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Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my profile.

Now I'm not going to tell you my real name but you guys can call me Dizzy :)


My favorite series/anime: Yugi-oh (the original), Winx club (I can't wait until season 5 comes out :D), Sailor moon, Code Loyko, and Pokemon

My favorite Winx: hmmm that's a hard one but i'd have to say...Bloom. I know you are probably saying you only like her because she's the main character. But no, that's not why. I think she is very brave for what she does. I mean anyone can just back out but she didn't plus she's always there for her friends too.

My favorite Winx couple: this is hard one because they are all very different. But I'd have to it's a tie because Bloom/Sky and Flora/Helia.

My favorite Specialist: Helia, who doesn't like him?

My favorite Winx Villain: Baltor or Valtor.

My favorite Pixie: Lockette

My favorite Winx season: Season 3 for sure. Only because well the first season was just pretty much an introduction to the series. Season two was just all over the place and wasn't as interesting. Season four was just boring and nothing really interesting.

My favorite Sailor Moon character(for girls):ermmm that's a hard I must say but my favorite is Ami.

My favorite Sailor Moon character(for boys): Helios.

My favorite Sailor Moon couple: Helios/Rini or Chibi-usa

My favorite Sailor Moon villain: hmm... I honestly don't know so I really don't have one.

My favorite Sailor Moon season: I'd have to say Dream season because that's where Helios is and Rini is sorta becoming more indepentdant plus I like the monsters that they brings out beause it's funny what Sailor Moon and Mini Moon get themselves into.

I can't really say much for Yugi-oh because I don't really have a favorite character and there really isn't any couples unless you put two people together and there isn't really a villain I'd say just many people who are missed leaded. But my favorite season is the Seal of Orichalcos.

However I have became a fan of Yugi-oh 5D

My favorite Code Loyko character (girls): Yumi

My favorite Code Loyko character (boys): hmmmmm I'd have to say Odd.

My favorite Code Loyko couple: Yumi/Ulrich

Well there is only one villain so I don't have a favorite villian and I really can't say much about the season because I consider all of the episodes to be one season.

My favorite pokemon character (girls): May

My favorite pokemon character (boys): Brock

My favorite pokemon couple: hmmmm I'd have to say either May/Ash or May/Drew.

My favorite pokemon: uhhh I don't know really.

My favorite pokemon season: Advance Challenge

Hopefully I didn't make any spelling mistakes considering I checked it but you never know.


I'm not sure if I'm going to be writing any stories or not but stay tuned in case I decide to.

If you ever need me to read a story of your's or review just let me know

Or just want to talk you can always just PM me.

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