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Author has written 29 stories for Lizzie McGuire, Recess, Degrassi, and One Life To Live.

I love creative writing, and have been writing for this site for about a year now. I am also into the oddest mix of things: the news, cartoons (Recess is my favorite--can you tell?), Canadian TV shows(Degrassi is the best), American TV shows (too many to choose from), knowing way too much useless information (I never remember where the car is in the parking lot, but I remember all those TV theme songs from the 80s--maybe the world is blind or maybe a little unkind, i don't know--you take the good you take the bad and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life--ok, I think I made my point here)and I am told that I am the typical dumb (bottle) blonde--ok, so I trip, fall and randomly say stupid stuff--but I know Chicken of the Sea is TUNA and that Wal-Mart is a department-type store, not a place that sells walls!!!!--As the people with the straight jackets come and take me away--


Anyway, I write fan fiction to relieve stress from my life, to me it is an escape from reality and calms me down from the stress of everyday life.

Lately, Recess has been my favorite section to write in, but I have fics in other sections too.
Hope you enjoy them!

Please R/R--my goal is 100 reviews per story--and hopefully more than that!! Reviews make me smile! Just remember the golden rule, if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all. I am respectful and don't flame, and I think I deserve the same respect.

Thanks to all my faithful reviewers!

Also, since I keep forgetting to add the disclaimer, I decided to add it here:

I own absolutely nothing in my stories, except for the storylines.
So please, don't sue me, for I am completely broke right now...


Here are the stories I finished:

Lizzie McGuire Fics:

1. There You'll Be

2. It's a Wonderful Life

Recess: From Fourth Grade to Forever: The Story of TJ and Spinelli Miniseries

1. Admired From Afar

2. One Last Chance

3. This I Swear

4. Reunited

Recess: Songfics/Oneshots

1. Can't Fight This Feeling

2. Gift of the Magi

3. Sk8er Boi

4. The Hardest Thing

5. Remember Me This Way

6. Forever Your Girl

7. Cleaning Out My Closet

8. With You

9. Butterfly Kisses

10. Crash and Burn

11. Cry

12. Only God Knows Why

13. Just For You

Other Recess Fics

1. Recess: The College Years

2. Prom Night

3. On The Line

4. High School Changes Everyone

BSC Fics

1. Two Lives Diverged--BSC

Degrassi Fics

1. If You're Not the One--Degrassi songfic


1. Help Me--oneshot songfic


Current Projects:


Reposted Underneath It All and made it R-Rated--so far 20 chapters are up--will add more as soon as I'm over my writers block for the point I am at this story

Total Request Songfics Challenge: 5 challenges done so far and will continue as long as you keep requesting songs!

Recess Writer Club--2 down and more to come!


Upcoming Projects (In no particular order--but let me know which one you want next--I can't decide--thanks--this will give me something to write while I'm procrastinating)

From Fourth Grade To Forever: The Story of TJ and Spinelli Miniseries

1. . Recess:The Next Generation--Reunited Sequel--TJ and Spinelli's daughter, Madison is now a teenager and they have to deal with challenges of raising a teenage girl--complete with fighting, locked bathrooms and BOYS!!! (imagine TJ as a father, lol) based on 8 Simple Rules.

Recess Fics

1. One Month--TJ and Spinelli are undercover detectives and pretend to date in order to solve a crime. What happens when the month is up and the mystery is solved? Will their 'pretend romance' become real?

