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~ Hi peoples!~

I'm Gakupo's Voice (Not really but it sounds cool). I live in America, the land of mandatory school and lack of tacos, where I suffer through 8 classes a day, just to come home to the smiling faces of the people on FanFiction. (Feel my sarcasm.) This is my first FanFiction account, you will know why whan I post my first story, I'm not a pro at writing so humor me at the moment *shamed face*.

So... I'm warning you of a couple things about me...:

I'm really awkward sometimes (I use "Uumm" and "..." a lot.), I am totally random, I can go from being the most bubbly person you have ever met to me wanting to hit you beacause you were a jerk about something.
I don't trust anyone on the internet, so don't be a creeper. Mm k?
Yes, I am one of those scary people you meet in middle school and are suddenly drawn to, no matter how nerdy I look and act.
Yes, I do love anime, manga, yaoi, pocky, Yan Yan, Japan, Japanese people, Japanese culture, drawing, writing, painting, museums, more mature people, less mature people, filling buckets with pocky and hammers since 1998, etc...
No, I won't tell you what that bold print means, it's an inside joke, and you, my dear friend, are not inside.
Yes, I love keeping secrets from random internet people, don't you?
What do you mean, "Nobody's going to read this if you drag it on too long?" I know exactly what I'm doing!
No, I didn't just say that to make you keep reading! Well... Maybe...
Yes, I have a birthday (doesn't everbody?), it is October 27... I'm gonna be 13 this year (2011).
Yes, I have a DeviantART, it is MythWolves, check it out if you want a commission.
Yes, I love making lists that say "Yes," or "No."
No! I'm not running out of ideas! Not yet... But this is the end of my list, no one wants to read a list more than 13 lines long!

Dude, I like your face.

Short attention span, FTW!

I feel it is necessary to tell you the origin of the term, Vanchanaut. It comes from my friend, who said one day as we were walking to school in the sixth grade, "If Darren Shan fans are Shansters, then Vancha fans are Vanchanauts." Ever since that day, we have been calling ourselves Vanchanauts. It wasn't unitil about a week ago when we established an "official" symbol for Vanchanauts, and we got six more people to join the group. So, if you want to join, theoretically, and call yourself a Vanchanaut, do so. The symbol for Vanchanautism is on your right hand you hold up your first two fingers, (middle and index) so the back of your hand is facing you. And, Vanchanauts Unite is when two (or more) people do that symbol and touch the pads of their two fingers to the pads of other person(s) two fingers. Now, if that was hard to understand, get over it. :D

Check out my besetest friend Vanchanaut7, she is an amazing writer!


Name: Emily (Stay away, Creepers!)

Birth date: 10/27/98

Current Location: New England, USA, man!

Eye Color: Some people say they're blue, others say they're green. I am too lazy too check, so blue-green.

Hair Color: Blonde/brown/orangish

Righty or Lefty: Righty all the way!

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio FTW!


Your heritage: No idea.

Your weaknesses: Chocolate pocky, yan-yan, Botan rice candy, astronaut icecream, stuffed animals. SO MANY!

Your fears: My own imagination, MONKEYS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!, spiders, zombies.

Your perfect pizza:Cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, peppers, bacon, spinach, hamburger, EVERYTHING!

Goal you'd like to achieve: Be the best artist EVER! By... TOMORROW! LOL


Your thoughts first waking up: Do I have to go to school today? Or on the weekends: Do I have to get up?

Your best physical feature: I like my nose...?

Your bedtime: Usually somewhere around nine or ten...

Your most missed memory: My parents being together.


Pepsi or Coke: Faygo!

McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's... If I have to eat fast food

Adidas or Nike: Neither! Globe!

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Arizona Iced Tea!

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream: COFFEE!

Cappuccino or coffee: Mocha latte! Decaf, of course.


Cuss: Never! I use euphemisms! Like llamas...

Take a shower: Every night! Duurrr!

Have a crush: Noppeeeess... I'm single, and I'm perfectly happy that way.

Think you've been in love: Heck NAH! I'm in the seventh GRADE!

Want to get married: "Maybe some day," says the Magic Conch Shell.

Believe in yourself: NO WAY! But I believe in YOU! :D

Think you're a health freak: *Thinks back to what I ate in the past week* Negatory.


Gone to the mall: No.. Sadly... I love shopping because I usually get cool stuff!

Been on stage: Not recently, no.

Been dumped: Nope, never had a BF.

Gone skating: ROLLERBLADING IS DA BOMB! Beep Beep Meow!

Dyed your hair: Yes. I has black streaks right now!


Got beaten up: Verbally... But my sister once punched me in the ribs... She was mad and our dad was out. I couldn't breathe right for a while aftr that. She is strong!

Changed who you were to fit in: Never! I are Ostrich sauce!


Age you’re hoping to be married: No clue.

Age your hoping to have kids: Bah, who cares?


Best eye color: Light blue!

Best hair color: Black (or dark brown)

Long or Short?: ... DON'T MAKE ME CHOOOOOSE!!!!!! D:


1 MINUTE AGO: Coughing.

1 HOUR AGO: Chatting on DeviantART

1 YEAR AGO: Playing with Legos. Hey, it's the day after Christmas, let a girl enjoy her Legos!



I FEEL: Hatred towards ... ERIDAN!

I HATE: Being sick.

I HIDE: I has no secrets! No! Don't read my diary! D:

I MISS: The days when it was okay to draw stick people in art class... My art teacher makes us draw people that look like football players... It makes people who draw manga very sad...

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