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Author has written 6 stories for Minecraft, Movie X-overs, Legion, Hellraiser, Aliens/Predator, and Jeepers Creepers.

"interesting. So you actually found a way to take multiple people and shrink them down and place them in this box so they can play music? Even us Yautjas have not figured that out yet." Yeyinde (Fan Freaking Tastic, chp 6)

I am Alarica.

Icon: Me (in my guy form) and my girlfriend Alma.

Pics of me: (All found on google)

Human form:

Angel form:

Guy human form:

My Facebook:

Stoy Beginnings (This so you guys can read the beginnings to see if you are interested in anything):

Binded in Chains (Hellraiser)-

“Blah blah blah, blah, blah blah blah blah.” I watched out the window of my History class, not at all paying attention to what the teacher was saying. “Cathie, can you repeat what I just said?” I turn my attention to the teacher, “um, no sir.” I hear some of my classmates giggle and chuckle at me, I squint my eyes at them and Mr. Loied draws my attention back to him, “this is the second time this week Cathie, you need to learn some discipline, go to the principle’s office.” I pick up my books and walk out of the class, ignoring the laughs from my classmates. Passing all the classrooms I finally arrive to the principle’s office and walk inside. The assistant principle looks at me from her computer, “Mr. Jackson is ready to see you Cathie.”

“Thanks.” I mumble and walk into Jackson’s office. Mr. Jackson looks up at me from his work, “ah, nice to see you again Cathie. Did Mr. Loied send you down again?” he chuckles. I sigh quietly, “yeah.”

“Well Cathie, you are 18 now…”

“I know Jackson.”

“I’m sorry Cathie, but it looks like you have gotten into trouble to many times, you will be expelled. Finish this day of school and you will be expelled.”

Bound By Blood (Claire's POV) (Jeepers Creepers)

I am born by both heaven and hell, both God and Satan. My true father is God but I was born to a demon, a demon who's husband is Satan. I am raised up believing I am a full-blood demon, a Succubus. Although I am one, I never had the thought of going into a man's dream and violating him, it just isn't my nature, especially at my age, 10. I gaze around my familiar room and climb off my bed. "Daddie!"

My father walks in, his feathered wings and gentle features masking what he truly is, the lord of demons. "Yes Claire?"

I run over to him and hug him, wrapping my small arms only half way around him. He laughs and picks me up against him, "what do you want?"

"Can we walk around?" I look up at him and give my best puppy-dog face and he grins.

"Sure Angel."

I squeal in happiness and wiggle in his arms, my tail wagging quickly. My father sets me down and takes my small hand in his, "where is Royal?"

"He's over there." I point to the corner by the door and my dog trots out of his bed and over to me, leaving a trail of fire behind him from his feet. Fire coming from his eyes, tail and around his ankles. Black leather wings sprout from his back and fold neatly on his back. He licks my face, wagging his tail as he does it. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck and rub my head on his. He barks and wags his tail more.

"Come Claire." My father moves out of my room and out into the hall. Royal moves under my legs and picks me up onto his back and walks out of he room. I giggle and hold onto his neck. My father, Royal and I walk through the hallway and out of our house. We walk around for a while and come to a house. Royal trots over to it and I can see inside through a window, a boy with leather wings and white fuzzy hair and a younger one with straighter black hair with black feathered wings. The older one is hanging what looks like a necklace above the younger ones head, grinning while the younger tries to jump for it. "What are those?" I look at my father.

