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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Merlin.

Wow, someone is actually reading my profile? 'Faints in surprise'

This is my personal promise: Unless I die, I will finish every story that I start. And if I die, I will either write from Heaven, or I will pass my stories on to someone else who will finish them for me.

Feel free to PM me with questions or concerns. I appreciate any and all feedback. I don't bite! Thank you for reading!






My favorite pairings are:

Naruto Shippuden:

SasuNaru: Not NaruSasu.

KisaIta: Because it's funny and Kissame is the only person in the whole ninja world who can keep up with the Uchiha prodigy (plus they're already "partners"). :D hah hah.

KakaIru: Not that they really interact all that much during the course of the series, but their personalities would go well together in real life. And the interaction they do share in the series they have a total Mommy and Daddy thing going on. During the Chuunin exams, for example, Iruka was totally Naruto's codling mother, worrying about his safety and (Daddy) Kakashi was all up and in Iruka's grill about letting Naruto grow up.

KibaHina: For those who can't see that pairing, I suggest specticles.

ChoujiIno: It's unconventional, but if you pay attention, I think that there's a lot of forshadowing. Chouji and Ino have a lot of conversations during the first series (Not filler) about her gaining weight and still being attractive. And during the Asuma story arch, Chouji was the one to reassure Ino that everything was going to be okay. I guess it's all in the subtext...

ShikaTem: He got up at 6 o'clock in the morning for her, and he didn't have to...need I say more? And of course he made all sorts of excuses, it's Shikamaru.

NejiTen: I just think that it's sweet. I can't really find any evidence that isn't circumstantial and he dies. But I still love and support it!

Fullmetal Alchemist(Brotherhood):

RoyxEd: I know that It's technichally stachitary rape because Ed is only 15, and in the real series Roy winds up with an awsome woman, Winry not so much, but the tension is soooooo there, you just have to be aware.

RoyxHawkeye: She is so epic I can't help but support them a little.


GrimxIchi: Okay, I actually and finally took the time to watch Bleach. OMGosh! It's so there! It's so there it's not even funny! Grimm fights Ichigo but lets him live in the end. Grimm keeps the scar from their fight and focuses on finding Ichigo again. 'Contented sigh' GrimmIchi forever

Death Note:

LxLight: Okay, I have a theory about this. When Light is Light, he is uke. When Light is Kira, he is Seme. It makes sense to me... I don't know...


CloudxTiffa: So adorable that I could just die! XD Especially in Advent Children, they always seemed to be so close, but not quite reaching out to take hold of each other.

Harry Potter:

Drarry: If you are a SasuNaru fan, this one sort of just comes naturally too. However, it is a lot easier to put them together if you have only watched the movies instead of reading the series. Draco in the later books and the Draco in the later movies are almost entirely different animals. There is no love lost between Harry and Malfoy in the books, even though he did save his life. I support that they could work well together personality wise, but I can see that Rowling knew what she was doing when she ended the series the way that she did. :'(

ScorpiousXAlbusSeverusPotter: This is such a cute couple! I love them! If I can't have Drarry, than I will force their child doppelgangers into making sweet monkey love! It's like Romeo and Juliet except instead of the Montegue's and the Capulet's; it's the Potter's and the Malfoy's!

RemusXSerius: It even works in the book if you think about it. Lupin doesn't get married to Tonks until after Serius dies. And then only after a lot of protesting. I make my own reality Rowlings! What!

Ouran High School Host Club:

TamakiXHaruhi: I'm am such a big supporter of the 'opposites attract' theory. Personalities need to be different enough to compliment your significant other. So I like the way Haruhi keeps Tamaki grounded and I like that his care-free way of looking at the world brings her out of her shell of routine.


Merthur: Oh. My. GOSH!!!!! I can't believe I haven't heard of this pairing before. It's so perfect. And it's basically cannon! If you watch a single episode you will see. The ending made me mad and happy (I know, there's no pleasing me). At least they end up together for all eternity. 'wiggles eyebrows'

The Hobbit

Bagginshield: This makes me giggle so much. I went to go see the movie with my sister and I could't help myself. No wonder Jackson needed to make three movies, they just stare at each other for half the movie, nothing plot related gets done. ;)

Fili/Kili (Duriencest): I don't typically go in for that kind of thing, but I could see it in the movie. Thank you Peter Jackson for ruining my mind (shakes head).

Dwalin/Ori: They aren't really anything more than a flight of fancy from one author that I really enjoy, but I read one story of hers with this pairing and I was hooked. They is cute.

That's all I can think of for now, I'll update as they come to me.

Pairings I cannot stand:

Naruto Shippuden:

Naruto/Anyoneelsewhoisn'tSasuke: Sakura is wild and abusive towards Naruto, how is that a relationship that will endure? Hinata is just constantly being run over by his loudness except once ever blue moon when she tells him that she loves him and gets 'almost killed by Pain'. Kiba is Naruto's twin brother seperated from birth. Sasuke doesn't beat up the blond, he threatens to and then backs off, that's what we call: denile.

Gai/Kaka: They are eternal rivals and Kakashi doesn't even take him seriously. How can you honestly say that they are screwing each other? Watch any part of the anime with Gai in it and ask yourslef: could I get it going for that guy?

