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I'm 13, a girl, and a Christian YAY!..I just saw that..I'm 14 now. o_O;; Ok that's messed up. XD

o-o Who did what in the WHERE HOW?! o_O! I'm aslo also insane! 8D

pokes Yuneek Chikinz..* Aren't we all..? it just us..? o_O! XD

Favorite Shows: Greatest to Least. ]
Zoids Gaurdian Force
Zoids Chaotic Century
Zoids New Century Zero
Digimon, seasons 1 and 2.
Sorceress Stabber Orphen
*partially* Trigun. o_O
..Pokemon. 8D
X-Men Evolution. :O *just a lil'*
Sit down in your thinkin' chair and think. o_o BLUE'S CLUES! o_O *when I can* 8D

Tings I het: Het = Hate. >.>

Mushy, luvy, fluffy stuff! >:}
Cussing or cursing or swearing :)
Prozen and Hiltz >:) (zoids)
Lt. Hanna Hanna (zoids Manga)
Britney Spears >:D
Cristina Agulara? >:) *Aguala XD
The Third season of Digimon! >:) HAHAHAHA!!!
The guy that broke our van's back window! >:$
..I can't believe I forgot to add..YAOI!/YURI!
Zoids Fuzors *FOOOOOOLS!!!*
*pukes* BLAAAAAAAAAH! *splatter* ..opps! Sorry, fried chicken man!

Things I love:
PEPSI!! ;)
My Family!! :D
ORPHEN!!!!!!!!!!! >.>
...Did I mention..Thomas..Richard..Schubaltz? o-O
...Harry Champ ;.;
..MAMA! *clings to her mama* ;.;!!

I'm in high school now. O_O! And I'm taking English classes for the first time in my life. :O!! Meaning..better stories in duh futa!! o-O Futre. XD! ..Future* Forgive me, maaan. It's late. o_O

On Zi Imperial side..o_O = On the other hand.
High school sucks for me because of one reason and one reason alone.. I prefer not to talk about it now but..maybe when I'm ready.. ^^;..

Why'd I tell you that? O_o;; I dunno. Who does?!

Isn't it fun to be insulted for threee hours straight by your cousins? o_O! Cousins that are younger than you?! :O Well..too bad for you! I never fight back. :O!!!

You know what's funny? No you don't know what's funny! o_O I took tests that said I was a loser. XD!! And everyone calls Thomas, and Harry, losers.. Hmmm..o-O Ok so to some of you, that's not funny, but I didn't mean funny;ha ha. I meant ironic funny.

I just can't shut up today, can I? Nope, and I didn't even say a word. o_o;;

Don't RUSH me..I'm making my way into the tunnel now..

gets out of the tunnel* I've been so messed up lately, 8D Wait. Why am I telling you that? XD Bye, freaks. o_O!

I mean..Catch you later. *mwah* XD

Revenge for Rejection by sl-stingray reviews
CHPT 6 UP! who else has fallen in love with Sora.. however, he had rejected another girl earlier.. now, that girl is back to get revenge.. what will yamato do! Will love still blossom bt Sora and him? SORATO my 1st fanfic,forgive me
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Halfway Round The World reviews
It probably sucks, but i'd appreciate it if you read it. A Jomi. I don't hate Koumi, ok? They're both great. Mimi and Joe's last date before Mimi moves to America. Pretty short.
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