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Author has written 9 stories for Spring Awakening, That '70s Show, White Collar, Victorious, Scrubs, and House, M.D..

On updating as of summer '15: I had legit reasons for updating slightly late and would have only updated slightly later than I said but I got discouraged from updating period for reasons I won't delve into.

Hello. I've been making up fanfiction in my head since before I knew what it is.

Prepare for an utterly long profile. If thou so chooseth to venture througheth the whole of the text, I shall commend thee.

Disclaimer: I don't usually do disclaimers after the first chapter of a story, so let me tell you; I do not own any of the shows that I write fan fiction for, nor do I own titles I mention such as SNL or Candy Land. You can tell what I do and do not own. what I do own: The occasional OC (and if you've seen the show, you'll know who I did and did not create) and the plot, I guess. So yeah, just getting that out of the way...

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When every single fic for a fandom is a romance, or has the same pairing.

When people base an OC off of themselves in romance fics. I hate having myself as a character so much that I can't even write a diary without feeling phony. But don't let me get in the way of your fictional fantasies! (No offense to the writers of these. Note: There are a few exceptions to this rule. I can list...OK, like 1) I do, however, like submit an OC type stories, as you will see if you keep reading or check out my alert/fav list.

House/Wilson slash. Sorry, Hilson shippers update: they're sort of my brotp now...but I'll leave this explanation here since it goes for the below as well. So my real problem with these is that in most Hilson stories I've read, House is OOC. Too openly caring and concerned.

Monk/Natalie Ok. similar to the above, I personally don't like ships I can't see as making sense in canon. And nearly EVERY Monk fic is Monk/Natalie romance! Part of what makes the show so sweet is Monk's never ending love and devotion to Trudy. Besides, I just don't think they're a good couple. It would never happen. Why do people always want to pair the most prominent male and female character, regardless of how they'd work together? Same sort of thing with JD/Cox. To each their own, but to me it never seemed like JD wanted to be romantic with him, and I can't ever see Cox with him, even pre-Jordan-reestablished-romance. JD seemed to see him as a father figure, not romantic option. But whatever you want to write, man. I have no problem with other people liking these ships. They just don't sail for me (haha I am so PUNNY.)

When none of the stories ever get review or updated (dead fandoms make me sad)

When stories get read but never reviewed (hint hint). Seriously, even if you just say "good chapter" I'll be happy.

Flames. I don't mind constructive criticism if it's polite and whatnot, but flames are mean (which is why if I don't like a fic at all, I don't even review. I know, hypocritical.)

When none of the stories in a fandom are canon. at all. (Canon isn't my favorite, but I don't like it when every story takes place in the future.)

Stories where the character finds out that they have a long lost child (which, for whatever annoying reason, is usually a teenage girl. Possibly related to the OC romance thing, where they base it off of themselves.) I guess I just don't like self inserts. They're cool for you, but they don't grab my attention. I like my fictional characters :) Although drawing upon/stealing from your own life often works well.

Umm...I don't know what else, so I'll stop being negative.

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your page
If You
Dr. House

xXxXXX- - -XXXxXx


Sorry, I just felt the urge to get this one out of the way. This doesn't include ones I've already talked about in the pet peeves section (IE; MonkxTrudy just to make a point about my dislike for MonkxAnyone else. Oh...what's that? I just did what I said I wouldn't in the same sentence? Haha, what a story, Mark.)

Bade...Victorious (I have to say, this is my favorite pairing in Victorious. I don't like Beck with anyone else.)

Huddy...House (Sorry Hilson shippers, I find House's love for Cuddy indisputable.)

For T7S...Jackie with either Kelso or Hyde, Eric with Donna, Laurie with anyone, Fez with anyone besides Jackie. There.

All the typical HP pairings established in the book. RonxHermione, HarryxGinny.

Peter/Elizabeth...White Collar (Granted, there aren't many other pairings in WC, but they are just a really believable couple.)

