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Author has written 12 stories for Harry Potter, Glee, Hunger Games, and Starship.

Hey everyone who can be bothered to read this!!!

Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate all your reviews and reading of my story.

I am proud to say that I am a Harry Potter geek/nerd or whatever you might call it. I love the fact that Harry Potter provides the opportunity for people to gather from all parts of the world. I admin four Harry Potter pages on Facebook which are great pages, go like them!!

I am also a pretty big Gleek because I love all the characters and the amazing stereotypes that it breaks. Ryan Murphy is a genius but I am also especially glad that they now have a character who is from outside the US which gives a lot more dimension to the story (yay Damian McGinty and Oliver Kieran-Jones).

WARNING: Majorly HUMONGOUS Starkid fan here!!! My best friend can testify to that and so can most of my friends!!!! I love these guys, they are so awesome!!

All my stories are dedicated to those who have patiently listened to them and commented, made suggestions and insisted that their names appear somewhere. I promise to all of you that you do appear somewhere, even if it is only once!

I hope you all enjoy reading my stories and do please review, I promise to get back to you as I do appreciate each and every review that is sent, anonymous or signed. THANKS!!


Tribute List for All The World's A Stage SYOT

District 1 MALE - Bastian Pier (18) = LokiThisIsMadness

District 1 FEMALE - Carina Lavell (18) = LokiThisIsMadness

District 2 MALE - Ephraim Alister (18) = Socially Awkward Wolf

District 2 FEMALE - Brilliant 'Brill' Austin (12) = artist-in-the-tardis

District 3 MALE - Ramin Navarro (18) = Christine Mulheim

District 3 FEMALE - Kite Boggess (17) = Christine Mulheim

District 4 MALE - Twilight Magnificence Fayning (18) = TeamGlimmer

District 4 FEMALE - Eirini 'Rini' Emerson (17) = xRuex

District 5 MALE - Sekhmet Trannen (14) = addicted-to-my-reflection

District 5 FEMALE - Electra Watt (15) = XxDreamingofDisneyxX

District 6 MALE - Dorian Dumont (18) = Munamana

District 6 FEMALE - Jasmyne Taylor (14) = stellaslomp

District 7 MALE - Banian 'Ban' Platanus (14) = President Snowflake

District 7 FEMALE - Embree 'Bree' Chimer (15) = Emimawi

District 8 MALE - Smithe Cooper (16) = Notthegovernment

District 8 FEMALE - Naedle Olliston (16) = TheRainIsOnFire

District 9 MALE - Negan Candoth (18) = hollowman96

District 9 FEMALE - Metis Larkin (16) = xxxbookwormmockingjayxxx

District 10 MALE - Stag Browning (18) = Obviously Entei

District 10 FEMALE - Oakley Shelton (13) = Alex Bailey Fairy Godmother

District 11 MALE - Breeze Thicket (14) = Blue Eyes Arch Angel

District 11 FEMALE - Husk Whetstone (18) = Vulkodlak

District 12 MALE - Daniel 'Danny' Attkins (14) = ParanoidSylph

District 12 FEMALE - Danielle 'Danni' Attkins (14) = ParanoidSylph

Wish Upon A Star Blog:

Facecasts for Smoke Before Fire

Daniel 'Danny' Abbott - HANOVER - Mitch Grassi
Charles 'Charlie' Amos - WINDSOR - Tom Welling
Blaine Anderson - WINDSOR -Darren Criss
Shane Anderson - WINDSOR -Robert Sheehan
Justin Bancroft - HANOVER - Andrew Garfield
Laura Bancroft - HANOVER - Chloe Grace Moretz
Ethan and Evan Brightman - WINDSOR -Riker Lynch and Mitch Hewer
Michael 'Mikey' Campbell - HANOVER - Bradley James
Adam Clavell - HANOVER - Thomas Sangster
Nicholas 'Nick' Gravari - STUART - Curt Mega
Todd Hendricks - WINDSOR -Ben Whishaw
Dwight Houston - WINDSOR - Ezra Miller
Wesley 'Wes' Hughes - WINDSOR - Telly Leung
Kurt Hummel -WINDSOR - Chris Colfer
Satoru Kogo - WINDSOR - Yuya Tegoshi
Julian Larson-Armstrong - STUART - Grant Gustin
Jeff Lowry - HANOVER - Riker Lynch
Drew Mapleton - WINDSOR - Ryan Philippe
Riley Paige - LANCASTER - Dane DeHaan
Merril Portman - HANOVER - Nina Dobrev
Derek Seigerson - STUART - Colton Haynes
Oliver 'Oli' Snow - HANOVER - Asa Butterfield
David Sullivan - WINDSOR - Titus Makin Jr.
Bailey Tipton - STUART - Dominic Barnes
Reed Van Kamp - WINDSOR - Jeremy Sumpter
Thaddeus 'Thad' Van Wyck - STUART - Eddy Martin
Hansel 'Han' Westwood - WINDSOR - Matt Doyle
Spencer Willis - HANOVER - Dylan O'Brien
John Logan Wright III - STUART - Hunter Parrish

Fallen Tributes:

Alexander 'Alex' Isis
Age: 17
Story: The 17th: Rubber Rooms and Deadliness
Author: Chaos In Her Wake
Position in the Games: 11th/24th

Alexander 'Alex Feltham
Age: 17
Story: The 212th Hunger Games
Author: wwwheisenberg
Position in the Games: 2nd/24th

Alive Tributes:

Archie Summers
Age: 16
Story : Ashes of the Past - The 70th Games
Author: TheOtherLachance
Status: Day 4 in the arena

Archie Cross
Age: 15
Story: 62nd Hunger Games: The Birth of Hope
Author: The Perfumed Thorn
Status: Alive, Not In Arena

Portia Slaire
Age: 15
Story: An Angel's Power, A Demon's Power: The 101st Hunger Games
Author: Rikachan101
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

William 'Will' Courtenay
Age: 18
Story: Dead End: The Labyrinth Games
Author: belle of the ball s2
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Phoenix Anderson
Age: 17
Story: Dead End: The Labyrinth Games
Author: belle of the ball s2
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Eliza Horrock
Age: 17
Story: 100th Hunger Games: The Hellish Whole SYOT
Author: whisperous
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Phoenix Volney
Age: 17
Story: Strike the Death Bells: 622 to 644
Author: Lightning At Noon
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Madison 'Maddie' Rogers
Age: 13
Story: Strike the Death Bells: 622 to 644
Author: Lightning At Noon
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Cassopeia 'Cass' Argentium
Age: 14
Story: 105th Hunger Games: Abandoned Funfair
Author: GeorgeMellark6
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Richie Pollux
Age: 12
Story: 105th Hunger Games: Abandoned Funfair
Author: GeorgeMellark6
Status: Alive, Not In The Arena

Robin Scarlett
Age: 15
Story: 100th Hunger Games: The Hellish Whole SYOT
Author: whisperous
Status: Story still looking for submissions

Jackson Flint
Age: 15
Story: The 213th Hunger Games
Author: wwheisenberg
Status: Story still looking for submissions

Finally RIP to Lumos, Ginny and Bellatrix, the three admins of Harry Potter fan pages on Facebook who died in the week 21st-28th November 2011. "Though we come from different places and speak different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

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