Gaara/Neji: Those two have never even met! And if they somehow met in the filler and I missed it, I am going to point out that it's FILLER! If Kishimoto wanted these two screwing like rabbits, he wouldn't have given them girls. And while I'm on the subject, WARNING, ANGRY SOAPBOX! I hate it when writers make Gaara OOC and a freaking b*tch slut! He's the Hokage of Sand, he might bend over, but not like he's been sleeping with anything that has a dick and wimpering like a two-bit whore! When has Gaara ever wimpered or begged? Maybe when he was 3! He has a healthy Self-Esteem now! Okay, I'm done.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

RoyXHughes I just don't care for the implied dynamic. Especially when One of the pair is very obviously happily married. And don't say that's the perfect cover...Jeff Dunham. Hughes freaking says it everytime he's on screen! That's not my thing.

Harry Potter:

Dramione: Insert any angry soap box you want and turn up the volume. Mudblood and not mix.

I will come up with more, I promise...(evil smile)

My predictions: as of 11/28/11

I am making a story forcast for Naruto Shippuden! I can't wait to see if I am right XD

Naruto: Will die, wait! Before you say that I'm just a nay-sayer, think about it. There has been more foreshadowing about that recently. He's said multiple times that he will die with Sasuke and that only he can take the burden of Sauske's hatred. So, I think that this is going to happen: He will follow in his father's footsteps by saving the village at the cost of his life. He'll be made honorary 6th Hokage just before this happens, Tsunade will step down, like the third Hokage stepped down for Minato, until Naruto is killed by Sasuke while protecting the village. Everyone in all the ninja lands will morn his loss, hailing him as a hero for all eternity.

Sasuke: Will also die. Although, he will kill himself. He and Naruto will have an epic battle, 100 times more intense than the one at Final Valley and 1000 times more incredible than the one at the Kage summit. At the end he will kill Naruto, and they will exchange last words. Naruto will say something like: 'he was glad Sasuke was the one who killed him, he was happy to bear all of Sasuke's hatred.' And (I hope) 'I love you'. Sasuke will be overcome with grief, just like Kyuubi warned in the beginning of the Shippuden. He will kill himself and they will find each other in the next life where they finally understand each other! Yah! But I think that he will be burried next to Naruto, so that in the end, Naruto kept his promise to Sakura; not that she really deserves it.

Sakura:Will marry Rock Lee! It's so there, when she brought him that flower in the hospital that meant: 'love will blossom later'. She never gave her flower to Sasuke, but she gave Lee that flower twice! She will dedicate herself to becoming the greatest medical nin that she can be in Naruto's memory.

Shikamaru: Will marry Temari who becomes the permanent liason official between Fire and Wind. That's all that I have to say, but there will be child, just one.

Gaara: Ends up with that annoying short-haired brunette ninja from Sand (argh!) and is a great Kazekage for the land of Wind.

That's all that I am going to predict! I can't wait to see if I'm right!

Oh, yeah! The bad guys all die...of course!

What Would Naruto Do? (Aka, Lily's IC Cheat Sheet)


Naruto (wants A, thinks A, does A):

Give him questions, he will choose the most evoking.

Give him answers, he will choose the most obvious.

Give him whats, he will choose the most impressible.

Give him whys, he will choose the most comprehensible.

Give him hows, he will choose the most adaptive.

Give him virtues, he will choose the most pervasive.

Give him vices, he will choose the most removable.

Give him thoughts, he will choose the most instantaneous.

Give him actions, he will choose the most influential.

Give him solutions, he will choose the most creative.

If Naruto were a scantron, he's the result of a sadistic teacher who makes the answers thirty Cs in a row... except for one problem that only looks like it's C. So regardless of what you do, you can't get a 100%.

Sasuke (wants A, thinks B, does B):

Give him questions, he will choose the most effective.

Give him answers, he will choose the most direct.

Give him whats, he will choose the most instrumental.

Give him whys, he will choose the most circuitous.

Give him hows, he will choose the most pragmatic.

Give him virtues, he will choose the most applicable.

Give him vices, he will chose the most controllable.

Give him thoughts, he will choose the most contradictory.

Give him actions, he will choose the most calculable.

Give him solutions, he will choose the most unobstructed.

If Sasuke were a scantron, he's that problem with two equally likely answers, in which you sweat and tear at your hair for about an hour, before you finally pick one. And the answer is always the one you didn't choose.

Sakura (wants A, thinks B, does A):

Give her questions, she will choose the most difficult.

Give her answers, she will choose the most explanatory.

Give her whats, she will choose the most valuable.

Give her whys, she will choose the most selfish.

Give her hows, she will choose the most methodical.

Give her virtues, she will choose the most pleasurable.

Give her vices, she will choose the most harmless.

Give her thoughts, she will choose the most honest.

Give her actions, she will choose the most safe.

Give her solutions, she will choose the most orthodox.

If Sakura were a scantron, she's the test you think you absolutely aced, until you get it back and see one stupid mistake that caused everything to accidentally shift down by one, and you cue the scream of anguish.

Itachi (wants A, thinks A, does B -- which, in reality, is still A):

Give him questions, he will choose the most profound.

Give him answers, he will choose the most layered.

Give him whats, he will choose the most modest.

Give him whys, he will choose the most diffusive.

Give him hows, he will choose the most thorough.

Give him virtues, he will choose the most intrinsic.

Give him vices, he will choose the most visible.

Give him thoughts, he will choose the most panoptic.

Give him actions, he will choose the most advantageous.

Give him solutions, he will choose the most catholic.

If Itachi were a scantron, he's the test absolutely impossible to prepare for, and you start bubble in a C.R.A.P. pattern. Then you see you passed thanks to the outrageous curve from everyone else also bombing.

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