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After discussions with BamaBabe, she's decided to let me take over "Changing Visions". She gave me all her notes, ideas, and writings for the story and I will work to keep her idea true.

I thought the Twilight books were okay, but hated that Bella didn't have to make any sacrifices at all. I didn't much care for the creeptastic Edward behavior. And while we're discussing creeptastic, what is up with 'imprinting' on babies? Seriously, it's creepy enough to think about it between adults!

So, after reading around, I've decided that I fall completely with Team Whitlock. I love Jasper. It turns out that I prefer him with Bella because Alice is just... not right for Jasper. She'd be better off with Jake or Emmett.

My name is a nod to my love of all things Jasper and to the fact that he is a blood sucker.

If you have some suggestions for stories to read, PM me!