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"Two people, yet one author"

Welcome to Coffee-dono's profile page.

Just like the tag line up there says, we are two people but yet we are one author. This line came originally from the series "Kamen Rider W", a series that pretty much explained the dynamics of the two people who are writing the stories under this account.

Now where are my manners? I should have introduced myself first. You all can call me Philip, among the two of us I have the research obsession. My half-boiled partner, you can call Shoutaro. He didn't even bother to suggest anything to put up in our profile page...hmmm...

If anyone has questions feel free to send us a message. We love messages. v()v

Now I'll just leave some space under here in case Shoutaro wants to say something.

Don't forget to bold your letters, aibo.


Yo! This is the hard-boiled detective, Shoutaro Hidari! I see Philip's already started out with the profile page. He's efficient as usual. Then again, he probably knows more about all this than I ever will.

But I definitely agree with my aibo! If any of you have got something to say to us, a case you want us to solve or an idea to put our spin on, go ahead and leave us a message however you do it. Philip will definitely be sure to read them.


Fanfiction Statistics:

Completed Multi-chapter Works:

Together with You [Castle Series CastleBeckett - Caskett] (Complete)
Re-crossing Paths [Avengers Movie - BruceSteve] (Complete)
Behind Closed Doors [Avengers Movie - TonyJarvis] (Complete)
Profile Pictures [Kamen Rider W - ShoutaroPhilip] (Complete)
Despite All Odds [Avengers Movie - ThorLoki] (Complete)
When I'm Gone [Prince of Tennis - NiouYagyuu/Platinum Pair] (Complete)
Mismatched Identities [Crossover: Avengers Movies & MI: Ghost Protocol - ClintEthan] (Complete)
Troubled Minds [Avengers Movie - BruceSteve] (Complete)
Beyond Duty [Avengers Movie - NickMaria] (Complete)

Works on Hiatus:

The Fox and the Wolf [Ace Attorney Series LangKlavier] (Hiatus)

Philip: My first attempt in a rather unusual pairing...if someone's interested enough for me to continue from my pilot chapter then I'd be happy to continue. I don't want to waste my time after all..
Shoutaro: I'm interested in you continuing this story. :D

Philip's Notes [Kamen Rider W - ShoutaroPhilip] (Hiatus)

Shoutaro: Really, Philip? You really enjoy telling the people about what goes on behind the scenes, don't you?
Philip: It keeps our fans happy, doesn't it?

On Shuffle [Avengers Movie] (Hiatus)

Shoutaro: One of Philip's better ideas. You should continue this when you have the chance, aibo. It's a grand idea.

The Journals of Two Hearts [Avengers Movie - BruceSteve] (Hiatus)

Shoutaro: Bruce and Steve really are a cute couple, aren't they? I'm glad we decided to write about them. -adjusts Fedora-

Musings of Caskett [Castle - Caskett] (Hiatus)

Shoutaro: A little plot I got off a real-life experience I shared with Philip.

Ongoing Works:

Our Last Stand [Avengers Movie] (Ongoing)

Shoutaro: The collaborative story bringing together five of our previous Avengers pieces (Re-Crossing Paths, Despite All Odds, Behind Closed Doors, Mismatched Identities and Beyond Duty). Hopefully Philip and I manage to finish this one since everything but the actual story flow in well in place.

The Way Home [The Hobbit] (Ongoing)

Philip: Probably my biggest project ever. I really do hope the readers enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Expect a lot more from it since I'm slowly getting more research pieces for it. :)

Worlds Apart [The Hobbit - ThorinBilbo] (Ongoing)

Shoutaro: This is probably just me addressing the hype of the Hobbit. But to be honest I'm actually getting well into the fandom a little bit (I promise it's not a way to get closer to Philip!) so I hope I don't disappoint the mega-fans out there. I'm not as well-versed as Philip is in that fictional realm, but I hope to do it justice. It's a great change of pace and I hope to get it done and update more frequently given all the Dopants I need to be watching out for.

Drabble Series:

Duty [Castle - Caskett]
Hunger [Fifty Shades - ChristianAna]
Incalculable [Avengers Movies - TonyJarvis]
Murmur [Ace Attorney - LangKlavi]
Stories [Artemis Fowl - ButlerArtemis]
Give [Tenipuri - SanaYuki]
Laugh [Harry Potter Movies - SiriusRemus]
Rings [The Voice - Shevine]

Translated Works:

We got some offers from fellow users to have our stories published on other websites, so Aibo and I are pretty stoked about that.

Despite All Odds - German (aeron4) : fanfiktion. de /s /506f1b7b000092bd06813498
Drabble: Incalculable - Chinese (sherry-vermouth)

Random Notes:

Did you know that Shoutaro mumbles things in his sleep? True Story! :D - Philip

Speaking of sleep, did you know that Philip is fond of taking up the entire space of the bed?... No funny ideas people, we're stripped for cash and have to share a bed! Dx - Shoutaro

Shoutaro also loves to make random poses while thinking. It's fun when he thinks out loud. - Philip

Philip enjoys taking care of some Tiny Tower in the iTouch I got him for Christmas. - Shoutaro

As of lately Shoutaro likes invading my bed space with his elbow or his knee. :/ - Philip

Shoutaro has perfected a Gollum/Smeagol voice that terrifies me. - Philip

I didn't mean to scare Philip with that Gollum impression, I swear! TT - Shoutaro


Kudos for curamix666 for our current profile picture!

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Dwarves and Hobbits lived in different parts of Middle-Earth for a reason. They lived different lives, upheld different cultures and on most occasions should they meet, not at all get along. But when a Dwarven king and his nephews stumble into the Shire, how will a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins take to their arrival?
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