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Author has written 22 stories for Warriors, Regular Show, and Monster High.

Alright people I don't know how to put a line break thing on my profile since it changed and got all weird. So i'll rotate from bold, italics and normal font to try to clarify what's going where on my profile page.

Hey! Welcome to my profile page. Now that you're in, you can't get out. Just kidding. So yeah, that's me in my profile picture in case you were wondering. If you weren't wondering, now you know! :3

A little while ago, i was walking downtown with a few of my friends. We walked by the movie theater, and there was a big poster for the movie "Malificent." My friend walked up to it and put her hand over the the I and the F and said to me, "Hey it's you!"

It was a good moment.

That moment when you try to explain that you write fanfictions to your mom :) True story.

Mom: What are you writing?

Me: Its a story called Lionblaze has a Shadow

Mom: Isn't Lionstar one of those warrior cat guys?

Me: His name is Lionblaze, and yeah he is


Me: No, it's called a fanfiction. Do you know what that is?

Mom: Yes

Me: What is it

Mom: That's a lie i have no idea

Me: It's when you take the concept or characters of a story and make your own with it

Mom: So you're stealing the story

Me: No! It's hard to explain. I'm creating my own story with the warriors characters


Me: Because i want to make a story about the warriors cats

Mom: If you want a story about warriors, read the warriors books

Me: That's... not the same thing at all

Mom: You want to read about Lionstar, read about him in the books. Why do you have to make your own

Me: It's Lionblaze! His name is Lionblaze!

Mom: Lionman

Me: no

That was the end of the conversation lol.

My family and the warriors series: famous quotes and moments from my parents who try their best to understand the what's going on

My parents don't get warriors. At all. All the names and different cats just confuses them and they don't really care for the storyline. ANYWAYS, since warriors is one of my favorite things, i ramble on about it to them non stop. They kinda gave up trying to get me to shut up about it after a few years. I even read the entire series to my mom, not even kidding. It took well over a year and she listened even though she didn't really like it. Afterwards i read a lot of my fanfiction stories to her, after taking out all the swear words lol. Here are some things that they've said about it!

1. Me: Dad, Brambleclaws my favorite character!

Dad: Oh, i know Brambleclaw

Me: Really?

Dad: Isn't Brambleclaw the one with the hots for Ashfur? (Dead serious and everything)


2. *me reading the first warriors book to my mom* "Firepaw caught a bluetit" *Mom starts shrieking with laughter*

3: Mom: You should invite that boy over again. He's nice, he reminds me of Firestar. Not like that last boyfriend you had, he was a total Tigerstar.

Greatest moment ever

4: *Me reading a warriors book to my mom with the tribe in it* "Moss that rolls by river suddenly-"

Mom: Is that whole freaking sentence that cats name?

Me: Yeah

Mom: *proceeds to put the words By River at the end of all her sentence's for like two hours*

5: Dad: Wait... who's this Firestar guy

Me: He's Fireheart, he just changed his name

Dad: I can't even remember their names in the first place! And now they're all changing! *Gets up angrily and goes to get a banana* Comes back, still ranting about how he doesn't like the name changes and eating the banana in annoyance

6: *Me reading A Dangerous Path to my mom, she's pretending she's not listening. I get to the part where Bluestar dies. Mom looks away suddenly.*

Me: Are you... crying? I thought you didn't care!

Mom: It's sad, fine i'll admit it.

7: Dad: "Someone needs to kick this Tigerstar guy in the teeth"

8: *I'm reading I Fell in love with my apprentice to my mom*

Mom: Jeez, why'd you make Jaystorm such a skank?


Alright, i had a feeling i'd come across this situation at one point in my life. So i wasn't that surprised when i got a PM one day, from a girl who told me she saw The Broken Cat on a site called Quizilla. I was a little surprised that she copied that particular story, because this wasn't that long ago and it's fairly old. Def not one of my best, but what can i say, it was the third fanfiction i ever wrote. ANYWAYS, i went on this Quizilla site and looked around. Sure enough, some person had ripped off my entire thing word for word and posted it as their own. Wasn't even smart enough to delete my authors notes i had attached to some chapters.

It actually really hurt.

I got the ickiest feeling, i just felt awful and i wasn't expecting to feel those things. Anger, maybe. Or annoyance. But definitely not sadness and disgust. The thought that someone out there feels good posting my story under their name is horrible, i could never imagine doing it. And i worked really freaking hard on that story. All she had to do was copy and paste.

Here's the thing that bothered me the most about this whole ordeal.

When i wrote the book, i had left the finale chapter for a bit longer than usual. When i looked at the finale chapter that she copied from me, she had attached her own authors note to the top. It went something along the lines of this "Hey, sorry it took me so long to post the ending! Should I write a sequel? Thanks everyone for reading and sticking by me till the end!"

