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In life, I am a person that believes you fight not for honor or glory, but for what is right. I do not believe you should fight unless there is a good cause behind it, this leads me to one of my biggest rules in life, Never strike a woman. That is one of the few reasons that I choose to believe is a worthy cause to fight for. I know that this is not what you would expect to hear from an author on fanfic, but I send out this message so that I can help reduce the need for fighting in school as well as bullies. Just because you pick on someone weaker that you, does not mean that you are better than them, it means that they are better than you. That is a life lesson that I have had to learn for myself, no one taught me that. As I stated before, I type this message so that those who are bullies will stop what they are doing, so that those out there who fight, make sure that it is a worthy cause. Please take heed of what it is that I say to you, all of you who read what I have written.

I have two characters, and each on is in love with the other, but there are two different types of each character.

Gravidal the Dragon

Father: David

Mother: Islinter

Brother: Spyro

Bio: As a young kid Gravidal was made fun of a lot. He grew up not knowing his brother, but that changed after Spyro was at the temple for a while, just after he brought Cynder back. Gravidal trusted his brother, and so he trusted Cynder. Gravidal was a human, and dragon, he could change forms when ever he pleased. Gravidal was always helping out his brother and helping whoever he came across during the war. Gravidal is generally a nice dragon, and his heart is always in the right place.

Description: In his human form Gravidal wears what he can find, but in his dragon form he has sapphire blue scales, with sapphire eyes.

Lynthia the Dragoness

Father: Grallin

Mother: Rallion

Bio: Lynthia is known as a sweet and caring girl, she is kind, but can become a fierce warrior in the heat of battle. As a young girl she was raised by her parents until the age of seven, then they were killed by Gaul and his henchmen. After that Ignitus took her in and raised her as his own, that was until he had to go into hiding. After that she was forced to become a warrior, but thanks to Ignitus she was able to hold her own.

Description: Lynthia has emerald green scales, and emerald green eyes.

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