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Author has written 3 stories for Cartoon X-overs, Saiyuki, and Prince of Tennis.

YunCyn:We are actually two seperate entities. We are not two headed aliens, nor are we Siamese twins. We are two seperate sane people.

Imaginator: Waitaminute, who said we were SANE???

YunCyn: Fine,fine (mutters) It's no fun sharing a bio with her... But we have to,unfortunately.

Im: Hey! I heard that! And let me just say the idea ain't that appealing to me either!

Random reader: OK, why are you two sharing a name when you two obviously dislike each other?

Im and Yun: Who says we dislike each other??? We're BEST FRIENDS!!!

Random reader: I don't understand...

Im: You don't need to. You can check out our separate work at Imaginator or YunCyn...

YunCyn: Or, you can wait until we finally collaborate!!! I still say we do a Mulan story!!!

Im: Nonono, I say we do Lord of the Rings... (catfight!!! Random reader watches in panic)

Random reader:Should I call the cops??

YunCyn:What for??? We've already resolved the problem!

Random Reader: So? LOTR or Mulan?

Im & YunCyn: (happily) Gensomaden Saiyuki!!! Random reader facefaults on the floor)

Im: Now, when should we start writing the story?

YunCyn: I say, we do it right now!

Im: (Whines) no, not now... (fight continues)

snicker* Now that you have had a taste of our insanity, have a gander at a normal side of the duo you know as YunCynImaginator:


Current Story(ies): Of Bows, Arrows and Elven Lore (Lord of the Rings)

-Loves pestering her best friend, YunCyn

-Loves Kenren Taisho of Saiyuki -Loves Sendoh, Maki, and Mitsui of Slam Dunk

-Hates getting bad grades in an exam

-Hates rude flames

-Hates being accused of plagarism


Current Story(ies): Spirit Of Stone *suspended until further notice since Muse has not cared to visit for this story...* (Saiyuki)

-Loves pestering her best friend, Imaginator

-Loves Hakkai & Konzen

-Hates rude flames that use too many bad words and not enough sense

-Hates doing homework and exams

Now, since we give credit where it's due *coughcoughyeahrightcoughcough* We present our muses and plot bunnies!! Give em' a big hand!!

Muse #1

-YunCyn's Muse

-Shares Muse #2's view that they're working for two deranged nutcases

-Dislikes being tortured and the plot bunnies when they're not being blamed for something they did wrong

-Is pretty gorgeous (What, you thought we wouldn't admit that?)

Muse #2

-Imaginator's Muse

-Shares Muse #1's view that they're working for two insane writers

-Dislikes being tortured and unfair punishment when it was all the plot bunnies' faults in the first place

-Is also pretty gorgeous (Otherwise why would we keep him and Muse #1 around, we ask you?)

Plot Bunnies - Traitor, Misfit & Fluff

-Three adorable rabbits that Imaginator adopted from several places in Ragnarok Online

-Renowned for causing trouble

-Jump you when they have ideas and you can't shake em' off till you write

-Generally have more sense than anyone else in the YunCynImaginator writing team

UPDATE 17/01/04: WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 100 reviews!!!

YunCynImaginator: *starts dancing with muses* 100! Yeah yeah! HUNDRED! YEAH YEAH!

Plot Bunnies: *twitch noses wondering why the heck their owners're dancing like a bunch of orang utans* I

maginator: And Blades Of Ice!! You're our 100th!! WOOOO!! XD

YunCyn: Unfortunately we've nothing to give but our thanks and congratulations...

Imaginator: But you can borrow our muses and plot bunnies anytime you want! ^_^

YunCynImaginator: And to all our reviewers, we thank you for your support and your reviews!! And we hope we'll continue to write as best as we can!! ^_^

Muses: Arigato gozaimasu!!

Plot Bunnies: ^_^

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