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Dear Absolutely Everyone,

So...It's been 6ish years since I updated a story. I sort of disappeared (did someone put me in a broken vanishing cabinet?) and I apologize to everyone who has ever waited for "the next chapter". I supposed it never occurred to me how many of you were waiting for the end of my stories! I suddenly thought "oh yes, I used to be Davenrood" the other night and after googling my own pen name and coming across new reviews for my fanfics, I was incredibly overwhelmed. So thank you, those of you who have read them. I am very busy these days, and I never thought I'd write fanfiction again, but I want to at least finish the stories that some of you have waited an awfully long time for. So, hopefully there will be something up soon! Let's see what I can dig up for you lot!



P.S. I've been reading through a lot of the reviews I've missed *BLUSH* and you are all too nice! But I thought I'd just address a couple things:

1. I am definitely planning on finishing Severus Snape, Reluctant Lover. I just hope I can get back into the swing of it and not totally ruin the characterization.

2. I would also like to finish Adventures in Life Drawing. Ditto about characterization, maybe even more so as I just reread it and thought, "I wrote this?"... eeek! (I hope that also doesn't seem conceited.

3. Just for clarification: I am mostly a fan of HP/SS, so I know a few of you were surprised by some HP/DM, which I guess I don't mind one bit ;) So I guess the clarification here is SS,RL and SS,CH have sorely-misunderstood-and-gentle-inside*Snape and Adventures is not going to veer away from I-Hate-All-Of-You*Snape. Just in case anyone was wondering. Don't hope he'll be nice. He won't.

4. I never actually planned to take a 7 year hiatus, but also once I have finished these two stories, it is not likely that I'll start anymore. I definitely owe it to everyone that has ever said they like my writing to give you an ending, though, and I thank all of you for your too kind reviews!

I'm a writer that has a penchant for writing about buggery and such. So if you are reading something of mine and it says Romance as part of the genre, beware. If not, it's most likely HARMLESS. :) I'll always warn you if it isn't. If you voted for Severus Snape, Computer Hacker at the Elimination v.4.0 (http:///bikifriend/main) THANKS SO MUCH because I won in my category for Harry Potter fiction! I'm so excited because this is the first thing I've won. Thanks so much! You can also read my stories at http:///authors.php?no=1296798360

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