Jordan/Dr. Cox...Scrubs

Maxlor...Finding Carter

My stories

Remember, reviews are lovely, hint hint

Stars: A Spring Awakening fic, originally meant to be a one shot about Herr Stiefel. Warning: it is pretty dark at times, as is to be expected. Different characters think about Moritz, and themselves, at his funeral. I have done Herr Stiefel, Thea, Melchior, the girl teacher, Georg, Ilse, Ernst, Frau Gabor, Hanschen, Martha, Wendla, Otto, Anna, Frau Stiefel and Mortiz's POV up. Yay! I was challenged to do all of the characters, and I have done all of the ones I planned on :) COMPLETE

Hyde's Redo: Yes. A Hyde de-age fic. I know it's a little...different, but I hope the T7S fans can enjoy it. UPDATE: I think I just got my first flame! Yay! An anonymous guest said this story was too long. I completely respect this opinion, since I myself have often thought that. Little known fact: I almost ended this story...what was it, twice? At about 20 and then 40 chapters. Every ten or so I think I'll just end it, but then I wait a week or two and I'm like "screw it, I'll continue." I write this one mainly for myself and for a few faithful readers, so I'll end it when I get permanently bored with it. It'll end one day, Guest. One day...until then, I'm sorry I have failed to please you. IN PROGRESS

Whatever the Cost: Coauthored with Emmaz1098. Yep, Neal goes after Keller...but, I mean, what could go wrong? Right? Right. LOL, that's a terrible description, just scroll down and see my real one if you want something better worded. UPDATE: ON PERMANENT HIATUS AS OF 2014. My coauthor is no longer on FF. While I do fully plan to finish all of my solo works, and have the next two multichapters planned, I do not currently have plans to move forward with this one. I may someday finish it, but it's not mine alone and I don't think we had planned the next events or resolution. I may put it up for adoption, or leave it on permanent hiatus.

Eggshells: A That 70's Show one shot on Hyde's reactions to one of the first time Bud leaves, not knowing if he'll really come back. This is my personal pride and joy on here. COMPLETE

Ordinary To Extraordinary: Yes, I took the plunge. A Victorious OC contest. The community has always been supportive of Hollywood Arts, so this year, the HA kids have to do some programs to give back, in addition to the normal crazy fun at HA. There will be plays, drama, love, friendship, facing an actor's worst nightmare, jealousy, classes, and more. Every character has underlying drama that they manage to face at the same time as auditions, plays, and all the other stuff that makes HA what it is. Exciting! IN PROGRESS/ON HIATUS

Follow in his Footsteps; That 70's Show one shot. Kelso buys Betsy a puppy. Just read it, it's cute. I pinky promise. COMPLETE

Dr. Cox and the No Good, Very Bad Halloween Party: A scrubs one shot, centered around my favorite grumpy doctor, Perry Cox. Jordan drags him and the kids to J.D's Halloween party, much to Perry's chagrin. Jack Cox happens to tell all the party goers about Perry's cartoon preferences. A lighthearted, funny little story, mainly for me to test writing Scrubs characters. COMPLETE

The Littlest Duckling; House goes shopping for Halloween costumes with the Cuddy girls to make sure his girlfriend gets something to his dirty liking, but ends up helping Rachel pick out her costume instead. It's adorable, if I may say so myself. COMPLETE

Along For the Ride: WB gets a new car for Angie and a new motorcycle for Hyde. One of them crashed theres. Hint: it's not Angie. The Formans and the gang aren't used to sharing significant moments with Hyde's new relatives. IN PROGRESS.

I also have a House M.D fic in the making, structured in a similar way to the episodes. I'll write it eventually, just you wait. I think I'll be calling it The Battle, at least, I think that's the name I picked out when I was cross referencing the subplot with the medical case. I have the first chapter written, and the medical case noted. I'll hopefully work on it after I complete HR.

