into your tresses (which explains why curls have a tendency to be drier!). The next time you shampoo, stay away from piling the ends of your hair on top rated of your head — rather, give by yourself a great scalp therapeutic massage to soak up extra oil. Use a shampoo specifically created for oily hair, like Pantene Professional-V Clarifying Purity Shampoo, $four, at drugstores. Wash your hair when a day, but cut down on conditioning. Apply just a nickel-dimensions dollop to the stops each and every handful of days, as conditioner only allows your hair turn into oily more rapidly. For a final-moment resolve, sprinkle some talcum powder onto your roots to soak up any lingering greasiness. It will mix into your hair and won’t be noticeable — we guarantee! My websites: greasy hair quick fix