Enderman Roomate (Minecraft)-

It all started when I was mining into a cave. I peered around a small cave wall, hearing mumbling of zombies and hisses of spiders. I am just a noob, I need to be cautious. Tulip in hand, I beat down a block of dirt. Oh, the things my tulip and I have been through, killing creepers, beating cows to death, hitting blocks of dirt. All of a sudden, I hear a ‘SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’, turning around I scream in fear “CREEPER!” shuffling as fast as my little blocky legs will allow me, I run as I hear the explosion of the creeper’s body. I stop and catch my breath, I hear music start to play and look around in confusion, “Music..? Where is there music?” Shrugging off the strange music, I continue down the cave system, beating blocks with my tulip. Following my torches, I arrive to my underground house. I shut the door behind me, hissing surrounds above me, damn spiders… I look up at my ceiling and break down a piece of dirt. Climbing up the ladder, surrounded by spiders, frowning and raise my fist up and shake it “Get off my lawn you crazy spiders!” I hobble across my lawn with my cane in one hand and fist in the other. Suddenly the sun blinds me, I cover my face and hiss at it, “Wow… I think I’ve been in a cave for to long..” I say to a chicken that is near me.

Fan Freaking Tastic (Predator)-

“BOO!” Caitlin screams in front of my face, dragging me from my sleep. Reflexively I scream and slap her face. “Ow! Jack! What was that for?!”

“Its your fault you scared the hell out of me.”

“Well you don’t have to slap me!”

“Reflexes woman, I’m a ninja.”

“Right.. Well then maybe you should be a ninja today, it is Halloween after all.”

Ah, Halloween my most loved and most hated holiday of all. Nothing is better than dressing up as some random creature-thing and running around scaring the crap out of people, but then there is the fact that practically every light in the city I live in is off to ‘set the mood’ and not that way. I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘its just lights, what’s the big deal about that?’ well it’s a SUPER BIG DEAL, I’m terrified of the dark. I know, how could an awesome chick like me be afraid of the dark? Well its possible people. Ah, and I suppose your wondering why Caitlin called me ‘Jack’ well, my real name is Jackie but my friends and some other peoples call me Jack as a joke, I don’t mind it and I’m use to it. “Jack. Earth to Jack” Caitlin’s voice pulls me back to reality and I blink multiple times and look at her, “sorry, day dream.”

“You’ve dreamed enough during your sleep.”

“You can never dream enough.”

Into the Neverlands (Made up. My friend made a brother for The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers and I made a girlfriend for the brother)-

“Daddy! Look I found a puppy!” a little boy at the age of 5, by the name of Herald runs into his two story house with a little black and silver wolf, me. “Daddy daddy!” The father tares his gaze off his work papers and peers over his should at the boy, “That’s great Herald.” The mother sighs and walks over to Herald and takes me from him, the family owns a rescue shelter, the mother looks down at me, “Well, you’re not a dog but you’re certainly a cute little wolf” and smiles. I’m just two weeks old, my parents… My parents, don’t exist, they never have. The only thing I can call my parents are these new people, and they don’t know anything that I can become. I look up at the mother weakly and makes a quiet squeak. The mother turns to Herald, “Go get a blanket” Herald excitedly bounces up and down and runs to a closet and brings a small, light purple wool blanket. The mother takes it from him and wraps me in it like a cocoon. Its so warm… I don’t think I’ve ever been this warm… Living as a two week old wolf alone in this giant world isn’t very convenient. Bethany, the mother, takes me over to a small dog bed and lays me in it. I watch as she walks over to a cabinet and takes out a baby bottle and mixes a formula and walks back over to me, lightly lifting my head and feeding me the liquid. I don’t eat much but I eagerly consume the liquids, I haven’t eaten since I was born. “Well you’re an eager little puppy aren’t you?” I watch as Bethany’s mouth forms into a smile. I purr very quietly at her and her smile widens. I listen as Herald’s little boy voice rings into my ears, “Can we keep her? Huh huh huh huh huh huh?”

“Yes, we can keep her”

Paradise Falls on Me (Legion)-

I laugh as Jamie shoves me slightly. “Your so mean!” she frowns and crosses her arms over her chest. I smirk at her, “its not my fault your so gullible.” She rolls her eyes and peers back out the car, watching as dirt flies past our car, her brown hair whipping around behind her. “Are you sure you know where you are?”

“Do you deny my wonderful sense of direction?”

