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I finally decided what to write!

Ok so i'm going to put down my obsession about their being a new beyblade season continued from g-revolution and why I do not like the new series.

I have this issue with the manga of the original beyblade, at the end it shows the beybladers all grown up with their kids. That irritates me because we're suppose to believe that in all those years nothing significant happened until there kids entered a tournament?

I literally came up with 20 reasons to why to continue it. (I said it was an obsession didn't I?)

So for those of you who think i'm getting a little bit too much into it and think I should get a life, let me just tell you that I do have a life but this is always in the back of my mind and I need to vent.

So first off, how many other people were so excited they were going to be having a new beyblade season? Everyone was happy right? We couldn't wait right?

Then it FINALLY comes out and...wtf? It's NOT beyblade, I don't care what people say it is not beyblade.

So first, here's the reasons I don't really care for the new series.

1) All the characters in the new beyblade series look and or act like combinations of characters from the old series.

Gingka: looks like a combination of Johnny, Kai, Daichi and Tyson. He has Johnny's hairstyle with Daichi's super super shiny red hair, Kai's scarf style, and is the protagonist, number 1 beyblader, and alot more of Tyson's attributes that should be pretty self explanatory.

Kenta: basically has a Kevin-like appearance with Kenny's attitude. Hey look at that, K K K.

Benkei: is like some weird combination of Rick and Gary. Rick's bully-like attitude and Gary's intimidating stature but is actually a really really nice guy, overall he's like Crusher from BEGA.

Madoka:...Hilary, Kenny, and Max with a tiny bit of Mathilda tossed in. She fixes blades and stays up all night if she has to like Kenny does, she's the motherly figure like Hilary is, Max because of her fun-loving attitude and the fact she's the daughter of someone who owns a beyblade shop. Mathilda because she over-all has Mathilda's look.

Yu:...ok this kid looks like he could be Julia's son. He looks JUST like her and acts JUST like Max.

Tsubasa: A combination of Ray and Kai. Ray's look and some of his attitude and Kai's mysteriousness, aloofnes, and his dark-side.

Masamune: Daichi! This isn't even up for debate he's DAICHI! and he bares the physical appearance similarity of Ozuma!

Kyoya: Ok, he's Kai. In the beginning extremely cocky and arrogant, like Kai, He's the antagonist in the first few episodes, like Kai, now who does he look like from the original beyblade? Kane. They're practically identical.

2) The artwork. It went from some pretty good art to art that looks like some chibi artist did it. While this is a bit annoying to look at it's not really a big deal for me.

3) The bit-beasts aren't even bit-beasts they're some weird constellations. Seriously, in the original beyblade Oliver has a Unicorn as a bit-beast...a UNICORN. Gingka has Pegasis. We can all say that having a pegasis is waaaaaay cooler than having a girly unicorn well not in this case. In this case Oliver's unicorn looks way more badass than pegasis. OMG a unicorn looking cooler than pegasis!!!!! I think i saw gingka's bit-beas-sorry constellation somewhere...oh yah, it was in My Little Pony (i don't actually watch my little pony but come on we've ALL seen it). Seriously though, all the bit-beasts look so plain and boring.

4) Storyline sucks. Alot of people who like the new series says it's alot better than the old series because Gingka has more noble reasons for beybattling ... noble reasons for beyblading...? it's a game with spinning tops!!!!!! who the hell picks up a spinning top and says "i'll save the world with this!!!!!!!" ...noble reason...right. in the old series it was all about becoming the best beyblader, about the world championships, which is how most games/sports are, people want to compete to be the best. now in the midst of the world championships there's some people looking to use the bit-beasts power to take over the world with the beasts. 1st season the demolition boys stole bit-beasts to have an army that human armies couldn't stand up against, v-force was with the rock that held ancient beasts that everyone wanted because of the power, g-revolution was more about promoting beyblade as a professional sport which wasn't really a big deal right? but Boris had some other plans once he got Tyson to join.

5) The new one is for the younger audience, a new generation of beybladers ok ok i can understand that but there's no reason to get rid of the old one. the new beyblade is like the new yu-gi-oh's and pokemons and digimon...ALL OF THEM SUCK!

6) it's true i might be biased because i grew up with the original beyblade, but it still could continue, i mean how long has dragon ball existed or sailormoon? and the original pokemon, it's been around for a while and young and old generations still love it.

7) i'm not saying get rid of the new beyblade series just to continue the old one for the old audience and end it with closure instead of a cliffhanger "find out what happens in the nest season" ending because that's how it ended!!! but seriously metal fushion is going to have to end at some point and when it does and when another beyblade knock off of beyblade metal fushion shows up we'll see how many fans of metal fushion start bitching.

8) where's the diversity?!?! ok yah, the original one did play on stereotypes alot but come on atleast they weren't all japanese! even the original team had had diversity. ray was chinese, max was american, kai's half russian and half japanese. they competed in tournaments and went around the world to russia, egypt, australia, all of europe, china, it was literally everywhere. this new one is just in japan.

Ok i'm sick and tired of talking about the new beyblade series, here's my reasons to why the old one should continue.

1.they'd make twice as much money

2.at the end of g-revolution they were using beyblades, make a new season still using the hard metal system, original metal beyblades and new metal beyblades get sold.

3.what happened to boris at the end of g-revolution?!? will he go back to russia and face the blitzkrieg boys?

