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Author has written 5 stories for Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Song of the Lioness, and Beka Cooper series.

Hi I'm Naomi, I currently am in nursing school, and anyone who's been in nursing school knows that it's absolute hell. I love to write but rarely have the time or the motivation to do it, so if you get very attached to a story...I'm sorry. It may be awhile before I finish it. I'm also about to get married on August I am kind of a basket case getting things ready for that.

The thing you need to know about me as an author is that I have THE worst attention span. I'm like a monkey on crack and caffeine. One minute I've got this great plot going in my head and I start writing it down, and then a caterpillar crawls across the page and suddenly I feel like chasing a bunny across the lawn, then I stop to eat a pizza and discuss where the word "string" came from. It's hard being an attention deficit writer. Because of this attention problem I have trouble finishing stories. I'll take a break, and forget where I was going, and so the story gets forgotten, and I go back to it and hate what I've written and start over and then I have no idea where the beginning even went.

I also have a tendancy to rush through stories. I want to finish them before I lose my muse and so a ton of things get left out making people go..."wha??"

So what I'm trying to say is...I'll do my best to keep pumping things out, but don't hate me if I leave you hanging for a year on one story ok?

Now, I have one original fic published on line. I hope to have more originals up eventually too...but I deleted most of the chapters of that one too cause again I felt like I was rushing and wanted to rewrite. Anyway if you are curious to read it at all, then check me out on fictionpress: The story is not abandoned. In fact I'm going to go work on it right now...

My Stories:

The End Of Innocence: My first completed story, with a different twist on Peter Pan

Love Is: My newest story, and now complete. A Tamora Pierce fic, love story between Beka and Rosto.

The Night The World Turned Upside Down: As of right now on hiatus. I started writing it before even the 6th book came out, and I, being the nerd that I am, don't like straying from the original plot much. Because of how Rowlings developed the characters at the end I'm not sure I'm going to be able to develop this plot any more. I may actually take it down and revamp it to take place earlier, like around third year before Voldemort managed to rise again, but we'll see.

Agents of the Order: Not sure where I was going with this anymore...probably won't be updating any time soon.

The Medallion of Ardolin: On hiatus until I figure out where the hell the plot went. I know I put it around here somewhere...

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Harry Snape by Lotten reviews
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Love Is reviews
Despite the scars on his face you can’t help but adore his smile. Again and again you encounter him. You know nothing can come of your attraction. You’re polar opposites, light and dark, sweet and bitter…and yet you find you can’t stay away from him.
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