It made me sick

Frikin makes it seem like it took her so much work to write it, meanwhile she didn't do anything except steal it all from me. There was a few hundred views, too. And comments about how much they liked it.

AND IT WASN'T EVEN HERS! She didn't change one damn word in it!

So, obviously i made a profile of my own and sent her a message :) This is what I said:

"Hey, i just finished reading your story, The Broken Cat. I loved it, it actually reminds me a lot of a story i wrote once. I really could relate to your writing style and the characters. But i'll admit, i already kinda knew what was gonna happen from the first chapter. It just seemed really familiar.

Cause oh yeah, i wrote it.

I wrote the Broken Cat. next time you rip off someones story, maybe dont pick such a popular author, hmm? This is really uncool, dude. I hope you didn't overwork yourself from all the copying and pasting you had to do. I read your authors note at the end and im sooo sorry it took me so long to write the ending for you to steal. I hope your 'fans' werent too disappointed. Like, come on.


I wasn't nearly as mean as i could have been. But i got my point across, that's for sure. I hope this kind of thing never happens again, it wasn't fun at all to discover or to deal with.

Okay, i gotta say this. I've never been a warriors fanfiction reader. I don't really get into them, i don't really read them at all. I just write them. I used to read the Legend of Zelda fanfictions when i was younger, but that's about it.


It's my favorite show right now, so yeah i just looked it up to see what the fanfictions were like. Anyways, the first one i clicked was AMAZING. Like, i read the entire thing at once. I loved it so much. BUT THERE WAS ONLY THREE CHAPTERS. I died a little, i didn't want it to end. And its been three days since he's updated the damn thing and it's driving me crazy. I never really got why people got so freaked out when i don't update for a bit. Needless to day, i get it now lol.

Q&A and Statements!

Statement: This story is garbage. (Silver arrows)

My reply: So is your attitude for someone who hasn't got any stories of their own, hmmm?

Statement: The ending was crap! (I Fell in love with my apprentice)

My reply: Kay i'll admit it could of been a bit better. I wish i didn't make Darkclaw die cause i miss writing about him lol. But still, it had a purpose. But i get ya.

Statement: But isn't Longtail dead?? (Apprentice and Pregnant 2, addressing what happened in chapter 8)

My reply: Yeah, deader than ever. He aint comin back


My reply: really, what gave it away lol xD The amount of people who voted for him on my poll is alarming. And to be honest im with you on that one. Firepaw is way cooler than Thornpaw

Statement: JAYFEATHER IZ BLIND K (Catmint Glow)

My reply: I never realized this before!! Just kidding. I know he's blind, but not in this story :)

Statement: You stole the idea of Paw Pregnancy for Apprentice and Pregnant! How could you?!

My reply: Believe it or not i hadn't even heard of that story before you mentioned it. And im fairly sure the only thing they have in common is the pregnant apprentice situation

Q: Can you change the name of a character in your story?

A: No no no

Q: Can you stop swearing in your stories?

A: Nope

Statement: Cats don't swear or know what rape is (I get this a lot for apprentice and pregnant 1 and 2)

My reply: Well in real life they don't talk to each other in the human language but we deal with it, don't we

Statement: Cats dont smile or have eyelashes!

My reply: They do now

Q: What's the deal with Firepaw? (Apprentice and Pregnant 2)

A: Firepaw is conceited to the nines and gives no shits about what other cats think of him. He gets along with everyone except Laurelpaw, but the reason for that is explained later

Statement: Apprentice and Pregnant is too mature for this site... there's nine year olds on here!

My reply: I get that kay, but i rated it T for a good reason

Statement: MAKE FIRESTAR AND HOLLYLEAF DATE! (Lionblaze Lost the Lightning)

My reply: That's actually not a bad idea


- I started writing fanfictions when i was 15. I'm 20 now

- My favorite color is black

- I used to be super emo and i guess i still am

- My favorite warriors books are 1: The Darkest Hour, 2: Outcast, 3: The Sight

- In Lionblaze has a Shadow and Lionblaze Stole the Stars, i used a lot of personal experiences from parties that i went to in the parties that i wrote about.

- I loooooove the legend of zelda. Like omg

- I drink milk straight from the jug cause i live by myself. I'm an adult D:

- Some of my favorite TV shows are Breaking bad, bojack horseman, family guy, trailer park boys, desperate housewives (not even kidding), and a bunch more that i can't think of at the moment

- I'm really good at writing poetry. Really dark stuff though. I'd have to write a poem for a project in high school and it would land me in the counselors office every time

- My favorite fanfiction i've ever written is Confessions of the Damned (previously called Dead Rose) It gives me chills, and i'm the one who wrote the damn thing. Go figure

- I went to a party once and spent 2 hours sitting outside talking about warriors to somebody. Go hard or go home, right?

- i drink probably three cups of coffee a day cause health

- I've pierced nearly every part of my face myself

There you go, fun facts about me. If you have any questions or anything like that just message me :D

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