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Author has written 4 stories for BlazBlue, Transformers, and Familiar of Zero.

I love randomly popping in to edit this thing after months and wonder if anyone reads this and is ever curious about how I'm doing. Welp. Here's to another hopeful edit.

This is Makuta52, semi-former fanfiction writer, artist, memelord and all-around OK kind of guy. I started this page back in my early high school days just to simply find a creative outlet for stories I had about my favorite things at the time, as I'm sure many of the users (if not all of them) did. It was fun, and while I seemed juvenile and quite full of myself at the time, I enjoyed doing it. You can't imagine my joy when I found out people were ACTUALLY reading MY work AND liking it. For that, I'll be forever thankful. Unfortunately, a serious move in my life had me lose a lot of my motivation and inspiration, leading to my decline and eventual discontinuation of any writing and ideas I had to be had on here. It really effected me, and basically threw my entire fanfiction career out of wack, making me stop for the longest of time.

Obviously, if you're reading this, you're probably curious about... well, something about me and my abrupt halt in writing (or at least that's what I'd like to assume - still kind of full of myself, pft, ego, what's that?). Well. For one, to anyone who continually checked to see if there were any updates or continuations or anything: I am truly sorry. My ideas are still there, and I sure do have plenty of things I could write about (the amount of fandoms and the like that I've joined has expanded to incredibly ridiculous proportions). Plus, yes, my writing ability has gotten exponentially better, not to toot my own horn or anything. Will I write anything in the future? Possibly. There's a collaboration project that I've been in talks with at the forum that I'm a member of, and I'm hoping something awesome comes out of it from working with my colleagues on there. Will I write anything by myself? Possibly as well. I realize I have an unfinished fic on here, and I haven't posted anything on here in... years, but there's always potential for new stories to be told, right? That's how creativity works... I think?

Despite everything, I am ever thankful for all of your words, reviews, critiques, and just general time you took out of your day to look at my stories. Without you, I probably wouldn't have continued writing for as long as I did. And hell. Maybe if I feel it, I'll get back into it. You never know. Stay tuned, if you so wish. And if not, just know that I'm incredibly thankful for your support. Thanks again!

- Makuta the 52nd

The Fics

A Nightmare In Kagutsuchi: My first ever fanfiction, based off of the Blazblue series. Contains the most obvious/un-obvious self-insert villains I could ever place into a fanfiction, yet some of you seemed to like it. This one's okay. I used it as both an introduction of an OC that I just freaking loved at the time (naturally, he's still around) in a series that I love with all my heart, as well as a venting story (high school romance that never came to fruition... the drama, the ANGST, CAN YOU TASTE IT). It helped shaped a few things, though, like Ghaunt's actual character outside of the fic, my ability to write pre-established characters, and just developing my writing ability in general, so I'm grateful for it.

Dread In Nevada: This one centered around the Transformers movie series, focusing on the three Dreads stuck in the Nevada desert. I actually love this one a lot. I basically just wrote about two dorks and their dog at their apartment in the middle of nowhere and bam. Transformers humor. The Dreads inevitably became some of my low-key favorite Decepticons because of this, despite their lack of character in the film they're featured in. There was a continuation to this that I originally posted on here, but it didn't take off, so in a fit of disappointment, I deleted it, thusly loosing it forever. I remember a lot of plot points to it, including a raid on a NEST convey with Sideswipe, the song "I Believe I Can Fly," cameos from Shockwave and Starscream, and more Dread shenanigans.

Nu Can Cook!: Arguably my favorite story on here, again from Blazblue. Nu-13 tries her damnedest to cook the best meal of the casts' life, even if it kills them. This one was, much like DIN, straight comedy, and I had a lot of fun putting in silly references and just bizarre moments with the Blazblue roster. It's simple, but I like it a lot.

Rusty Protector: I swear to god with this one. I don't even know how to deal with it. From Zero no Tsukaima, a rusty old tincan of a robot comes as the summoned familiar of main heroine mage Louise, and thus become partners in a strange tale of friendship, sorcery, gunplay, comedy, and an intense cliffhanger. Somehow this became my most read, most watched, most favorited, most everything-d story. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE THIS ANIME ANYMORE. It was one of the firsts that I watched in my anime career so sure I liked, loved it even! But now, looking back on it, it barely scraps as mediocre for me. Yet, you schmucks most've liked it to some degree, because I still get favorited and followed by you guys. And, for that, man, I'll forever love you guys. But, as I wrote in the ninth "chapter" of that fic (which I said I'd take down after a week or so if the FF Police came after me, oops), I really can't conclude this one properly. It's been AGES since I watched ZNT, let alone wrote this fic (obviously), and I couldn't remember a damn thing about the characters outside of Louise herself even if I tried. I suppose I got too carried away with myself in writing that I didn't take the time to handle a series so well liked by fans, thusly resulting in a lot of awkward writing choices and plot points I ended up disliking in the end. Cronoz himself, whom I thought would be the main draw of the fic, would end up becoming the story's greatest enemy. Now, I don't HATE this fic - in fact, I kind of love it for a good number of reasons. I hate MYSELF for not being dropping the ball for all those who enjoyed reading it. Now that I've made this semi-possible return (and I've gained a bit more experience), I would actually consider finishing it for any curious parties out there (or, at the very least, giving the summarized but conclusive end to the story that I promised may come out). Hell, I might finish it just for the fun of it - give you guys the real deal spooks!

Works I'm Kind-Of In?

An Unsound Body, by CSpacian: This charming fellow by the name of CSpacian has written some serious stuff, man! Back during my time in the place that I moved to, I read his Soul Eater OC-oriented story, An Unsound Body as a means to get over moving away from my hometown and friends. It's a massive story, and one that is pretty damn entertaining, seeing as Soul Eater, as a series, is open well enough to allow for alternate stories of meisters, weapons, and witches. Naturally, I wanted in and hoped that the two villain characters I came up with would be featured. And, through some divine providence, the gracious CSpacian put them in it. And holy crap they were like actual antagonists for a good while. I couldn't have been happier. Zhavio and Noelle were the villains for a good ten chapters near the story's... I want to say third arc? It's a shame Sir CSpacian grew tired of writing the story, but hey. It's understandable. I think it's totally fine, if not more so, to move on to other things if a particular work isn't doing it for you anymore. Anyway, go check out his Soul Eater/One Piece/other stories if you'd like. (P.S. Zhavio and Noelle show up in chapter 66. I'm not saying jump ahead... but hey. I'm not your dad.)

Potential Collaborated Fic?: As I mentioned before, I've teamed up with some friends from a forum I'm on to create a fanfic originally proposed by one of the two. He asked for help, and as this fledgling semi-retired-but-not-really-writer who had always been itching to write something, who am I to say no? I don't want to give away much if we do get the ball rolling on it, but I'll give one minor teaser: it's a crossover. A BIG one.

OCs (who appear in fics)

Alyce (minor cameo) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi
Ghaunt (main antagonist) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi; (cameo) - Nu can Cook!
Victor Harris/HUGE ASSHOLE (minor cameo) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi
Mariana Agnis (protagonist) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi; (cameo) - Nu can Cook!; (cameo) - Rusty Protector
Dr. Clarence Ward (minor cameo) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi
Tsubaki Shinobi (minor cameo) - A Nightmare in Kagutsuchi
Cronoz (protagonis/Louise's familiar) - Rusty Protector
Jack Heims/HUGE LOSER (cameo) - Rusty Protector
Zhavio (guest antagonist) - An Unsound Body
Noelle (guest antagonist) - An Unsound Body

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