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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, and Dynasty Warriors.

Name: Hibiki Suzuki

Known Languages: Japanese, Vietnamese, English

Interests: Anime and Video Games

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Acting, Cooking, Playing Video Games, Anime Dancing

Age: 15

Goal on fanfiction : To get reviews and to share fun happy stories!

Dances I know: Bouken Desho Desho, Hare Hare Yukai, Motekke Sailor Fuku!

Gender: Boy

Thing I'm obsessed with currently: Higurashi!

Personality: Somewhat childish, A little hypocritical and caring, possible tsundere from my friends description anyway!

I love LOVE LOVE anime and manga. I'm a true otaku. :D. I like all types of pairings from yaoi to yuri to normal ones.

Anime I've seen:

Pokemon, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky star, Digimon, Aquarion, OHSHC, Death Note, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam X, Gundam, DLCL, Hellsing, Prince of Tennis, Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass ,Inuyasha, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Durarara!, Vampire Knight, Neon Genesis Evangleion, Bacanno, Grenadier: The Smiling Senshi!

Story Statuses:

Battling, Cruising and Kissing? Chapter 5 in progress

Dynasty Facebook! Chapter 5 in progress

Surprise Surprise - Complete

Truth or Dare, Dynasty Warriors Style! - Chapter 4 in progress

Favourite stuff

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Horror

Music: Techno and Rock

Games: Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, The DBZ games, Dead or Alive, Pokemon Conquest

Animes: Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Naruto, Pokemon, Death Note, OHSHC, DBZ

Pairings: Favourites in bold

Haruhi Suzimya: HaruKyon

Naruto: NaruHina, SasSaku








CafeMochaShipping (CURSE YOU MIDORI!)

OSHC: HaruTama, HikaKao

DBZ: K18

Dynasty Warriors: GP/XC


Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi, Kyon, Yuki

Lucky Star: Konata

Dynasty Warriors: Daqiao, Sima Zhao, Xiahou Ba, Xiahou Yuan, Wang Yuanji

Samurai Warriors: Oichi, Mistunari , Sakon

Pokemon: Starmie, Hilda

DeathNote: L (or Should I say Lawliet), Misa

DBZ: Android 18

OSHC: Haruhi, Mori, Honey, Renge

OK I'm done

BTW Hibki means Echo XD

A quiz my friend told me to do.

1. Who's you're favorite character?

Daqiao 4EVER! XD

2. Who is the best character in DW7?

The Qiao Sisters. Da Qiao has an awesome second musou and she has high defense to let her use Health Regen Up Seal. Xiao Qiao has the most useful musou in the game and has good attack. (Bias)

3. Which kingdom is your favorite?

Umm... probably Wu.

4. What's your favourite weapon in the series?

Umm... Now? The Bo Staff, Twin Wands

5. How did you get into the series?

I played DW3 when I was four at my cousins house and I love it now!

6. If you have 5 people as family members, which five would they be?

Daqiao, Xiahou Ba, Sima Zhao, Jiang Wei, Wang Yuanji

7. What's your favourite pairing?

Guan Ping and Xing Cai, hands down.

What is...

8. The most useful attack in DW7?

A tie between the Iron Fan's switch attack and Xiao Qiao's first musou.

9. Worst aspect of the Dynasty Warriors Series?

It's horrible voice acting and the Japanese win quote is just "Tekishou uchitota!"

10. The worst thing about your favorite character?

She was a horrid mess in DW7.

11. The best thing about your favorite character?

Umm... She screams WOOLLEEEY!!! in DW3! XD

12. The worst thing about your favorite weapon?

The wands are hard to combo with.

13. The best thing about you favorite weapon?

The high attack power and it's C4 and C5.

14. The character that'll be popular in the next Dynasty Warriors games?

Wang Yuanji, she did come first in a popularity poll y'know.

15. One of the new characters you liked and why?

Umm well, Yuanji and Xiahou Ba are in my Top Ten list because of the designs and personality.

16. The character made solely for fan service in your opinion?

Lian Shi with her RIDICULOUSLY short skirt and HUGE boobs.

In your opinion...

17. Why do you like Dynasty Warriors?

I like it because you can kick ass and you can't get hurt.

18. Why do you like your favorite character?

Daqiao stood out to me to be honest. She seemed unique and not a generic female.

19. Who is more badass, Lu Bu or Tadakatsu Honda?

Lu Bu, FTW!

20. Who is more creepy, Dong Zhuo or Cao Cao?

None, they're both equally stupid.

21. What is the best stage in the entire series?

In opinion, Xiao Qiao's legend stage in DW4XL.

This Quiz is almost finish just 2 more questions

22. What are some aspects that should be added in DW8?

I'm not sure anymore...

23. Was this quiz fun?

Sure was it let me rant a little! :)

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