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I am Erinnyes. The Goddesses of Retribution.

I persue wrong doers relentlessly, until driven to their miserable deaths. I am concerned with matricide.

A victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the Erinnyes.

Thus, divine wrath is manifested upon the miscreant in a number of ways.

My wrath can only be placated with the rite purification and the completion of a task assigned for atonement.

I serve the gods of the Underworld where I overlook the torture of criminals consigned to the Dungeons of the Damned.


Enough about that.

You may or may not call me Sofia. :)

I am here to read.

If you tell me that I haven't written any stories myself, why don't you try looking at the mirror first?

I do not flame for fun, I flame for a reason.

Reasons why I flame:

1.) Sues/No characterization

2.) Hackneyed/Mundane Plot

3.) Poor writing

I can be malevolent, but believe me, I can be quite endearing.

When I read a work that's wrought by thinking out of the box, I can neglect poor writing at certain points as long as you do not have the top two abominations. Grammar can be corrected, but Sues, Stus and a boring plot is simply a sinner.

I read every private message you send me. The reason why I don't reply is that you are simply not worth my time.

Oh, and yes.

Plagiarism is a CRIME.

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