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About Me:

You may call me chibinovachan. I'm just a mom, wife, college student, otaku, gamer, and music nerd who spends waay too much time on the internet. I spend a lot of my time making amv for youtube and recently editing my new website where I do anime and manga reviews.

About my writing:

I write because I like making up stories. It's my "adult" version of playing make believe. I'm not the best writer in the world but I do put an honest effort into my work. If you hate what I write, quite frankly, my darling, I don't give a damn. However, constructive criticism is VERY welcome.

Yes, I have a lot of OC's and yes, I sometimes pair them with my favorite characters. That doesn't mean I can't spin a good yarn with a well developed character. I know how some people feel about them, but I personally LOVE a good OC.

If you like any of my stories, please review them! I always try to respond to anyone who reviews or favorites my work and I'm more than happy to do a review for you as well! _

My OCs:

(I have many but I'll only post for the ones I have stories here for.)

(Final Fantasy 7)
Childhood friend of Rufus Shinra. Her father was a scientist who worked for Shinra but left with his family before Ivory was born. Later, the Turks were ordered to kidnap her in order to blackmail her father. She grew up basically being raised by the Turks,an environment not exactly conducive to a normal upbringing.At age 11, she went on her first mission and upon successful completion would have become the youngest Turk ever but events forced her to flee Midgar. Six years later, she returned to join the Turks at the request of Rufus when he became the president.

Leticia Darkspire
(Harry Potter)
A young Gryffindor girl from the Marauder's time. She was raised by her blood purist grandparents who hated the fact that their son had eloped with her muggleborn mother. After Sirius Black plays a prank on her grandfather and shows her kindness, she develops a crush on him, although he does not return her affection, or at least not in the way that she would like. Then, of course, things can change.

(Star Trek)
A girl of mixed Romulan and Human heritage who was found abandoned as a child by a Klingon warrior. She grew up on Quonos and was raised by Klingons. Because of this she identifies as Klingon and although she faces a lot of discrimination based the way she looks, she is determined to be a Klingon warrior.

Female blue dragon. She was born and raised in captivity by human poachers until she escaped and was found by members of a rouge flight of dragons known as the forgotten flight.

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