4.what happened to voltaire at the end of the first season!!?? boris makes a return but what about the mastermind behind BIOVOLT, he's kai's grandfather there's plenty of kai but what about voltaire?

5.g-revolution ended in such a cliffhanger and led everyone to believe there'd be a 4th season. if they were going to end the series you'd think they'd have a more solid ending.

6.throughout all the 3 seasons kai has been desperately trying to beat tyson. at the end of their big battle in episode 30 of g-revolution they said they face each other again and kai said he'd win.

7.kai hated brooklyn because brooklyn stood in his way. other than tyson brooklyn was the only other beyblader who was able to defeat kai, kai did not like that. kai then got revenge and defeated brooklyn now he just needs to defeat tyson, his goal.

8.kai's a main character too,he should fulfill his goal. if they continued the series yes it would be very boring if tyson won again, making him the 4 year champ, however kai seriously has proven he is an awsome beyblader and tyson mentions kai is 100x better than he thought he was and didn't know if he'd be able to make the come-back that kai did.

9.everyone misses the old teams!

10.they can make this season longer!

11.they don't need to focus on the championships!

12.the beyblade movie was awsome and didn't focus on the championships! maybe they could make a new season and there's some common enemy they all have to fight (like how all the teams joined together to fight bega, everyone got to see their favorite characters as friends and it opened alot of comedy and overall cute moments)

13.keep alot of veiwers by making 2 or 3 episodes (at the most) focusing on one team. everyone gets to see there favorite characters in their everyday lives going to school, doing chores, whatever they do when they're not beyblading or training, then something happens in that area that's strange and all the teams get called together or contact each other because they experienced the same strange phenomenon or something.

14.stopping the old beyblade series and making a new one without any of the old characters, not even hinting to any of the old characters, and calling it beyblade is like calling digimon the new pokemon series. only thing relating the two are animal-like creatures with strange powers and in beyblade's case...spinning tops.

15.yes the manga ended already BUT they could remake the series more accurate to the manga OR they could just make a new season without manga reference since BEGA wasn't in the manga but was still pretty good.

16.the manga does feature some years later with the bladebreakers all grown up but come on! we're suppose to believe tyson won all the championships up until that point and now his son is going to win all the championships and we're just suppose to accept that?! we're suppose to accept that in all those years nothing of any significance happened with ANY of the characters until THAT point in time?!

17.they'd get a bigger audience. original fans and the new fans. maybe then original fans will be more willing to accept the new series and the new fans will watch the original series, who knows.

18.end the 4th season with a solid ending. giving everyone closure and not making it seem like they'll be another season. in other words, tie up all the loose ends!

19.how many people out there were honestly excited there'd be a 4th season? then we learn it's of something completely different. new characters. new story. new everything... why were we all waiting for the 4th season? because we were led to believe it!

20.keep the new series and bring back the old series and everyones happy. (maybe they could make the new season with darker themes seeing how all the original fans are around 18-20 by now)

Repost! (if you agree)

Bonus: do garland and tala have a rematch? do they become friends? does garland admit he was wrong about boris? what about the barthez battalion? barthez was boris' agent so do bega, barthez battalion, and blitzkrieg boys stay in touch because they were all wronged by the same guy?

And personally, if there was a new season i'd love seeing a bunch of the blitzkrieg boys. Like, just...alot more of the blitzkrieg boys. In beyblade they don't have much screen time compared to all the other teams. In season 1 they're the villains but you barely see them, you only see them in battles or in random shots on the bench or something. All the other teams you see how they interact with each other and what goes on behind the scenes. With ALL of them except the demolition boys.

I realize that because of their situation their might not be much to show BUT Tala seems to be the most talkative of the group and they are all humans so they have to interact with each other atleast someway!

In g-revolution they appeared but still not as much as the other teams and were in random shots or in battles, the one time they actually talk to each other is before the final battle between Tyson and kai and Tala and Daichi or with Kai vs Ray they talked a bit and seemed like they were actually a real team. Bryan even said "good game" to kai like he was trying to make an attempt at friendship. Kai and Tala share a friendly smile with each other so do they come to understand each other more and gain atleast some type of friendship?

BEGA who are technically the villains in g-revolution get alot more screen time, way more recognition than the blitzkrieg boys ever get.

I dunno it just seems they're shown less than everyone else, even with Kai on their team you don't see much of them i get the whole mystery thing but it'd be cool to see them in everyday life.

Since they left BIOVOLT where do they live, Tala only said he made it back to "Base" before kai did when he was having a flashback and showed them in russia, but how did they get there, who pays for it, do they have jobs, what about school, who cooks, cleans, does laundry, seriously what goes on?!?!

also did anyone notice how energetic and open bryan seems? like in the normal ending of the japanese version you see him with this big smile on his face and it's not evil at all, or when they show a shot of one team in chibi form before an episode in g-revolution bryan is smiling and is all up in the camera. or when they're all talking to each other in ep 18 bryan and spencer seem so cocky and look at each other in agreement before giving kai and tala pep talk. also the little confused look he gives them "is there something you guys wanna say?" i just want to see more of them!!!

in the manga tala and bryan are best friends but what about the anime? there's not really any hint of their relationship, they all grew up together in the abbey. but anyway that's just my thinking, i really want a continuation of g-revolution.

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