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Author has written 4 stories for Dragon Ball Z, My Little Pony, Blue Gender, and Kingdom Hearts.

Personal Info

Name: Classified

Age: 23

Born in Australia 1992.

I go by many names and faces. My opening is "And the Face of today is."

DeviantArt account:Deviant Mermanwatch

Reviewing Faces:

Greek Gundam Pilot: For gundam series.

Degene Slamer: For Street Sharks.

Dead Space Fighter: For Dead Space.

Sea Witch Hunter: For The Little Mermaid.

Ocean Search: For Mermaid Melody.

Heartless Killer: For Kingdom Hearts.

Ninja Dragon: For Naruto

Sayain Soldier: For Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Freedom Fighter 101: For Sonic the Sonic the Hedgehog.


Favorite media: Anime, Disney, Star Wars, Dead Space, MLP, Sonic, Cartoons, D.C, Marval and Live Action and Transformers.

Favorite Book series: Manga, Red Wall Series, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson Series, Red Pyramid Series and The Erogan book series.

Favorite Disney Movies: The Little Mermaid 1-3. The Lion King 1-2. Snow White. Pirates Caribbean 1-4.

Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Mermaid Melody, Naruto, Gundam Series, Blue Gender, Yuigho and One Piece.

Favorite Manga: Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha and Gundam SEED X Astray.

Favorite Video Games: Gears of War 1-3. Kingdom Hearts Series. Star wars Battle Front 1-2. Star Wars Empire at war 1-2. Gundam Seed Legacy. DragonBallZ Budiki Tenich series Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 1-2 and Transformers War for Cybertron.

Favorite Cartoons: Kids Next door, Street Sharks, Marvel and D.C.

Favorite Horror movies: Dead Space Downfall, Dead Space Aftermath and Army Of Darkness.

Favorite Action Moives: Thor, Iron Man 1-2, Captain America, and Starship Troopers.

Favorite Characters:

Alissa Vincent: Chief of Security and the Isumuara. What i admire about her is her personality. Her unwillingness to give up in the face of danger. Her loyalty and willing to sacricfe herself to protect others.


Racism: I hate it. We are all people. So what if we have different skin color. Religion or country. Our differances what makes us special.

Neo Nazis: Anyone who flows that belief is stupid. Their founders cause death, hardship and destruction. I lost my great great parents in the occupation of Greece. They starved to death while they filled themselves on their food and the food that my great grandpa sent through the Red-cross to keep them alive.

Drugs: What kind of idiot uses drugs. Do you know what they do to your system?

Smoking: Killed one of my great uncles. Who was a war Hero from WWII. He and is mates captured several Germans.

Booze: Reduced the life of one my grandpas. He died before he could see his last grandson and granddaughters.

Unitology: Because of their cult hundreds no thousands have died!! They want the out breaks to happen. The only good unitlogist were Samuel Irons and Omar Nayim.

Blue Cosmos: Hate their corruption of United States. They turned a country who was founded on beifls of tolerance for people no matter what they were into a facasit state.

Least favorite Characters:

Yuna Roma Seirn: He is from Gundam Seed Destiny. He is a coward, abusive, manipulative and curl. He in my opinion is none other then a foul tenchus rodentus, commonly known as a!!!!

Yuna: Don't say it!!!

Author: Swear Rat!!!!!

Yuna: Ahaaaa!!!!

Future Stories written

The Lost Grandchildren of Nappa: A sqeul to Return of the Sayains

Gundam Seed Hero's of Zaft: Kira joins zaft. Based on Gundam seed Allegiance and a retelling.

A Dragonballl Z a Merry Charismas Special: My teach thought that return of the sayains was to violent so a i wrote this.

A Mother's Love Naruto of the Whirlpool: Naruto with the Uzmiki clan.

Blue gender: A retelling of it with a different ending.

Sailor moon and the key blade knights: Two keyblade knight are on amission to defeat the nega verse and Protect the Princees of the moon.

Guardians of Equestria's: Two new Keyblade knights are on a mission to Save the world of ponies.

Stories being planed.

Avatar the hidden temple: Several Air benders have survived and formed the Central temple. Over the year the air nomads have rebuilt themselves. Now they face off against the fire nations.

Naruto/ Avatar crossover: The Ninja nations have joined the war against the fire nation. Naruto and the rookie nine set out to help anag. besed on a mother's love.

Dead space salvation: Basically fallows the original storers that take place during dead space 1 with some changes

Outline for the Naruto avatar cross over: envoys from the south water tribe and the Earth Kingdom went to the Elemental comment to seek out help. After learning of he austoties that were committed by the Fire Nation almost all but two ninja villages entered the war. The hidden Rain village remained neutral while sound joined the Fire Nation.

Deployment of the Ninja villages

Leaf, Grass, Star, Forest, and Vally have been deployed in guerrilla operations in ouccpided territory by the fire nation. While a small force of Leaf Ninja have been deployed to Ba Sing Sa.

Mist and waterfall have deployed their forces to attack the Fire Nation's Navy.

The Hidden Key village has been deployed as spies on and guerrillas in the Fire Nation Home land.

Sand, Cloud and Stone Have been Deployed to the Ba Sing Sa front.

Snow and moon has been deployed to the North Pole.

With the constant help and teaching of Ninjusts the War has slowly moved to a dead lock.

Sound has been deployed on all fronts. They have began to teach the Fire Nation justus and engaged the the other ninjas.

Plan for my Mobile Suit Gundam Heroes of the One Year War.

On soldier from The Principality of Zeon is on a mission To end the war. Know as the Spartan of Space. He sets out. He participated in Operation British and the battle of Loam. However when he heard of the gas attacks use on civilian colonies he began to question the methods. Girhan fearing that his power would be endangered had most of his family killed. After that he faked his own death. Before leaving however he set up movement with in the military to stop Girhan. He still has contacts with in the military and the Earth Federation as a result a lot of thins will be changed with in other important events with in other One Year War cartoons.


Some characters who were supposed to die will live. Also Zeon will still be in control of most North America and Africa before the One Year War ends and all forces with draw.Whats more a small island will remain in Zeon's control after the war. The treaty made Zeon post a small army made up of four summariness and six Gaw attack carriers. Two would be deployed to help the Albion search for the stolen united two Durin operation Star dust.

Garma will survive. He will lead a faction in Zeon for peace when Girhan begins to become more hostile. However his faction is still hostile to The Earth Federation. Whats more after the the Republic of Zeon surfaces is again he will be in charge of the military. What's more four of the new colonies will be come very important during the 1st New Zeon War. Along with the new colonies 2 new astroid stations will be created as well to replace Solomon and A Bou Qu.

Rambal Ral will surrive. Most of his forces will be killed. His Girl friend will survive. What's more he will later assist Char in Char's counter attack before retuning to Zeon.

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