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Author has written 3 stories for Spectrobes, and Mega Man.

I will write fanfics for:spectrobes ,megaman,and Dbz to start off. But they will be funny. weapons:multimode blaster,power sword,super saiyan,explosives,52 chainguns,tranquilizer gun,dual airsoft uzis,memory eraser,etc.


I will mention more in the future,never doubt what i do. But some people already know that. (evil gaze into the distance)

Jado: oh come on don-(is cut off)

Me:(turns super saiyan)Yeah you guessed it

Jado: No,please!(gets freaked out)








Jado:NO No (tries to run)

Me:HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(blasts Jado)


Me:(turns normal)The interview hasn't started yet dummy why did you come to the studio

Jado:about that,since im early,i brought donuts

Me:finally,you did something right

Jado:Yay!(gets a donut)

Me: well, anyone else have an introduction to share?(does the same as jado)

Jado:Maja went shopping and she wont be back. oh,by the way,nice hotel you got us. We slept great.

Me: good to know(goes for another donut)

???:o hey what'd I miss

me:do you want to say something to the fans,Rallen?

Rallen:are we on?

Me:no but we have donuts


Me:yep jado brought them

Rallen:awesome(gets one)

Me:where's Jeena

Rallen:in the bathroom


Jeena:(comes in)what's that bad smell?

Me:sorry i kamehameha'd jado(presses autoclean button on desk)

My desk buttons are horror chamber,autoclean,plexiglas barrier,and blackout shades.


Me:we got donuts(gets a third)


Jado:i brought them

Me:go to the hotel and rest up,we start tomorrow

Rallen:but it's only 3:00

Me:my watch must be broken


Jeena:epic fail

Krux:Why is everyone here? the interview is tomorrow

Me:we have donuts


Jado:I brought enough to keep all the cops in the state full for a week

Rallen:that'l help Gronos from eating too much

Jeena:ya think?

Komainu:this isn't good youtube material

Jado:Rallen,did he come with you?


Maja:(comes in wearing a white dress)hey,you like?

All boys but me:wow

Jado:haaah wow that something

Me:Jado you are drooling


Maja:you are embarrasing me,Jado

Jado:What!!!! oh,sorry

Komainu:and that is on youtube. oooh! 1,000 views already!



Me:ok,the donuts are going by fast and we gotta go

That's over now back to my bio.

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time to get to work on fanfics

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