She glares at me, “yes Alarica, I do.” I make a pfft noise with my lips at her and turn my attention back on the road, I didn’t even have to pay that much attention to it, we haven’t passed a car for a while now. I glance around and see a diner, big green lights announcing the diner’s name as “Paradise Falls”. Paradise Falls… Huh, that doesn’t sound all that, nice… Jamie looked at the diner, “hey we should ask for directions.”

“Directions, di…fections…”

“Your are so stupid…”
“And now you know why I’m your friend” I smirk at her and she returns a glare. “Settle down woman, geez, its not like I’m complete destroying your entire life.” She shrugs and looks away from me, then quickly grabs the steering wheel away from me and turns me into the parking lot. I scream slightly in surprise. This time, it was her turn to smirk at me. I look at her, breathing fast, “HOLY CRAP JAMIE, why would you do that..?”

Fanfics I enjoy: I love to use my humor to write stories. And I love to see what others think of my humor. Sooo, if you guys like humor I think my best humor story is "Fan Freaking Tastic", its humor/romance. A non romance but still humor story is "Enderman Roommate". I havn't really posted any more chapters because I have brain farts with what to add to that story. So if you guys have any suggestions on that story or any of my stories, feel free to review on them what you wanna read, or private message it to me and I'll add it sometime in the story, hopefully.

Info 'bout me:

Name: Alarica Glory Ange (Obviously)

Nicknames: Angel, Queen, Al, Glory, Gloria.

Birthday: January 16th, 1989

Age: 22

Immortal/mortal: Immortal

Forms: Human, Angel, Guardian Angel, Evil Angel, Ankue (my specie, pronounced 'An-koo' part angel [or bird or demon] and part cat [or wolf/wolcin or dog]) Wolcin (my specie I made, part werewolf, part wolf, part human)

Ages of forms: 22-human, since the beginning of Earth-angel (and guardian), 30-ankue.

Hair: White-human, Silver/White-angel, albino white-wolcin. Blonde that turns black half way down-guardian angel.

Skin tone: Tan-human, Pale-angel, Explained above-wolcin.

Abilities: Angel: Can be invisible, summon back-up angels (I am the queen of angels), summon holy water rain, heal myself and others and can blind and give diseases and disable people (Guardian does all that and has armor and a bow and sword). Wolcin: can turn into a werewolf or wolf at will.

Wings: Human-none, Angel-two, pure white with blue on each feather tip, Wolcin-none, Guardian-two, gold.

Height: Human-5'7, Angel-6'0, Wolcin-6'7 (on back feet) 6'5 (on all fours)

Weight: Human-140, Angel-93, Wolcin-200.

Eye color: Human-light brown, Angel-yellow. Guardian Angel-greyish purple, Evil Angel-silvery black, Wolcin-snow white.

Add-ons: All angel forms have an albino wolf tail, and a cape that has my ball inside the top. My ball gives me all my powers and if it breaks or I am away from it for a long time, I die.

Gas Colors: Yellow-happy, Green-excited, Red-mad, Grey-worried, Orange-diseased/sick, Blue-sad, Pink-embaressed, Purple-relaxed, Black-weak, Brown-scared, White-neutral, Magenta-pleasure, Lime-drunk/wackoed, Peach-crazy, Gold-protective.

Hobbies: Painting, Drawing, Playing guitar, Playing video games, and Saving people.

Likes: The light, warmness, love, relationships, animals, holyness. Music: Classic rock, Metal, Rock, Heavy Rock.

Hates: Darkness, coldness, hate, death, evil. Music: Country, Rap, Hip-hop, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal.

Siblings: Jesus, Linica, Claire (Linica found in Into the Neverlands. Claire will be found in a new story coming up).

Half-Siblings: (once again, don't own these pictures, found them on google)

Phillip- 20. Angel Eagle.

Isac- 18. Angel Coyote.

Daniel- 17. Angel polar bear.

Lux- 21. Controller of Light. (yeyah, League of Legends!)

Songs that go good with me

Love Bites (So Do I) - Halestorm

Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin

Beautiful - Cavo

Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin

A Warrior's Call - Volbeat

Hold On - All That Remains

Odd One - Sick Puppies

Heaven nor Hell - Volbeat

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