2. My In-Law TJ--Based on the movie My Cousin Vinny (will be a PG-13 version-and no, Vince is not the main character) TJ, a lazy lawyer with attitude from NY travels to Alabama to get Tubby and Hector out of murder charges they face. With his tough finacee Spinelli by his side, will he be able to save them in time? (for the sake of this fic, Hector is related to TJ by marriage--Hector's brother marries Becky)

3. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy--Recess Style--a parody of the popular TV show--5 former classmates, now known as the Fab Five make TJ over in time for his wedding to Spinelli. (My brother came up with this idea)

4. Perfect-- Gus looks back on his relationship with his father and how he feels he disappointed his father by not following his footsteps by joining the military. (semi songifc in chapter format)

5. Third Street Memorial: idea concieved from Breakfast Club and OLTL Love Center Project. Its senior year of college and the main kids, who drifted apart in the fifth grade, are forced to live together along with Ashley A, HK,Butch and Knarf. Their mission: to band together build a new Memorial Center in honor of a former Third Street student for community service. Will they be able to handle it? Will friendships form?

6. Punk'd--the Ashleys mess with Spinelli for the last time--it's up to TJ to defend her honor--what better than to punk them? TJ/Spin

7. Home Improvement--(Thanks to OrangeGirlExplosion for this idea) See TJ as Mr. Fix It and the adventure and disaster that follow as he hosts his own Tool Time show and tries to be a family man at the same time!

8. Who Shot King Bob?--Someone killed King Bob--Everyone had a motive--so who did it--and why? Based on the famous Who Shot JR from Dallas and the Who Shot Michael Cambias from All My Children.

9. Last Name Gambini--Spinelli is adopted and she and TJ go to find her birth parents. TJ thinks it's a bad idea, but will a confession, an emergency and his devotion to her change his mind?

10. Loved and Lost--TJ has died unexpectedly, and Spinelli must come to terms with it and get on with her life. Will she ever be able to do it? Or will something happen to make her move on?

11.Detention Turned Deadly--Recess version the Boy Meets World episode where they spoofed Scream, with some of my own twists and turns.

12. Dirty Dancing--Twenty-one year old Mikey Blumburg is now the good-looking dance instructor at a resort in the Catskills. What happens when niave seventeen year old Theresa LaMaize (Cornchip Girl) visits with her family? Will romance bloom? (based on the movie--gosh, I just love this movie!)

13. Recess: The High School Years--Prequel to Recess: The College Years. See how Vince and Gretchen got together, how those nasty rumors effected TJ and the drama, romance and craziness that happens in high school

14. When in Vegas--The gang is in their 20s and in Vegas for a vacation. What adventures will happen? Who will get married? Who will get proposed to? Who will get the opportunity of a lifetime? (kinda based on the Friends episode)

15. Beautiful Girl--semi based on the movie. Spinelli is preparing for her wedding and meets up with her old nemesis Ashley A., who is preparing for a beauty pagent and is still giving Spinelli problems. In order to shut her up once and for all, Spinelli enters too, but will she end up taking things too far? will she lose TJ in the process?

16. Undercover Brother--TJ is a cop working undercover to solve the murder of his sister Becky. What happens when he finds out secrets about her past? Will he be forced to do things he never thought possible to get to the bottom of it?

17. Legend of the Legionaries--Semi alternate ending for High School Changes Everyone. What if the Legionaries ended up all working for the police force? What kind of justice will they have to fight for? Will they be able to handle it?

18. Back to the Future--Not like the movie, but same concept. TJ is in a car accident, where he hits his head and is transported back to 2005, his senior year in high school and meets his teenage self. He realizes mistakes he made back then and tries to convince his teenage self to change his decisions before he loses the one girl he truly loves.

19. Married to the Mob: King Bob is engaged to the beautiful Ashley A, and life seems picture perfect. That is, until he discovers he is related to the Mancini family, who is involved with the mob. What will happen when he tries to save his family honor by destroying the Mancinis? Got the idea from the Santi storyline on One Life to Live

20. Turn Back Time: same concept as 13 going on 30. TJ wants to be popular and when playing football, hits his head and is brought to his future as a famous actor. What happened during those missing years and what impact did it have on him? Will he be able to change his mistakes?