My usual Fandoms, read and written (Again, in no particular order)

White Collar



That 70's Show

Drop Dead Diva


Hunger Games



Do any of you ever feel guilty or embarrassed for what you do to characters? Like, when you embarrass them or hurt them a lot? I have a tendency to do that. Which you will see in my first few fics.

My favorite type of FF

In no specific order

Character studies. 'Nuff said. (Also called a bildungsroman. Who knew?)

Whump. IDK if other fandoms use that word, but in the White Collar world, it's pretty much hurting and torturing your favorite character, which is usually Neal. I admit, I'm a bit of a literary sadist.

De-age fics. I didn't think I would like them, but once I found my first House de-aged fic, I was hooked. There is also a brilliant White Collar one under my favorites. And now I have come to adore these in the Supernatural Fandom. Apparently that has a good amount of them.

Sick character fics. Yeah, sort of like whump, but sweeter. Less suspenseful.

I'm finding that I like some submit and OC stories. If they're done well. And YES, OtE readers, I'm still alive. I THINK I'd like Hunger Games SYOT stories, but none of the ones I've entered into have made it past reapings before being deleted.

Childhood flash back fics. Seeing a pattern? I like fics in the past where everyone is younger.

Angst. Clearly I like dark stories. Happy is OK as long as it isn't total romance, though. I happen to love Neil Perry and Moritz Steifel...if you know what they're from, you'll probably see the connection there. Make note that one of their similarities is that they committed suicide, and that DPS is one of my favorite movies and SP is my favorite musical. Dark endings? Yes'm.

Things I would like to see written

These are stories that I may eventually write myself, but just think it would be interesting to see at all, or don't think there are enough of.

A story about Monk as a child, The Indian in the Cupboard fics, a Wilson/Cameron romance (Gasp! But I hate romances and don't care about Cameron! Yeah, well, I don't like Cameron with House, but both her and Wilson like damaged people), more Breaking Bad fics, and any type of Legally Blonde fic (the one fandom where I actually enjoy romance/fluff stories), a wider variety of Uglies stories.

Nah, those aren't meant as author challenges. I just think we could use some more stories like that...but if someone wanted to write one, I wouldn't be opposed :P


Behold: A list of reasons why I am taking/took forever to update! All have been true, but that doesn't make them less pathetic.

1. My internet hates me so it has decided not to work.

2. School rules my life with an iron fist and numerous assignments.

3. I'm busy working on original, non fanfiction writing.

4. Working on cosplay and cosplay related things.

5. Sometimes I get writer's block.

6. I became obsessed with a new fandom.

7. I've been busy nonstop for weeks because I'm involved in extracurricular stuff.

8. I went out of town for a few nights.

9. It's been so long that I nervous about updating.

At any given time, at least one of these is usually the culprit for delayed updating. Sorry about that.

Robert Sean Leonard to Lisa Edelstein (House)

This is a conversation I made up between RSL and LE of House after watching last episode and considering guilting Cuddy's actress into coming back; "Lisa...I've got bad news. I have cancer. Well, no, not me really, Wilson. The writers say it's because you left. You gave him cancer and now he might die. House is crying right now, so you know I--I mean he--is about to die. I hope you feel guilty. Oh, and thanks for the birthday card, it was very sweet."

...I found it funny at the time.

Thank you to everyone who reads and/or reviews my stories! You guys are awesome!

I truly believe that a good review is like a present. You can't wait to open it up and see what's inside.

Well. That's all for now. If you actually read all of this, you're amazing. It's bad enough my A/N's are about 2 paragraphs each, but this is super long. Thanks for clicking my profile! Happy reading :)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Best Laid Schemes by YankeeFan87 reviews
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Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 24 - Words: 58,752 - Reviews: 98 - Favs: 146 - Follows: 142 - Updated: 1/18/2014 - Published: 7/21/2013 - Sam W., Dean W., Bobby S., Castiel - Complete
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