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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Teen Titans, and Halo.

you want to know about me

well im 17, and I love video games and Doctor Who and Yugioh...and stuff.(p.s my name is Ryan)

I have a few projects im going to do.--

TLZ:War of the great kingdoms

TLZ:highschool sucks

TLZ:Coming of the three

TLZ:Cult of the new five

TLZ:War of Ages

TLZ:It's in the blood

TLZ:Zombie Dawn,Night of terror pt1

YGO:Zombie Dawn,Night of terror pt2

YGO:Yami's return

YGO:The final day

YGO:Yugi's defeat

Mario:Mushrooms kingdoms fall

D.W:History of the unseen Galifrey

D.W:The universal collides

T.T:The falling of the Beast

T.T:Zombie Dawn,Night of terror pt3

T.T:The War's End.

Sonic:Zombie Dawn,Night of terror pt4

Sonic:Zombie Dawn,Night of terror final (note)*this story will have characters from teen titans, legend of zelda, sonic, mario, and possibly others*

The Chronicals of Rouekashy.(1)Uprising (2)The system (3)Rebellion (4)Defeat? *this story will be a cliff hanger as to who is defeated, the Rebels or Rouekasy?*

These stories I hope will kinda go in a series, but they are going to be under one title of a huge bit to bit series call Alterium Universes, this is where I will write stories and take them one direction,and i might branch of from my other exiting stories,so some of these will go in line but others will be completly different stories

my characters :D

Jasolyx:not much is known about this entity. age:17? species:?

Joshua:a demigod who is half jaguar and human age:16 specias:human and jaguar

Gauntess:a god of the light beings and entities age:75.6 billion specias:human/god

Trauntess:a god of all dark living things and chaos,but has a good heart for what he is supposed to be. age: 71.9 billion specias:human/god

Dauntess:a god who follows his brother Gauntess. age: 67.8 billion specias:human and wolf/god

Spauntess:Joshuas dad and follows his brother trauntess. age: 74.6 billion specias:human and jaguar/god

Flontess:a god who waits around with his brothers in Edornia but doesnt follow anyone, but he protects all specias of humans from goblins to elves and regulars, and all anthros from elephants to cats. age: 55.4 billion specias:any human or furry/god

Shun:age? specias:shapeshifter-used to be a shadow but now he can create dopplegangers, just like he used to be that could imitate anyone.

Julia: She is Zelda's older sister who looks out for her younger sissy. (lol) age:26? specias:human/elf

Stephanie:Zelda's oldest sister, could have been a queen but chose not to be,she is a nurse who looks after her parents.age:30 specias:human/elf

Dash the second Harkanian:Zelda's brother he is a year older than her(he is also a great warior. age:22 specias:human/elf

Dash Harkanian:Zelda's father.age:59-61? specias:human/elf

Katie:my sister. age:15 specias:fox/wolf/half human(but none of the human traits show)

Jake:my brother. age:19 specias:cat/jaguar and human(only anthro trait of him that shows is his tail and ears)

Graxous-an alien that is at war with many specias but is not hostile inless attacked age:? specias:a mix really. (note)this oc is made by me and pkmnfan11,and it will kick your ass :D nah it loves ya guys...if you love my stories that is...lol

Jessica-:A timid fighter of the racoon race. age:15-19? specias:racoon anthro(furry)

Toola-A cybertronian who has no abilities, can not fight, and had no memory of how she got got to earth, or why,she is the only robot that can't transform.She has blue hair and her guardian is my alter ego Daren becuase she can't fight and get the shit beat out of her and she is named Toola because she beleived her dad was a machanic back on Cybertron and she believed her mom was an Aerodynamic physicest so Tool from mechanic and A from Aero but again she suffers from mild memory loss. Age: ? species:Cybertronian(transformer)

Rouekashy-(Rue ka shee)-A man of great power and a ruthless,heartless bastard who incause many disasters and extinctions of many races,his rival is Kishiou-(ki she u(you))-the last surviving of the tribe and race of Delmas which onced homed 879.4 million people, Rouekashy is a powerful and agilic person faster then a speeding bullet and stronger then a 30 ton bulldozer. age:20-31 specias:human?some say he is from a different planet.

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