21. Life as We Know It: Things have changed a lot for the Third Street gang since their innocent recess days. Especially for TJ, who turned to alcohol to escape reality and life. Spinelli tries to help him, but before she can, tragedy strikes and changes everyone's lives forever...

22. Coming Home: Sequel to When in Vegas. Someone comes back to Third Street and drops an unexpected bombshell. How will it effect the lives of the other five? And what consequenses will follow?

23. A Few Good Men: Vince and TJ have both been in love with Spinelli for years, and it eventually puts an end to their friendship. But when something happens to Spinelli, will they be able to band together and save her?


1. Who I Am--Two Lives Diverged Sequel (Title might change)
--Stacey and Wes's daughter goes on a road trip to find her true identity --will be written once I think of a good storyline

2. Baby Blues: Based on the AMC/OLTL baby storyline. Mary Anne and Abby are pregnant and are caught in a storm that puts them in labor. When a man from Mary Anne's past comes to rescue them, it causes things tat complicate everyones lives.

3. Mr. Monk and the BSC and the San Fransisco Murder: Monk/BSC crossover. Sharona is murdered and Monk's life is torn apart. When Randy and Stotlmeyer hire young intern Kristy Thomas to take care of Monk, she in turn gets the BSC to help him figure out who killed Sharona and help mend his broken heart


1. Where You Are--Oneshot songfic--Viki says goodbye to Ben as he sacrifices it all so the woman he loves can live the life she always dreamed of

2. Beautiful--One shot songfic--Michael helps Marcie look inside herself and see how beautiful she really is

3. Open Your Eyes to Love--oneshot songfic--Bo/Nora--after several mishaps, the couple finally see what's in front of them

4. Notice Me--oneshot songfic--Jen tries to get Riley to notice that she's (GASP!) a girl.

5. Regret and Sorrow--Mark is attacked and severely injured in a hate crime, and Nick is being blamed. Will Nick be able to prove his innocence? Who really is the culprit? And will Nick ever get over his homophobia?

6. End of Innocence--Adrianna discovers she's pregnant, and River is off at Julliard. Will she keep her baby? And who wil support her?

7. A New Hope--Shannon realizes she is pregnant after her night with River and has nowhere to turn. (She sure isnt telling her cousins about it) She runs away and tries to find a way to turn her life around. Will she be able to do it?



1. Thank You, Mom: Oneshot--Mia's son William looks back at his life and realizes how much Mia sacrificed to let him have the life she felt he deserved by putting him up for adoption.

I have more ideas, which I will add later!! :)


Couples I write/read about:

Spinelli/TJ (Recess--I am a die-hard shipper of these 2--the creators made this so obvious--and they are so damn cute together! And yes, I was a shipper BEFORE i saw the Experiment episode)

Gretchen/Vince (Recess--classic brainiac and jock pairing--so adorable and so She's All That waiting to happen!)

Pale Kids/Ashleys (Recess--this was my brother's idea and I had to add it--please don't hurt me!)

Mikey/Kurst or Mikey/Cornchip Girl (Recess)

Gus/Ashley Q. or Gus/Cornchip Girl (Recess--no idea why, I just think they'd be cute together)

Lizzie/Gordo (Lizzie McGuire--again way too obvious)

Miranda/Larry (Lizzie McGuire) or sometimes

Veruca/Larry and Miranda/Ethan

JT/Liberty (Degrassi)

Joey/Caitlin (Degrassi--been a shipper since I saw the old school epsiodes)

Kim/Ron (Kim Possible--so obvious again--what is wrong with Disney?
3 way obvious couples and they keep us hanging!)





A great big thank you to all my wonderful, faithful reviewers as well! You know who you are!!!! I love you all!

Now, I know I should thank all the little people that made all this possible, but I am afraid that is impossible, since almost everyone is taller than I am--hehehe--my bad sense of humor is showing here--anyway, thank you all again so much!!!!


Thats all I have to say for now, I'm sure I will add more later--

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo The Next Political Dynasty

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