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About me? I don't know. Someone who is just a normal human being? Play my computer, listen to music, watch video that INTEREST me in Youtube. (Lately I'm addicted to it and I am not INTERESTED in real life video...Seriously...Wait...Depends actually...)

If you wish to ask why, I'm more into animation type. You name it, ANIME! ANIME! ANIME!
Yes anime I am interest in. 2D anime girls more than 3D girls. Kind of weird and strange I don't know. Different people, different taste! But then again about anime guys...just look at my avatar and guess who. He's my favorite character and I'm only interested in (Once again...) Anime guys who interest me in some way. Don't think of me that I like yaoi or whatsoever. The answer is I disgusted by it! (Obviously duh!)

Anyway, anime I watched or currently watching? Well...I don't bother typing it down but yeah...I watch...plenty...(Can't say a lot since I already kind of lazy to watch them...This is bad man...)

Me working? Yes...! For a while so I might had a hard time updating my fan fiction but nevertheless, I will update little by little so stay tune! So do read them up thank you! (If you have free time but I'm sure you do! Hahaha!)

Touhou Project favourite character if you were to ask?

Let see...that will be...Hong Meiling! China!

Hong Meiling: Don't call me China! I'm Hong Meiling! You want a piece of me?!
Me: No ma'am...I'm sorry...*Bow at her*

So yeah! Chi...I mean Hong Meiling is my favorite character! Alright! Finally I'm back it's time to update! Let's talk about favoritism. Especially when we want to rank who is your favorite character in...Touhou Project! That's right everyone! I guess I will go for mine! Let's go for top five shall we? It's always boring to go from first so let's go from the bottom! Anyway, here goes!

Number Five: Let's see...Momiji Inubashiri. She is a wolf tengu and her sense of duty remind me of when I was serving in the Police National Service in Singapore. (It's a must to serve in National Service in my country when we reach 18 years old. But you can defer to continue your study and such. But not for long. Google it to know more abou it guys! =D) Anyway, her job is like a sentry and patrolling and that remind of me when I did sentry and patrolling duty back then in my working place. I sometimes love it and hate it but suck it up man! That's what I motivate myself. But look at Momiji! She has been doing that for nearly 1000 years? Talk about honor and stuff...Anyway! Moving on!

Number Four: Hmm...Youmu Konpaku. I don't know why but she remind me like Zoro from One Piece anime. She and her Nitoryu (Literally means: Two Sword Style) remind me just like Zoro. It's like when she start fighting using weapons but not danmaku, my mind start to visualize her fighting move like Zoro with his Nitoryu way. It's like suddenly I can visualize Youmu do Nitoryu lai: Rashomon. Even great, with Ittoryu lai: Shishi Sonson! (But considering she can cut next to nothing, does she really need that? Mah! Who cares!) Anyway! moving on!

Number Three: Hard decision...Tenshi Hinanawi. Besides that her peach hat that some people though it like a power source or what, I don't. To me that look like a fashion design! Such a beautiful Celestial I must say if you ask me. Especially her dress...If only there's someone (A lady of course!) will do a cosplay of Tenshi, I will take ton of photo of her and make my memory stick full! (I'm just saying. Don't take it seriously.) Anyway, what interest me is her Sword of Hisou. For a lady to use a sword really are something! I just love it that's all. Besides than her sword to cause earthquake,(Remind you of someone?) I just like sword in general since sword is one of my favorite melee weapon. Strangely, for number three I've been talking too much about her huh? Okay! Moving on!

Number Two: That will be Fujiwara No Mokou everyone! She will be first female character in Touhou other than Wriggle (Or some others? Tell me who okay?!) to wear a pants. I have nothing against skirt and they look nice as well. But pants to me project the character to be serious, tough looking person. For this case is Mokou! That's how I view it but I'm sure you lots who reading this may think otherwise. Other than her pants, it's about her being an immortal. At first I thought being an immortal is great but as time pass by and thought really about it, it is terrible thing really. I once read few fan made manga projecting Mokou and there is one manga which I can't remember, shows me she have to see her friends died of old age. While she still live on and still maintaining her youth. Really sadden me a lot but what can I to do! (Sniff! Give me a tissue will ya?! *Blow my nose* Thanks. Throw it for me will ya?) Anyway, besides that her being an immortal, her ability to manipulate fire. The power of phoenix alright! That's what cool about Mokou! Rival between Mokou and Kaguya? I see no problem with that...Hmm...I've been talking more that the pervious one...Moving on!

Last but not least Number One: Chi...I mean Hong Meiling! I don't want to say that if not I will get a hell of beating from her. Escape death a few times already.

Hong Meiling: I'm here you know...
Me: Oops...Umm...I'm not going to say that Meiling! Really!

Anyway! why I rank her number one because she is a Chinese girl! I love Chinese anime girl when they start wearing something like a Kung Fu clothing! Kyaaa!! I just love it. Her weapon will be her fist and legs and that is why I love her. Besides that the others using weapon besides than her, (Correct me If I'm wrong as I can't think who else use unarmed combat like Meiling.) she can be consider a strong opponent if someone were to fight one on one with the expection when the person start using one hell of magic onher. (Guess who? You know who.) Also, her job being a gatekeeper really make me want to hide my face. She can do it just perfectly besides than her habit to sleep and sometime being lazy, she can do it not like me. I admit! I sometimes complain when I start to sentry duty. My goodness! I was such a wuss but that's the past already and I don't want to remember it. Then again, I learned a few good things when I'm doing sentry duty...not like sleep on duty right in front of everyone right? I will get punish of course! But not to the extend getting a knife on my forehead but something worse which is mentally worse. Whatever it is! Hong Meiling will be the number one Touhou character of all! Unless out of the blue some new character ZUN start to make and I happen to like them, I might...reconsider about putting Meiling being the first...

Hong Meiling: What did you say! I heard that! YOU DARE PUT ME TO SECOND PLACE!!
Me: Ah crap...she's still here listening to my whole talking...
Hong Meiling: No more chances! Take this! Extreme Color! Colorful Light Chaotic Dance!
Me: Ah...shit...
Director: Well...that goes him getting one hell of beating. Anyway, we might continue adding something great for his profile in the future! Which we need to think of what is it so till next time. One hell of bedridden he gonna be...

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